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Miele Blizzard CX1 Excellence Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White $383.20 Delivered (Save $265.20) @Amazon AU


This is a lightning deal. At time of post 2% had gone @Amazon Au.

Miele Blizzard CX1 Excellence Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White was $649. Now $383.20. Save $265.80 (41%) with free delivery.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I wish this had the turbo brush

  • +2

    I wish it was cordless

  • +2

    currently being sold by bing lee for $479 so <$100 saving

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    Good deal.

    • +15

      why get a dyson. those look hideous

        • +29

          I'll be honest I'm more interested in how well it cleans my house than how it looks, since it lives in a laundry cupboard anyway.

    • +25

      I sold vacuums for years and can tell you that dyson can't hold a candle to meile. Far superior products. In 4 years of sales, I returned or sent for repair hundreds of dysons and only ever saw one, yes one meile vacuum fail.

      • +7

        Aren’t people buying more Dysons compared to meile? Hence the higher repair volume

        • +4

          Family’s owned 3 Dysons and 1 Miele, and there’s a clear difference in quality. The Miele doesn’t have a cheap plasticy feel and does a far better job vacuuming.

          • -3

            @no not me: Miele literally looks like a plastic vacuum from 1995

            • +2

              @DisabledUser194964: Who cares what it looks like? As long as it does the job it's intended to do.

              I've had both Miele and Dyson vacs, and I much prefer the Mieles.

      • -2

        Maybe nobody buys them

        • +9

          "I sold vacuums for years"

          Sounds like he might've had a fair idea about how many were sold vs returned.

      • +5

        I used to sell vacuums at TGG and would also recommend Miele over Dyson due to superior build quality and suction power.

        • -5

          A bit unfair if you are comparing battery powered Dyson and Miele isn't

      • After 7 years, I still vacumm carpet at level 3 and tiles at level 4 (there is 6 levels). No drop of suction capability. Really they (Miele) make product to last. Only drawback is its need bag (S8310) but I accumulated enough bags through concierge credit it will last me next 5 years.

  • Good deal.

  • +6

    I've got this one, There's 2 major problems with this Vac both relate to the container. The quick release for little rubbish can be sticky so when you take it out, it gets dumped all over the floor and into the vacuum. The 2nd is the 1st dust filter in the container. It's quick release is plastic and it's become torn after about 5 months or so.

    Other than that. The vacuum has been fine. Takes a while to fill and the hepa dust filter cleans itself. Would recommend the bagless version but due to the container wouldn't recommend this one.

    • +1

      Which would you recommend?

      • Just the miele bagless. I've heard they are fantastic. I live rural so getting bags can be a pain which is the only reason I went bagless in the first place.

    • +5

      Would recommend the bagless version but due to the container wouldn't recommend this one.

      This vacuum deal is a bagless vacuum. What are you implying?

      • sorry I meant bagged.

  • +8

    I have the Cat and Dog version of this (Red with Turbo Brush) and coming from a Dyson I will never go back.

    I was hesitant on buying a Miele when they were bagged option only due to the ongoing cost - the adjustable suction, build quality and deep cleaning are great.

    Would happily recommend the Blizzard series.

    Edit: I should note that it's not very often that we actually use the turbo head, the multi head is more then often all that's needed.

    • Ditto. Have had the Blizzard Cat and Dog since release, never failed, superb build, thorough clean every time.

    • I have Dysons and also Sharks. My newest bagged Miele beats them all for suction. I had to adjust the suction down because the suction is so strong on full.

    • likewise. would just buy the same one again if my c3 cat & dog fails

  • Deal is GONE … still some savings, but now just 25% off Amazon's normal price

  • +4

    If Blizzard help Miele with vacuums will Miele help blizzard with the next diablo game.

    (Some might be worried that Miele will make the game suck)

  • The head is extremely hard to use on carpet

  • +1

    I have this vacuum and it's awesome! I wanted to get a dyson - because of the hype… Spoke to the lady and dyson runs on full power for approx 10 minutes… No go for me with a house and kids.

    This unit is not pretty but it sucks hard… Pun intended.

    It takes some effort to run over carpet, which I would assume is related to the suction it creates.

    I can highly recommend this product.

  • Well it is a level 1 cleaner :(

  • +3

    Guys in VIC, check out the Miele Outlet in Keysborough. Went there last week. Lots of vacuum cleaners/washers/ovens etc… Great prices. Some were even 50% off due to damaged carton.

  • Miele has a fantastic build quality! The dryer I own has been in use for close to thirty years. My parents originally bought it when I was like six years old.

  • Wasn't this just 365 a few days ago?

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