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Google Nest Hub $98 @ Officeworks


$128 online but on the front page of the catalogue it’s $98.

Add says:

Nest Hub 7”
Price effective 9th June


Online store has been updated.

Google Nest Hub Chalk - $98

Google Nest Hub Charcoal- $98

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      I bought last one at my nearest store 2166. I could pay and collect later if I want more. However you might have to bring in the catalogue to confirm with them. I was told that this catalogue was not supposed to be handed out before 11th June. It's actually printed that on one of last pages. But ironically that this deal starts on the 9th June… haha

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    Can anyone tell me whether there's a way to use this without the microphone always listening? I.e. can you have a sort of 'push to talk' option?

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      There's a switch to turn off mic. Same on all Google Home devices.

      • Cool, thanks. That was the main thing holding me back on one of these…

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    Looks like a pricing error, and the digital catalogue has been revised. Guess if you received a physical copy you got lucky.

    • digital was always 129

    • Just wait to 11th June and see whether you can find the catalogue inside store (I was told that the catalogue supposedly will be out on the 11th)

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    I just bought one in NSW (Chatswood) for $98. They accepted the digital photo.

    Manager said the $98 should come into effect 11 June.

  • bought one in the city for 98 showing the catalogue. They haven't removed the catalogues

    • which city

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  • anyone managed to pricematch with JB ? I dont have a officeworks closeby

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    Just visited Perth CBD store - had 3 Chalk (now 2) and no Charcoal in stock. Scanned at $128, and honored the hard copy catalog they have on entry. Thanks OP

  • I got the last charcoal one at Penrith NSW Officeworks. They had the catalogue in the store and they had to reduce the price to $98

    • Are you sure you got the charcoal? The person at counter didn't read the add closely then. The girl at my closest store spottet which model was on sale.. I actually wanted the charcoal color.

      Edit.. what the… Officeworks has changed their online price. Damnit I'll return mine chalk tomorrow and order charcoal..

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    FYI everyone. Officeworks has changed their online price. $98 each, either chalk or charcoal.

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      Cheers Lone star

  • Just bought one in Minchinbury NSW. Latest catalogue has it in store. They had to change the price at checkout. They said that it won’t start until 11th, but store manager just went with it. From what I heard when checking stock, they only had 2. I bought the one, so last one stock. Thanks OP! Good thing I waited, was going to buy used for 105$

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    Mint. Called the 0800 earlier and they wouldn't update the website, but now it's on there.

    Charcoal too!

  • Got Charcoal at Bondi Junction.
    I think they had only 1 more charcoal and 2 white left.

  • Bought one online in Sunshine Coast QLD - $98 and free delivery!

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    Thanks OP price beat in Bunnings for $88.20

    • what did you need to show them? Going to go down on my lunch break

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    $88.20 Bunnings price beat at Greenacre NSW.

  • Looks like Bunnings has changed the price to 98$. Tried for a price beat but when scanned the price was same.

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    Bugger. I just rocked up here at Bunnings Bonnyrigg. I can see that they have changed the price to $98
    Lucky to those who managed to price beat earlier today..

    • Can confirm, purchased charcoal at Taylor's Lakes at 11:30am and they price matched got for 88.20, I got the last charcoal but they had 7 chalk left, went to Maribyrnong half hour later to grab another charcoal and they changed the price to 98. At least some Bunnings have stock left.

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    For anyone wondering, I went to Bunnings today with the intention to price match and save 10% but unfortunately I discovered that apparently Officeworks and Bunnings are under the same parent company, or something like that, so by the time I got to the store their system already had it as $98 though their shelf didn't display that price. Ended up just getting it for $98 to be my dedicated YouTube machine on my desk at home.

  • Price matched at HN without issues even no Officeworks around have stock left

  • Goodguys showing $99 and both colours in stock. Plus delivery though…

  • Thanks op
    Grabbed one for click and collect

  • wish it had camera.

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    Hey OP. I'm not sure whether it's target or not, but I got a notification that Google Store also reduced the price. It cost $99 shipped, and there are 4 colors to choose.


  • Does anyone find any useful cases for having this?

    - Photo album
    - Smart home control
    - Youtube

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      I've grabbed one for the kitchen for the missus and I to pull up recipes mainly

    • Watching ABC News from YouTube, just say "Hey Google, play Watch ABC News Live".
      Recipes in the kitchen.
      Checking shopping lists in the kitchen.
      YouTube music videos.

  • Google's official store has them for $99 with free delivery: https://store.google.com/au/product/google_nest_hub
    (thanks 22slurpee )

  • Does anyone know how to stop it from waking in the morning? I say 'Hey Google, go to sleep' but it then insists on waking the screen and staying on when I wake up. It's watching me isn't it?

    • simple - wear pyjamas

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