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Huawei Mate Xs 5G $3419 (Was $3999) @ Mobileciti


Huawei 512gb Mate Xs 5G Cheapest mate xs you could find in Australia for $3419 instead of $3999.
Comes with free leather Case worh 199.00

Only from 8pm to 12pm today.

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    • +28

      Should have waited till 8pm…

      • +7

        Oh no. I guess I wasted my money.

  • Wow imagine if you dropped or leave this on public transport.

    • +67

      I think people who would buy this will never use public transport.

      • +3

        Yeah. They would have private plane. I will pass since I enjoy public transport.

  • +34

    Who in their right mind would pay this much for a phone?

    • +31

      Who in their right mind would pay for many of the deals posted here?

      Each to their own. Looks like it's a deal, just not the deal I personally want to spend my money on.

    • +9

      Someone who has their Beats in a draw and bought Airpods

    • Have you found it cheaper?

    • +2

      Why are apple owners allowed to pay this price?

      • I don't you could pay this much for an iPhone even if you wanted to; maxing out everything with apple-care and all that.

    • You are clearly lack of imagination.

    • People who $4000 of disposable income is less of a percentage of their total spare money than $400 of disposable income to us.

    • Remember 5 years ago when people were saying who would buy a $1,000 phone?

      • I still say $1000 is still way too much for a phone. $400 is my max and there are plenty of great phones at that price that will do 95% of what the $1000 phone will do. I'm not willing to pay an extra $600 to chase that last 5% but I know some people are. Good luck to them.

  • +15

    $3419 for a smart phone, I must be living in 2030

    • +4

      welcome to year 2020, the year that has it all!

      Samsung @ $2999

      Motorola @ $2199

      when phones step into "thousands", then "hundreds" = not that much difference anymore! :P

    • +11

      Back to the future, paid $3500 for my first mobile phone in 1990, the Motorola MicroTac. So modern compared to the Brick Phones available then and could fit in your jean pocket:)

    • Most surprising of all it ain't Apple charging the most for a start.

      • Oh look, none of the Android religious tits are saying anything about phones that cost twice as much as Apple devices.

        Which is pathetic when their $3,500 device is an ad supported device to collect their data.

    • +1

      The iPhone SE is still faster.

  • +5

    I'm buying this to play Donkey Kong.

  • +35

    $3500 for a CCP phone that doesn’t even have google services?! Wow.

    • +17

      Yes that's what western countries FREEDOM & FAIRNESS is.

      • -9

        woohoo the lands of the bunkered down presidents, murderous cops and burning down communities

        • +1


    • +7

      I have a P40 Pro .. if you want to use Google for everything, then it is not a great option.

      If you want to de-google your life, then it is a good option.

      what is the relevance with CCP? they make the best phones & software, so you didn't use in the right context anyway.

      • Lol you don't know?

        • +3

          Yep .. my life is falling apart with a CCP phone.

    • +6

      It comes with free spywares!

      • +17

        Biggest spyware comes from the US :(

    • -8

      At least CCP did not kill any Indigenous Australians.

      • -1

        Not sure about that. At least CCP virus killed a lot of people these days. This virus was reported last year by doctors in Wuhan but CCP covered it up until it locked down Wuhan and then it was too late.

        • +1

          The virus has an official name called COVID-19.

          Also, the timeline is wrong. Here is the timeline of COVID-19 responses from WHO: https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/27-04-2020-who-timeline...

          • +4

            @CaiXi: If anyone still believe in WHO credibility regrading CCP virus, they obviously didn't watch the uncensored news or just plain CCP supporters.

            • +3

              @Scythic: China is not even in the top 10 donators for WHO. Why would they favour China instead of who is giving money?

              • +5

                @CaiXi: It's partially about the donors, it's partially about China supporting Tedros' home country, it's also partially about WHO not being fed the full story.

                If CCP says "there are 0-cases, but also, I am not going to allow you to enter my country to audit", WHO can only report on what is apparent. They can't speculate on rumors and unverifiable reports.

                Unfortunately for the WHO, there were hundreds of reports, circumstantial evidence and doctors statements which all pointed to the CCP Virus outbreak, but due to the way the Dictatorship censors information and arrests people for "disturbing the peace", they were unable to act upon it.

              • @CaiXi: Have some common sense. If I give you a bribe, do I have to make it public?

                Watch this report and see if you still favour WHO

        • Well said mate

      • +3

        @cooldog What relevance does that have to phones? Virtue signalling at it's finest.

      • +1

        At least CCP did not kill any Indigenous Australians.

        True, but nor did any aliens.

        A more fair comment would be, at least they don't kill their own citizens. But, we can't say that can we? In fact, for every indigenous death, its fair to say there's probably been (a many) multiple of their own killed.

        • +1

          Such a long statement to say nothing

      • +3

        But CCP did kill millions of Uighur muslims in China and ravaged Tibet lol much worse than Australia.

        • -2

          Okay but these are far from the truths.

          Firstly, CCP just doesn't have any reason to kill MILLIONS of Uighur Muslims. I doubt you have any credible source of it. CCP does have some military operations in Xinjiang but they are mainly against ETIM, a terrorist organization which killed a lot of people and is sanctioned by the U.N., China, U.S., U.K. and so on.

          Secondly, Tibet was a slave society before it reclaimed by CCP. Tibet currently is a way better place now. If you are using the word "ravage", it could only make sense when it against the slave society.

          Just go and check multiple sources. Do not let bias and misinformation always take advantage of you.

          • +2

            @CaiXi: BS, reality is that majority of CN land is forcefully occupied. Tibet wants to be free. Only reason CN has occupied Tibet is for its rich water resources and since it's illegal occupation built several dams distroying natural habitat and lives of millions in South asia. Don't misinform others with your propaganda…research this…

            • -1

              @Jet_k: Kinda funny. I am listing the information you can even check with Wikipedia while you call these "propaganda". Name any incorrect part if you have a credible source.

              In response to your point:

              1. In the Qing dynasty, China's territory is much larger than now, which includes Tibet. China now actually lost places like Mongolia compared to the Qing dynasty.

              2. What affirming the PRC's sovereignty on Tibet is the Seventeen Point Agreement negotiated by both governments of PRC and the 14th Dalai Lama. There is no military conflict.

              3. "Tibet wants to be free"? Says who? Is there any poll?

              4. About the water source, I have just watched a video about this made by Wendover Productions. My opinion is that both you and don't know whether it is for the water source, and I don't think any countries will not secure its water source if they can. But I do think China should negotiate with countries in the East-South Asia.

              • +8

                @CaiXi: OMG I didn't realise CCP is even on OZB


                1. Millions of Tibetan are refugees in other countries

                2. Dalai Lama still lives in exile

                3. CCP tries to bully every country to not invite Dalai Lama

                4. No freedom of speech, social media and free press under CCP. Voices of millions are oppressed. No POLL's that oppose the government can exist in a country like this.

                5. Tibet was an independent country before CN invaded and illegally occupied it

                6. Tibetan are peaceful Buddhist people so had no chance to have a military conflict with CN.

                I live in a free country where I can say whatever I want and can question my government. so don't try to push your oppressed opinions and propaganda on us.

                • -3

                  @Jet_k: Your points are more clear now, which is good. And again I am just discussing, without any intention or interest in push any opinion or propaganda.

                  For your first point, the number provided by Reuters is 1/10 of yours.

                  I have no problem with the second and third one.

                  For the fouth point the question is that in this case, how can you tell what Tibetans want?

                  For the fifth one, I still think this is civil war compared to "invasion". Like American Civil War.

                  For the sixth point, I have to firstly correct my previous statement that there is no military conflict in that time - actually there were, not big though. Then many Tibetans are indeed peaceful Buddhists but not all of them. Again Tibet was a slave society before, a song named "Sister Drum" has illustrated a story that people in Tibet made a human skin drum from a girl.

          • +7

            @CaiXi: didnt know the CCP goes on ozbargain too hahaha

            • @sumtingwong: Tagging anyone with the unsolid assumption is neither funny nor making you correct.

              Act like an adult, talk rationally.

              • +3

                @CaiXi: Wow wumao bots have now infiltrated ozbargain. Go spout your propaganda elsewhere.

          • +3

            @CaiXi: No reason?
            Human rights oppression and organs harvesting

      • +3

        They don't kill, just enslave. Heard about the Belt and Road Initiative? It's extending its reach to Australia

    • +1

      In that case Whatsapp would have to be side loaded or using Whatsapp repackaged by CCP. Forget it even the price drops 50%.

  • +10

    Better than an iPhone

    • +7
      • +3

        5G, foldable, external memory, 40MP, 3x Optical, Leica, Infrared, USB-C 3.1, 55W fast charging?

        • +5

          Not everything comes down to on-paper specs, no Play Store is a pretty massive blow against it

  • +16

    Nearly $3500 for a Huawei device?!?! Ewwwww
    What's next a $5000 Xiaomei ;)

  • +12

    The price is XS-ive

  • +3

    Ridiculous price, crap repairability rating and no GSM aside, it really is a beautiful looking phone.

    • +1

      Its GMS Google Mobile Services, but totally agree its not worth it without GMS

  • +5

    Is this how the CEO declares war with western countries?

    • +2

      Lol, this price is actually cheaper than in the mainland China market.

  • +4

    Bought 2 because I needed the free leather case.

  • +3

    Scratchable screen if it folds like that. And that price, I can buy a holiday lol.

  • +4

    Only from 8pm to 12pm today.

    In that order theoretically impossible.

    • +4

      quantum theoretically possibly

  • +6

    Shame about the software and then the price. That said, still the best foldable design we've seen to date imo.

    • +3

      wait until u place it on the table (either direction)

  • +8

    Comes with free leather Case worth 199.00

    No it's worth about 1.99, or maybe $4.99, it may usually cost $199, but it ain't worth anywhere near that. This is OzB, sellers shouldn't insult our collective intelligence, otherwise we start doubting everything else they say.

    • Well yes you can get a plastic fake leather case from aliexpress after 2 months delivery for a few dollars for sure. Is it the same, no

      • yes BUT if you pay 3419 or 3999 for this phone. you get a leather case for free

    • +1

      Normally yes.

      Quick glance on eBay doesn't seem many (if any) other than official cases on eBay. 2 sellers only and $280+ shipped. Probably due to few people buying these phones at that price to justify even third party sellers manufacturing them.

      In saying that $199 is absurd but what to do if no other cheaper options

    • The number works automatically to change people's sense of value. It doesn't matter if you know this, it still works automatically.

      That number is there on almost every deal on this website.

      If you remove the number the deal looks worse automatically. Nothing has changed as far as value. All that happened is people stopped reading a number next to the actual price.

  • +4

    No point posting an outright post. Everybody will put them on plans paying them off for the next 24-36 months thinking they are kings.

    • +2

      And complain about the termination cost when a $1k flagship in 12 months leaves their phone for dead…

      • The appeal of the phone is the foldable screen not the best specs. Won't be a $1000 foldable in the next 12 months.

        If you want the fastest processor, most ram and an absurd amount of megapixels or camera lens then there will of course always be something on the horizon.

  • +1

    Thanks brought free leather case lol.🤣🤙

    • +2

      Do you use public transport?

      • How did you know mate, I sometime use public bike aswell lol.

  • +10

    Is this an out of season April fools joke?

    • -3

      Yes, I saw the price and the brand, and I choose to believe that this is an April pool joke.

  • +3

    GoT oNe FoR wAtChInG NeTfLiX

    • +1

      GoT oNe FoR mOm, ShE cOmPlAiNeD HeR fAcEbOoK oN iPhOnE 5 wAs ToO sLoW

  • +2

    Huawei, where every phone call is a podcast…

    • Zero evidence for this other than news repeating CIA propaganda. Please supply some evidence.

      Your own Government records all of your metadata, blocks websites and raid journalists for exercising freedom of speech. So why are you concentrating on fiction?

      Fiction that even if it were true is nowhere near as dangerous as your own Government doing what it is actually doing?

  • +2

    So who actually bought it?

  • +13

    I would not use any Huawei products if they gave it for free.

  • +5

    another joke,
    already had one from dodgy Allphones eBay Plus joke at 4pm today.
    Too many jokes for 21st birthday.

  • +2

    Bought one 😀

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