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Dell XPS 17 9700 (NEW) i7-10750H 16GB RAM 512GB NVMe SSD $2928.05 (Was $3898.99) Delivered @ Dell

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Only posting because I noticed the coupons shared previously by nodeahs worked on these new models as well which have only just come out.

Given these are now the current flagships of the XPS Dell models, getting the deal for nearly 1k off when released is making it a very tasty deal.

I was weighing in between the G14 and the XPS 15 (with the coupons applied) but now seeing that this one is only a couple of hundred more expensive, I think I've made my choice.

Also be gentle, first time poster.

10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10750H (12MB Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, 6 cores)

Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, English

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6

16GB DDR4-2933MHz, 2x8G

512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive

CNC Machined Aluminum in Platinum Silver with Black Carbon Fiber Composite Palmrest

Can get the 4k model with 1tb for 3600.00 ish with discount applied, but not sure if that justifies the extra 700.00 for the 4k display and 500 gb extra (when the system can just be popped open and you can put another slot of hard drive space in yourself very easily for 100 - 200 bucks).

First Review out: https://hothardware.com/reviews/dell-xps-17-9700-review

First Impression Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyRUWM_LOPQ


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  • +9

    $3k for a laptop jeez

    • +35

      Go look at the Macbooks if you want to feel that burn a bit more.

      • +2

        You pay a premium with Apple I wouldn't pay nearly $3000 for this laptop with this graphics card no way

        • +4

          Agree to disagree. I hate the Mac OS. As I said, I was eyeing off the G14 with the 4900hs / 2060 combo, but reading up on it and it's had a bunch of problems.

          As it's purely for work (I game on my desktop), I just wanted a powerful machine that is nice to work on.

          But as I said, each to their own. Google the Xps 17 vs Macbook articles which say this is it's new rival.

          • +1

            @Ruddaga: Whats wrong with the Asus G14? That laptop is on my wishlist.

            • @Homr: Just been reading various reviews / comments from people online complaining about various things. Heating issues.

              For me the lack of webcam given my work was a real downer. Also the combo I wanted (120hz monitor with 2060 gpu) isn't in Australia so that ruled it out for me. Couldn't see the point in getting the 60hz 1440 monitor with the 2060 when I game on a 120hz monitor at home.

              Don't get me wrong.. The G14 has been tempting me for months. If I saw a good deal on it, I would've snapped it up.

          • +3

            @Ruddaga: That’s all well and good, but the Apple premium comes with the promise of strong resale in 3 years time, where as this Dell will be literally worthless. The MacBook Pro will cost you the same upfront, but will be over $1000 cheaper over the life of the computer.

          • @Ruddaga: Your company not provide you laptops?

            • @John Doh: Nah it's a small private school. They have a couple of crappy laptops lying around that the more tech illiterate staff picked up. I prefer to use something that is personal + has some ooompf.

              • +1

                @Ruddaga: I understand and agree, some people just dont understand that better specs = better productivity :)

        • +11

          I know some people go on about specs isn't everything, but I would feel ripped off to spend 3k on a laptop with an entry level 1650ti gpu. They also asking a bit for i7 10750h six core.

          I also haven't heard about any issues with the G14. Even after searching in Google.

          • +1

            @shellshocked: Well apparently you're paying for that premium "Dell" quality.

            Will update and let people how that actually translates in real life

            Literally if you google - G14 problems - and search through Reddit, you'll see people complaining about issues that are starting to arise one month into its shelf life. Then I started researching past Asus laptops, and they're just not known for their build quality.


            • +6

              @Ruddaga: Majority of people with no problem won't bother to post. Most of the earlier issues with g14 have been solved by software updates, which is normal since it's the first of its kind.

              I have g14 and it's been awesome. It's one of the laptop that has great community support
              I have had 2 asus laptops prior to this and after sales service were very good.
              Dell would probably the safer option for you since they are known for excellent support service if you buy their high end laptop.

              • @blupool: Don't get me wrong Blupool.. I was seriously considering the G14. The main reason I didn't get it was (as mentioned previously) I wanted one of the options we didn't get in Aus. I have no doubt it's an awesome machine.

                And since I game on my desktop 99% of the time anyways (and will be upgrading my 1080ti with a 3080ti / 3090) I just decided to try my luck with the "Dell XPS Quality" build for once (I'm usually anti Dell as well tbh).

                Who knows… I might be here posting in a couple of weeks going DO NOT BUY! RETURNED! :D

            • +3

              @Ruddaga: lol, that's delusional. Dell XPS are well known for being plagued by a series of quality issues.

              • @lunchbox99: Well depends who you ask. As someone posted here, you only see posts from the people that have issues, not the people that don't. The almost 99% of positive reviews you see for the XPS systems are probably something to go on.

                As I said though Mr Box, if it's got issues, I'll be returning it. No way I'm holding onto a machine that costs nearly that much and has issues.

                • +1

                  @Ruddaga: Probably more just people trying to justify their 3000-4000 Microsoft office and video watching machine. Much like apple fans.

                  • @RI4V4N: Not sure why tech websites and youtubers who have unlimited machines and devices would feel the need to do this but ok?

                    Other than the obvious, maybe they're being paid to be shills? But I'd like to think they had some integrity.

                    Also youtubers like Dave Lee swap back from Dell to Apple products as their go to machine with each new iteration.

                • -2

                  @Ruddaga: What overheating issues on the G14? I can't find anything about that. Please send a link because I can find several about the XPS line. The XPS is NOTORIOUS for overheating issues

                  There are no bad reviews on Dells website (or any reviews at all) because they deleted all the reviews in response to trackpad issues on these laptops

                  • @[Deactivated]: https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2020/06/the-first-gaming-laptop-w…

                    There's heaps more and reddit posts. Also some youtube vids on it.

                    Watch the salty tears though there Ark.. Like I said before you harked up, I was contemplating the G14 for months and only didn't pull the trigger because of the lack of options we have in Aus.

                    Let me do a you though :

                    PLEASE LINK THE LINKS TO THE NEW XPS 17 HAVING HEATING ISSUES! I can't seem to find one.

                    • +1

                      @Ruddaga: Getting hot is one thing, all slim laptops will get hot. The review you linked complains about surface temps in the 40's, yet the XPS17 gets surface temps in the 60s. That same site's review of the G14 has the same conclusion, surface temps in the 40's. That's despite the CPU throttling down to a measly 1.9GHz with CPU + GPU loads, or 2.6ghz CPU only load. Other reviewers too have mentioned the CPU powerlimits to 15W after some time to stop it getting too hot. There are ultrabooks which can do better than that. For comparison the G14 can do 3-4ghz sustained with CPU + GPU loads.

                      Where are the reddit posts about overheading? https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=g14%20overheating. There's one post who's just unfamiliar with normal CPU temps in laptops. Meanwhile the XPS line for years has had problems, it's not a jump for me to assume this one is no different.

                      If you were adverse to the G14 because of temps, then the XPS line is not for you

                    • +2

                      @Ruddaga: So let me get this straight. It's Ok to use internet posts as evidence a G14 is no good, but not OK to use the same user reports to conclude XPS have quality issues, overheating issues, throttling issues, DPC latency issues.


                      And I say this as someone considering buying one.

                      • @lunchbox99: Except there's only one review out on the XPS 17.

                        And the above user has misquoted it. The "60" degree he's quoted is the rear exhaust fans. Not the surface temps (which are in the 40's according to that article).

                        And as mentioned to Ark, the main reason I didn't go the G14 was lack of spec config.. I feel like I've said this multiple times but people keep cherry picking what responses to respond to.

                        Maybe I've misread articles about the G14 having heating issues then? From my quick research, it appears there was heating issues early on, but a update has fixed it.

                        • +1

                          @Ruddaga: If by update you mean it just throttles the CPU, then yes.

                          • @lunchbox99: Also to quote one of the comments from that review when someone said the G14 was a better option:

                            "The G14 is excellent performance per dollar, but as a total system it's just not nearly as complete as the XPS 17. No Thunderbolt 3, less amazing display, etc. Both are great, but really different markets."

                            If I didn't have a gaming desktop, then I would've probably gone the G14 or something similar.

                            • @Ruddaga: Yeah definitely, the XPS and G14 are totally difference machines. My issue is with implying the XPS doesn't have thermal issues while the G14 does.

                              Thankfully, most of the keyboard remains in the 40-50C range which is much more comfortable

                              Yes the 60 max is the exhaust, but you can pretty much see on the whole back part of the laptop is around 60.

                              Meanwhile the G14 tops out at 40 in that same area and the rest of the keyboard is in the 30's. Regardless of the specifics it's obvious that the G14 doesn't have thermal issues but the XPS does, which shouldn't be a shocker to anyone familiar with how Dell treats their XPS lines.

                              If you need thunderbolt 3 yeah obviously the G14 isn't going to cut it. But the 1440p display is actually pretty decent for color accuracy although it might not be as bright as this. This laptop doesn't come with the super nice 4k display, it's the 1080p one. You're getting more pixels on the G14 than this.

                              All laptops come with compromises, the XPS compromises on thermals, performance, audio latency, and build quality. The G14 on screen quality and design. I don't like how Dell tries to pretend it's laptops are premium, competing with the Macbook, when they cut corners like this all time. Even the 16 inch Macbook, which isn't known for it's great thermals, won't throttle down to sub-base clock frequencies.

                              • +2

                                @[Deactivated]: Considering almost every review on the Xps 15/17 have praised its audio, build quality and performance I'm starting to feel a bit reluctant to really continue this conversation. And your bias towards the G14 really shines through every comment you've made.

                                Difference between us two, is I can admit the G14 is a damn fine machine and if there was a version that had the 2060 version with the 120hz screen in Australia, I'd be typing my reply on that.

                                I can also admit I've read many issues with XPS systems in the past so I'm curious to see if the one I receive in the mail also has issues.

                                Since we love linking random stuff, here's articles praising the XPS 15 2020 for build quality, audio and performance (the things you seem to claim are an issue on the Xps 17).






                                There's a tonne more, but as I said, over this weird G14 defensive stance you've taken… ;)

                                • @Ruddaga: When they talk about build quality in reviews they mean "oh the finish on the keyboard feels nice". Not the fact that it skimps on parts internally and it's not very durable or made to hold up well.

                                  I don't particularly care about the G14, it's obviously a gaming laptop and not in the same market as this. But it should what they could do with thermals if Dell got their shit together.

                                  The XPS is also notorious for audio latency, not the quality of the speakers. Just google XPS DPC latency, I cbb finding things for you anymore. They always promise to fix it with every new gen (just like they always promise to fix the thermals) but they never do. People just buy it based on those review that tell them the finish on the exterior is really nice therefore it must have good build quality.

                                  • @[Deactivated]: I did what you said and googled XPS DPC latency and can't find one single article or reddit post that mentions the 2020 series having this issue, they're all from last years.

                                    I will post later down the track to let you know if you were right or not.

          • @shellshocked: @shellshocked: But thermals, build quality also matter IMHO.

        • I have repaired so many laptops, Apple or Dell, and neither despite the high price is very durable.

          Surely you have heard of apple stupid keyboard of past few years? Or the xps 15 overheat problems?

          There is absolutely no reason to spend more than 2000, unless 3 years warranty comes with no additional costs.

        • why do you pay a premium with Apple when they dont even have a GPU and has shit cooling?

      • +1

        Yeah. this deal is a real good one for what you are getting. MacBook pros and surface books get way more expensive

        • +1

          Thank you Volatile.

          Been a back and forward negativity rant from the apple / G14 fans for a while.

          Apples comparison is stupidly expensive and the G14 is a great gaming machine which I've recommended.

          People just need to justify their expenses I guess… -_-

    • +1

      The problem is not the 3k for a laptop, the problem is the 3k for GTX 1650… that's all!

  • +2

    yeah for only $200 extra, I would get the 17 over 15

    • +1

      And I just did :)

      I currently have a gigabyte 15 inch monitor which weights nearly 5kg. According to the specs, should be smaller than my 15 inch and half the weight. Keen as.

      • 1080ti and 15”? Why?

        • My laptop has a 1070.

          My desktop has the 1080 ti (soon to be 3080ti :P )

  • +1

    Why go for a 17" notebook and then option only a FHD screen rather than the 4K ? Would it be cheaper to get the 15" with FHD ?

    • +3

      More work space to work with on the 17inch.

      Also… It's not as if 1900x1200 is a sloppy resolution for a 17 inch monitor…

      Was contemplating the extra 700.00 for the 4k… but couldn't justify it.

      • +3

        I love the fact they made it 1920x1200 like the old 24" monitors. I hate that 1080P became a default standard…..less pixels = less dekstop space.

        • +1

          Especially true if you are a software programmer. The extra lines of code that you can see in a go is always beneficial. A little less scrolling.

          • +4

            @John Doh: Dev here. The 3:2 ratio on the Microsoft Surface Book is sublime for my IDE!

      • +1

        Well there isn't more space to work with as it's resolution limited NOT screen size limited. THat was my point. If you wanted more space then the 4K would be far better. TBH, I'm typing on older Macbook Pro with their higher res screen and when I have had to reduce resolution (for things like presentations and streaming to a media player) the lower res makes the workspace almost unusable.

        Each to their own i guess.

        • Yeah but 700.00 more. lol

    • +2

      it also has significant improvement in thermal management I think and that's like the main issue for me with my XPS 9570

    • +2

      Each to their own. Every time someone with a Mac has issues at my workplace, everyone stands around looking confused (and it does happen a bit). Also stuff that OS and its "do everything in reverse to windows to be different" approach.

      Not to mention the price difference: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/16-inch

    • +7

      I would rather spend that amount on a macbook pro than this. I don't believe this can last for more than 6 years. in 3 years you will change something to the laptop.

      I use both Mac and PC. You've literally just made this up.

      This nonsense that somehow a Mac is less prone to problems is complete nonsense. Especially after the entire butterfly keyboard debacle. Not to mention I've had to send multiple Macbooks back for issues ranging from dead GPUs (the old 15" Radeons), faulty display ribbon cables,…etc.

    • I don't think this is an appropriate use of the negative vote: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:voting_guidelines

  • +14

    Aussie is getting ripped off again, the US store is getting the RTX 2060 version (without any discount code), for so much cheaper than the Aussie version of the GTX 1650ti on Dell AU. Even when you do the currency conversion and added GST on top, and add another 5% just for fun, and the price is still way more expensive on Dell AU.

    • Got to love that Aussie tax. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if we had the 2060 version (at a reasonable price), but won't be gaming on this device anyways.

    • Like everything else we pay more in Oz, which is why I imported a Yamaha jet-ski from the US when the Aussie dollar was buying $1.10 back in 2011. Got the latest model for 11k landed in Oz versus paying 20k locally

      Would it be worth importing one from the US? I would imagine you have no warranty should something go wrong (no worldwide warranty like Apple?), unless you send it back to the US - not worth it!

      • Probably not… I'm currently waiting on the Index Valve to come into stock to get it shipped over here and it's already going to cost me 500.00 extra to ship it and get it through customs. Only reason I'm doing this is Valve hates us Aussies now because of what our government did to them.

        • +1

          I mean they deserved it.

          • @RI4V4N: I agree. But no reason for them not to sell the Index over here other than "teaching us a lesson".

            Also probably scared of if the Index has issues they'll have to honour returns / tech support.

    • +1

      Also out of curiosity I went to the US store.

      The similarly specced one (as in exact specs) was 1999.00 US no discounts (2917 AUD) with no option to put in the 2060.

      The only option that comes with the 2060 is priced 2999.00 US (4367 AUD).

      I mean its disgusting you have to use discounts to match the USA RRP, but the comment on the 2060 isn't exactly fair (unless comparing to the top model we have here which still doesn't have the 2060 -_-)

  • +3

    That is a lot of money for a laptop. However, the build quality of dell's xps line somewhat justifies the price. There really isn't any competitors to these laptops hence the high price.

  • +1

    Something like this would be better?

    Maybe a 9th gen but seems a good deal from looking around. JB hifi sells is for $3999

    ASUS ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502, Black, GU502GW-AZ008T https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B087QKCB4W/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_…


    • If I was looking for gaming and didn't desktop game, I'd probably look for something around that price range.

      If I saw that ROG listed for 2.9k, then yeah it would be a no brainer.

      • +1


        • Yeah… I have trust issues with Amazon and tech though…. But yeah good deal. Should make a post for it if you haven't already.

          • @Ruddaga: Just posted it.

            • @RedBret: Also I take back that Amazon issue.. It's from ASUS themselves. Just was reading some reviews about it, other than some overheating issues + the back is a bit "supervillain" thats a damn good deal, especially when put alongside the G14 we have in Australia for the same price. Nice find! The 2070 + 1tb SSD = Bargain price.

              • +1

                @Ruddaga: Couldn't find anything close for the $

                Other than the HP Omen

                • @RedBret: When you sent the link, I almost wavered, but yeah I don't game on it anyways so there's no point.
                  Got to save $ for my 3080ti upgrade ;)

  • +4

    Oh man. Windows is so much easier to multi-task in. Macbook Slow is for people who look at one screen at at time.
    I have both a flagship macbook pro and a high end Dell Latitude.

    • What’s slow in macOS multi tasking?

      • +1

        SNapping tabs and windows all over the place, running multi-threaded applications just works better in Windows with Nvidia Cuda Cores, moving in and out of games, accessing files using the Windows 10 Search bar is the best feature in W10 imo and just the start menu is easier to find things compared to Launchpad and finder.

        Mac just takes longer to accomplish tasks.

        • macos is not usable on its default settings. But if you were to combine software such as spectacle, LaunchBar, Alfred and the alike, it is so much better than windows

        • whereas windows settings in general, such as control panel, group policy, the settings in the icon 'settings' etc in w10 is a complete piece of sh*t to navigate and as far as i know cannot be fixed by using any kind of software

          • @XanderYuan: Meh…i been using it since 95 and don't care about icon settings.

            • @Orico: the settings in the icon 'settings' are not the 'icon settings' what I mean is, system settings in win10 can be found literally everywhere, there are too many places that settings can be changed or modified. file management using LaunchBar is also so much superior to windows

    • Windows also handles multiple external monitors much better than Macbook. It's a huge pain in the neck to work with 2-3 external monitors on any Macbook. With that said, if external monitors are not available then I think I'm more productive on a Mac. Just have to install spectacle to handle app arrangement.

  • +1

    Any idea if these latest XPS models still have coil whine issues?

    • from my research the current models do not. That was a 2019 issue I believe.

      • +1

        Good to hear it's been resolved, it was one of the reasons I sold my XPS 13 back in 2016. My Razer Blade 14 suffered similar issues (amongst many, many others), seems to become more annoying over time.

    • I have a 13" XPS 7390 2-in-1 and it has very bad coil whine. I'm tempted to return it and get a 13" 9300.

  • +4

    It's funny that Dell had a 1920x1200 option on their 17-inch laptops almost 15 years ago. It surprises me that they aren't offering 2560x1600 on this at a minimum!

    Back then, I had the 15.4-inch Inspiron 8600 with the WSXGA+ option (1680x1050) and it felt insane for the time when XGA (1024x768) was still pretty common!

    Good to see Dell returning to 16:10 aspect though, it's a small but noticeable improvement over 16:9.

    • +1

      yeah. I was seriously hovering above the 4k upgrade option. But it's like on my S20 Ultra… Unless it's a 65 inch sexy panel, does it really need to be that high a resolution?

      Trick question. Answer is obviously yes.

      • Haha true.

        In all honesty, a 2560x1600 panel would likely be perfect on this machine, it's a pity that it's not offered (or standard!).

        Am I right in seeing the only way to get touch is with 4K as well? Again, at this price point on a Windows machine, I'd be expecting it to be standard. My wife's new 14-inch ASUS with a 10th-gen i7 and 512GB SSD has a 14-inch Full HD touchscreen and it was less than $1300! In fact is has two if you count the touchpad display.

        • I must be old school because I find touch to be an annoying feature.

          I think Dell just love milking the - XPS QUALITY BRAND PRICE APPLE DOES IT WHY CANT WE - thing.

          • +1

            @Ruddaga: Agreed, I don't really care about it either, but a lot do and just seems odd to omit it at this level.

  • Does anyone know when these coupons will be expired? I placed a order yesterday and now I've changed my mind.

    • No idea sadly. What order did you do / change your mind to?

      • from an i7 new XPS 13 with 4k display and 512gb SSD to an i5 new XPS13 with FHD display and 256gb SSD.

        • Mmmm with the vouchers that is a tempting price I'll admit.

          Shame I have huge monkey hands.

        • +1

          Noted that the i5 model comes with UHD graphics which is like 60% worse than Iris Plus for the i7 model, I want the 17 inch base model as I don't game on laptops, but paying $2250 for a FHD panel and intel UHD graphics is yucks.

        • Remember you only get the Iris Plus G7 graphics on the i7 version

          • @nodeahs: Iris Plus G7 actually can be found on i5 model ie surface laptop 3, no one should be buying UHD graphics chips as even an new gen amd integrated chip are sooooo much better than it

            • @rainbowyen: Yes I realise this, even the i3 Macbooks have the G7 graphics, but the xps 13 line up doesn't on i3 or i5.

          • @nodeahs: Yeah I've noticed, but even Iris PLus G7 is still weak than the mx250. So to me it has no difference to me compare to the UHD. Plus I'm buying this XPS for my wife and she's not playing any game. So I think she couldn't really fell the difference between two low end graphic chips, and to be mentioned her current laptop is a 2016 MacBook air.

  • +1

    I'm thinking of biting the dust on the i5-10300H version, yeah it's 4/8 core/threads CPU but I don't have any need for a GPU and it's almost $1000 difference

    • Yeah why not. Would still be a power house for daily use.

  • At this price point razer 17 is a better option

    • +2

      Can you link the Razer 17 at 2.9k?

      Genuinely curious as I can't find one.

  • I’m sure you could probably get a much better specced Metabox Prime S for similar price probably with a 2060.

    • Do they actually compare? Surely the metabox build quality is lesser, shorter battery and heavier etc…

      On a side note I am actually interested in the new metabox S know any good reviews on them or what clevo chassis they are to search from other brands?

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