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80% off natural Hangover Revivol [Expires 11/11]


Hangover Revivol is the revolutionary 100% natural formula which helps treat ALL the symptoms of a hangover including; Headache, Stomach upset, Fatigue, Foggy head, Lack of well being, irritability and withdrawals.

This unique combination of Amino Acids, B group Vitamins, Antioxidants, Herbs, adaptogens and essential nutrients allows you to enjoy a few drinks without having to compromise your next day; “Life’s too short for Hangovers”.

Revivol’s ingredients promote mental alertness, improve mood and memory, reduce fatigue and help the liver to regenerate itself from excessive alcohol consumption.

Whether it be after just a few glasses of wine or an all night party, you’ll wake up the next day feeling better than expected and ready to take on the day ahead.

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    I think drinking plenty of water, popping a vitamin tablet, and having a greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs is a much better idea… but each to their own I guess!

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      2 panadol before bed and a powerade

      • good idea with the powerade… electrolytes! i'll try that next time :).

      • No alcohol is the key to avoiding a hangover.

      • This exact routine kept me powering along all through uni.

        Red Powerades work best!

  • Does the tablets expire on 11/11 or the deal?

  • The tablets will expire at the end of November 2011.

  • +1

    Sorry, I can't take any unsolicited advert for buying pharmaceuticals online seriously.

  • -3

    I guess if you need these you don't take your health seriously anyway, so don't have anything to loose…

    • So logically, if I don't need these, and don't take my health seriously, I won't get loose hangovers.

  • In April I bought a $30 product from Pharmacy Online, it came without packaging and without the brush needed to apply the product. Included in the package was a bunch of unrelated promotional flyers and when I called up to report the problem and have the instructions and brush sent out, they said they would promptly send it out and never did. I would never buy anything from them again.