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Banana Caramel Pie $1.50 @ McDonald's


Maccas have introduced a new Banana caramel range for a limited time only

$1.5 for Caramel Banana Pie (cheaper than apple pie + new flavour hence a deal I reckon?)

and a massive $4.8 for overpriced Mcflurry with Banana Caramel Pie

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    Has anyone tried it? looks delicious!

    • haven't yet but it sounds interestingly delicious

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      The McFlurry was absolutely delicious. Would happily get again!

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        I don't why, whenever I box it the smell is amazing :o

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          since you are associated, if the meal i ordered is cold can i return it

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            @DisabledUser345744: I mean, you can come back and return it. Our policy is pretty much "say yes" to anything, we don't have a choice/try to argue with customers. However generally the food should be hot not cold haha.

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              @Snacky: Well I'd definitely be returning a hot McFlurry.

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              Our policy is pretty much "say yes" to anything

              What if I asked you for your number? ;)

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                @montorola: haha, got me there.

                Honestly, it's up to the management of the store to reinforce the rules set out by Head office. So you may have a chance store to store for someone's number, hahaha!

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                @montorola: Then a bunch of OzBargainers would reply "Don't be a creep".

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                @montorola: Don't be a creep.

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                @montorola: Don't be a creep

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                @montorola: Don't pee on sheep

              • @montorola: I have watch too much wolf creek and you. so nah i'm good. Like they say- don't be a paedo

            • @Snacky: yeah i ordered it last time, it was about closing time, i got it ate it on the train. First bite- it was cold af, i was like how could they serve me this. the chips was kinda cold as well.

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      I tried it yesterday, it is nice!

    • yeah ikr, anything banana is delicious but hope its not cold.

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        Do you want to try my banana? It’s delicious ;)

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          I like to crunch it or chop cut it into pieces, that work for you?

        • +3

          Pour some molten caramel onto it first?

        • i have a tummy banana

        • Username checks out

    • Yep, have tried it, I liked it!

    • Can confirm I had one yesterday and it was delicious!
      Also Dan Hong (a la Mr Wong's) had been raving about it on his insta - he's a fan so I'd trust his taste ;)

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      Because it was like ~$5.20 reg. price but since it kinda bombed they want people to try their loss leader.

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        5.2 must be a typo right? omg

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          its mcdonalds… there's fancy deserts are always overpriced.

      • you don't know what loss leader is do you

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          I'm sure they're making mad margin on $1.50…

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    That looks super unhealthy, lots of sugar and fat.
    I'm lovin' it

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      I agree. I recommend you don't consume any and let me know ASAP if you find locations with stock. I will dispose of them immediately.

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    Why is caramel always so sweet?

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      because it's mostly just pure sugar: heat it until it turns brown. Add a wee bit of butter or cream (optional). That's caramel.

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      Caramelisation is literally sugar being heated lol

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    i bought it $2 the other day. it was ok, better than the apple pie :D

  • Need to try the donut balls! Can add fudge + whipped cream for extra.

    • I dont usually touch the balls

      • +2

        Do you touch them unusually?

    • +4

      they're sH1th0us3. i wouldn't waste money on it. you're better off getting donuts from woolies or coles for cheaper, or get fresh ones from donut king.

      • DK's cinnamons are the best mmm… used to work for them, still eat them.

      • Confirmed! Had to try it myself to see what it was like. They are tiny, not fresh and probably just microwaved.

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      They’re crap, was disappointed.

    • +1

      if only they were as good as timbits :'(

      • Darn you for reminding me about Timmies. Sour cream glazed please…!

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    They tried to create exclusivity by initially making these only available via ubereats lol.

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    If you like this, some Woolworths stores do a banoffee turnover for $2.50. If you can get them fresh they are really good IMO:

    • Was just thinking I really miss banoffee pie… maybe I'll grab one for breakfast tomorrow, my local is listed as having these. :O

    • Is it better than the apple turnover?

      • Can't get apple turnovers anymore :(

        • I normally buy them at coles with fresh cream. Delish! Never seen/tried woolies ones.

          • @tlai: Ah I was talking about the frozen Nannas branded ones. They were so good.

      • +1

        I think so. I am fairly certain they use actual diced banana in the filling and not the banana ester (isoamyl acetate- think those chewy banana lollies or paddlepops) and so the banana flavor is really intense. Since the filling is banoffee, I guess the pieces are protected from oxidation better than the apple chunks that go brown and soft quickly because they're exposed.

    • I'm usually not a fan of anything banana flavoured as they can be really bad (banana flavoured milk? yuck!) but agree the one at WW is actually pretty good I was pleasantly surprised.

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    Not until I read the title as "cream pie" did I know I'd been at home for too long

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    The McFlurries are $4.90 now?! That's nuts, they used to be really good when they stirred them with the machine, but now it's just soft serve with some toppings and they're charging more.

    • The last one I got was $4.00 and that was enough for me. If your desert has heaps of added crap then yeah $5 plus sounds about right.

      • Hungry Jack's sundaes are $2 and now many ice cream cones worth of ice cream do you think is in a mcflurry?

    • +1

      Back when i worked at maccas front of house i was constantly hounded by the manager for giving too much soft serve as they were 'losing money' on the soft serve machine. I was not allowed to put more than 2 swirls despite the display photo showing 3 n a half. goes to show just cos one thing is sold cheap doesn't mean it is the true value all things considered esp labour cost.

      • On behalf of the soft serve consumers i pay you thanks for over-serving us with soft serve :)

    • I haven't had one for years, probably since they last stopped mixing the bloody things properly..

  • Will give it a go with the Saturday deal

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    Bring back the raspberry and custard!

    • yep that was delish

      This is banana flavoured custard so might be as good!

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    It has been sold in MC in Brazil for decades… it is delicious :D

    • MC has only been in Brazil 19 years

      • +1

        Wrong data. MCD has been in Brazil for 41 years and my father was the first customer ever.

        • Sorry must have been thinking of different maccas

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          1979 first maccas brazil! Ur right☺

          1971 in oz

  • Still shows as $4.50 in the app? Or is it in store only

    • Are you referring to the McFlurry or the pie? The pie is $1.50 on the app (under Desserts tab), the McFlurry however isn't.

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    cheaper than apple pie

    Apple Pie is also $1.50 on the app now, or is that just my local store?

    • +2

      $1.5 for apple pie for me too

    • Yep, Apple Pie always seems to be same price as the other pies

  • very nice! thanks

  • Shows as $2.95 for me on the app

  • Pie is showing 2.30 in my app. I'm from WA if it makes a difference

    • Ditto, $2.95 at 6164

    • 2.45 also in WA

      • paid this while driving through

    • +1

      Sorry mate

      Would have got a cheap one and delivered it to you but I can't cross the borders

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    Do you think Maccas would let me bring in my 20 piece feed and large zinger meal to eat then have 3 banana caramel mcflurries for dessert?

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    Simple hack
    1) Banana Caramel Pie $1.5
    2) Soft serve Cone $0.85
    $2.35 you can mix your own McFlurry! And add some cone bits for added fun!

    • +6

      Soft serves are now 85c?
      Boy am I out of touch!

      • +2

        Weren't they 30cents or something

  • +2

    Just had it. Was better than the standard apple pie.
    Will eat again.

  • The app currently has $1 Sundaes for me, $1.5 pie + $1 caramel sundae = win.

  • +3

    They need to bring back the Raspberry custard ones. They were the bomb.

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    They last had the banana caramel Mcflurry in May 2015. I remember because I had one after dropping my wife off at the hospital to give birth.

    • So did you miss your child's birth to go eat Maccas?

  • OP, Apple Pie is also $1.5, current promotion with both items

    • ohh that's weird cause showing as more expensive for me on my app (apple pie)

      • Maybe the store has done a manual override for the Apple Pie to increase the price from last time the promotion ended.
        I would hope that it gets fixed up soon for the sake of the store, and licensee/head office

        • Pls tell the team to add McDinnerboxes into the app.

  • Any chance they will bring back the raspberry and custard pie?

  • I just had one of these right now they're quite good and the caramel isn't too sweet.