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For too many people wine can be a little intimidating. You may know you love the taste of a red or a white wine, but how do you know what kind of wine to order at a restaurant? How can you choose the right wine for your dinner party when there are so many options?

This book will guide you to always making the perfect choice of wine for any occasion. You will learn about the differences between the most common types of wines and why some are better than others when paired with certain foods or situations.

Inside You Will Learn:

  • A brief history of wine
  • Health benefits of drinking wine
  • About the most common types of wine
  • The best wines for common occasions
  • How to choose a good wine
  • The best ways to taste, sort, and serve wine

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    1. Start drinking at home on Cellarmasters Coupon + Cashback + Amex Network rebate wine.
    2. Use Uber + coupon to get there (or even better, the train).
    3. Practice the words, "Still water is fine, thanks".
    4. Utilise hidden Hip flask.
    5. Have your wife disown you at the dinner table.
    6. I have no idea what I'm talking about
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    Thanks :)

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    Unless they recommend a wine for the pandemic then they can't say how to choose a wine for ANY occasion.

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    Rather than "…taste, sort, and serve wine…", I think the 'book' will provide some ideas for "…taste, store, and serve wine…"

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    I find that "I don't wanna waaaaa" is a whine that works for any occasion.

  • I tried finding a Wine for this occassion to help picklewizard out but don't really see it in this eBook.

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    Here is a big hint: it doesn't matter! I drink a cab sav with fish, and nobody gasps.

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    How to Choose The Right Wine for Any Occasion

    Just buy one that has the cheapest cost per 100ml.
    It's the only way.

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    Go into any bottleshop and say 'Shopkeep, fetch me your cheapest box of wine from the bottom shelf.'

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    I'm a serious wine drinker (for want of a better term). I have a wine fridges with wines aged 20 plus years. I collect good 'uns and have done wine appreciation courses. But! It's all bullshit. The question is very simple. Do you like drinking this wine? Yes? Right wine. No? Wrong wine. Everything else is just bullshit. I LOVE wine. My belly testifies to this. But wine snobbery is just pure crap.

    • Yes, it's like a food critic. If they like the taste of chocolate and I like vanilla it doesn't mean their opinion is worth any more than mine or that their view is correct and mine isn't! Each to their own.

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