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Sennheiser HD660S Open Back Headphones $558 down from $639 @ Addicted to Audio


Hey all

I've been watching these headphones for a while, RRP is $799, but for as long as i have been checking Addicted to Audios site they have always been $639. So it is nice to see they came down in price for a real sale.

Great open back headphones for music, movies and games. I have been wanting these for a few years now, but have just been waiting for the right price. My Non Audiophile Astro A40s have done well for 7 years but these will be in a league of their own.

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  • Ohh god I really want this, but I just bought momentum 3 a week ago. Great deal for a fantastic pair of headphones.

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    How much better are these than the HD6XX?

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      nothing at all. if you have 600/650/6xx, you probably can't tell the difference.

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      Not worth double the price, especially in the context of other headphones in that price range, like the Sundara.

      It's also a less forgiving headphone as it seeks to have more sizzle in the upper treble at the expense of the mids and bass.

  • I've been enjoying a lot of heavy metal lately. Anyone have suggestions for headphones for this genre? Would the 660s be good? Will be using Dragonfly Red.

  • I've been reading comments, and you should consider the 58x or 6xx instead - much cheaper for small difference

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