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Crucial MX500 M.2 SSD 1TB $158.94 ,500GB $94.95, Kingston A400 SSD 240GB $48.96, MX500 Sata 2TB $319 + Del @ Shopping Square

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    Crucial mx or Samsung Evo 860?

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      Both are great sata SSDs. I wouldn't pay more for one over the other.

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      Both are great SATA SSD's. Would be important to consider whether you want a SATA SSD using an m.2 slot, or using a SATA slot in the motherboard.

      • Why?

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        If the m.2 slot support both SATA and NVME, I'd reserved that so you can add another NVME later.

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      Also worth noting the waiting period for the Samsung cashback. No need to wait for the MX500

  • Is 2tb nvme still not popular yet and because of that no good prices for it?

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    Bought the 1TB m.2, thanks OP!

    Reminder that m.2 SATA drives are only as fast as regular SSDs (500mbs~) which is a lot slower than NVMe drives (3500mbs~). You dont need NVME drive speed unless you are transfering huge fiels all the time (like video editing).

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      I learnt something. Thanks.

      • No problem. I didnt know there was a difference until I checked now .I thought the price was too good for the speeds I had seen for toher M.2 drives, then discovered the difference. As a gamer NVMe speeds are not required so a M.2 SATA was perfect for my needs (portable SFF VR PC).

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      You don't need a faster drive currently because no games are taking advantage of fast SSD because they are still bound to allow HDD and optical support.

      That all changes next year with the new NVMe consoles. Games will quickly adapt to use and demand fast storage.

      It's probably 2 years until a non NVMe really starts to cripple performance, so a long time to future proof.
      But needs to be considered before wasting an NVMe slot on SATA which will be fairly worthless if you do upgrade to NVMe in 2 years.

      • Yes I agree with you. I'll be buying a B550 mtoherboard for that exact reason - PCIE gen 4 NVMe M.2 support. I'll buy this and a good value GPU for now, then upgrade in 2 years once the landscape has settled.

    • So if a laptop says:

      Drive Interface: SATA/M.2 PCIe/SATA
      SATA Version: SATA 3 - 6Gb/s

      Does that mean I can use an NVMe drive in its M.2 socket and take advantage of the speed NVMe provides, or should I stick to SATA drives only when upgrading?


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        Stick with SATA. NVME wont work.

        • SATA it is then. Thanks.

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    Sweet, been looking for one. Thanks so much.

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    The 1TB M.2 is mathematically the best deal here… It's also a very popular choice since 240GB nowadays is too small, 512GB is overpriced in this situation ($95 * 2 = $190) and 2TB is kinda unnecessary for most people

    • I'm still holding out for sub $300 2TB SSD deal to replace my noisy and aging 2TB HDD.

      • Yea that makes sense… I'm a laptop user as I am always on the move… I don't really have an option to have a HDD for storage on my 1KG Ultrabook lol

        • I see. I agree 1TB M.2 is very good capacity and form factor for laptop use. For desktop, most M.2 slots nowadays support NVME so I'd like to reserve them for NVME drives, unless you don't like wires like that The Verge guy…

    • As the owner of a 240GB SSD I couldn't agree more, after the OS and Destiny 2 my C drive is full haha

      • And yes… I can really agree with that… I got a 240GB SSD, however, I am not really a gamer… Recently I tried to install a few games, but was limited to installing one single game due to storage being full (New games take SOO MUCH STORAGE). I'm looking for a 1TB or 2TB M.2 now, but I don't want to spend too much haha

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    Thanks OP, was waiting for a good deal like this for a while now!

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    Delivery kills the deal though…

    • yup $169

      • It’s not too bad for a 1TB m.2. ssd

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      The dodgy things is if you want more than one SSD, you need to pay additional cost. Is that really hard to put two ssd in one send…

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    I ordered mime one thanks =)

  • Does this need a heat sink?

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      Nah, this one is not for performance like 970 ep, so thermal control is accptable

  • Waiting for the 1TB $135.00 delivered as per previous deal from Amazon

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    $175 at Umart : https://www.umart.com.au/Crucial-MX500-1TB-M-2-Type-2280SS-S...

    Which is only a few $ more than this deal after shipping if you don't want to wait.

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    Thanks OP! Went all out and pulled the trigger on the 2TB model. Currently running games off a WD Blue 2 TB HDD. Will clone that drive over to to this bad boy, hoping for some decent loading time improvements. With game sizes heading the way they are (I'm looking at you Call of Duty), I don't think you can go wrong with extra storage.

  • Whats with the slow postage. Ordered and paid for on the 11th, still not posted. Wish i got it elsewhere now.