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Belong $25 Starter Pack for $10 @ Coles


Starter Pack Features. Officeworks Link

  • 10GB Data (+10GB double data on the 1st payment date)
  • Unlimited national calls & SMS.
  • Unlimited data banking.
  • Unlimited data gifting.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Flexibility to change plans once every monthly payment cycle.
  • Data slows to 64 kbps if you use all your monthly allowance.
  • Telstra 4G & 3G.
  • 12 month SIM expiry (from the purchase date)

Here are 2 good options for getting the most out of this starter pack. Before you activate make sure you get a referral code from a friend already with Belong or the OzBargain Belong pool for an additional $20 credit.

Option 1 won't work amymore.
Option 1 (4 Months 5GB) - Start out on the $10 1GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 1GB data plus you get another 1GB (Double Data). The first 4 months cost is covered ($25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit). $5.00 will be left over for the 5th month.

Option 2 (3 Months 22GB) - Start out on the $25 10GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 10GB data plus you get another 10GB (Double Data). Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 3 months cost is covered ($25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted.

Double Data (1st month)
DO NOT port/activate on these dates 4th, 12th, 20th, 28th. These are the start of new payment cycles. They are the same every month.
One month worth of data is credited on activation, and another on your first payment date, 1-8 days later. So you effectively get double data for the first monthly payment at no extra cost.

More info at the Belong Wiki.
Customer Terms.

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    Good one OP

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    incredible explanation by OP. my kogan prepaid is expiring on the 18th, will finally give Belong a go. Thanks OP!

    • My Kogan prepaid expires on the 2nd of July and I too will be jumping ship to Belong. I hope it's a better service, as the reception with Kogan/Voda is terrible. I can't use 4G to check bargains while shopping at the local Coles

      • +1

        haha maybe its a Coles thing, I've been with Telstra/Optus/Vodafone and my local Coles (Chatswood Chase) has a real problem with all three

        • Lol, maybe it is. Manager of each Coles at opening time: "Engage the wifi & signal blocker!" ┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―☞

        • Can confirm, I'm pretty sure many Coles and Woolworths has some sort of signal blocker in their store to stop you from comparing prices. I always get one bar or less when inside and trying to load pages is shocking.

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            @ironplus: Don't be absurd! They don't have signal blockers, the metal frame of the buildings they're in are acting like Faraday cages - inadvertently blocking the signal.

            You'll find the same in big stores all around the globe.

            • @callum9999: When Holmview Central Woolworths was new I had no signal at all with Optus (back in the olden days of TPG) but then when I was changed to Vodafone it was great signal even all the way in back, same as Telstra. The 3G 850 network worked better than the 900, too. Telstra and Vodafone share a tower literally 100m away but Optus's closest towers were over the hill. I'm not sure if this has been fixed.

              And a Faraday Cage (metal roof/frame) is a signal blocker of sorts! It's not an active signal blocker though.

  • Can you pay the difference on activation so that you go on the annual $150 plan?

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      You might be thinking of boost.
      This is belong.

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        sorry #facepalm

  • I'm on belong now, and out of all the areas, telstra has the worst reception, following by voda then optus. What are the chances :(

  • Beware. I have used Belong approx 2 years ago and it appears they cap download speeds to 100 megabit (in Victoria)
    I am currently using LycaMobile on Telstra and they seem to cap download speeds at 135 megabit.
    Is this a common thing with Telstra resellers?

    • 100 mbps cap is a non limit for me, never get more than 50 for Kogan/catch/Vodafone in my area.

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    Beware!! Belong has one of the worst customer service - no call centre or online chat, all via chatbot. Gave me the run around for 2 weeks when the Coles staff failed to scan my SIM as sold. Finally someone contacted me to resolve after I threatened to go to Ombudsman.

    • You can message a real person on their website and they will get back to you via email.

      Anyway if you think they are bad at least they have never overcharged me like Telstra. Take a look at this mess they created here. I tried to contact them online but couldn't chat to a real person either. Had to go through the TIO like a lot of other members to get it sorted out.

    • They haven't been too bad for me. Sucks there is no phone number to call, but their email support is decent if you submit a ticket on the website.

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    Same price at Auspost til 30th June

  • Is there a minimum amount of time you must be ported out of Belong before you are considered a "new customer" for the referral when porting back? I only ask because I'm considering switching between Belong and Amaysim, which is only 28 days.

    • You can always add Kogan 30 day SIMs into the mix if reception isn't an issue.

    • I am doing this including kogan and catch connect. My bill around $30/$40 for a year

      • Only Kogan and Catch? But those are each 3 months right? Which is longer than Amaysim's 28 days. Was hoping Belong didn't have an over 30 day rule for new customers.

        • +1

          I meant belong and Amaysim as well. Sometimes Telstra, circle life, Vodafone or Optus. Depends on what offers available. But don't this I save a lot in my mobile bills. I used to pay $30/month

          Most of the times they offer 3 months but sometimes the have offers for 1 month.

          • @msmhw: Thanks will try it out. Trying to take advantage of the $21 cashback that SB/CR has for Amaysim.

  • Are there any issues with ongoing use? Say I get this, use for 4 months, so at the end of the 4 months, can I just get a new sim starter and start the whole process all over again?
    (No need to keep same phone number)
    Can I use the same referral code(friend)? Same payment method?

    • -1

      You cant use a starter pack to recharge an existing belong number

      • +1

        @droidhunt01 I was not referring to recharge an existing number. I have no need to keep the same number.

    • I haven't tried but you should be able to.

      The only thing is you'll need to cancel your number at least few days before it renews at the end of 4 months by sending a message to the customer service.

  • Can someone suggest what could have gone wrong with my belong activation. I bought one of these sim cards and ported into Belong last time this offer was running. I used a referal code, and went on the 1GB plan. However I can only see 1GB on my account. Did I stuff up the activation?

    P.S. Apologies Don't mean to hijack this thread but wasnt sure where to go with this as there is a phone number for Belong Support

    • As per the post, if you activated your sim on the 4th, 12th, 20th or 28th of the month you won't get the bonus double data. Or if you didn't activate on these dates you need to wait for your payment date to receive the bonus data. eg. If you activated on the 5th, you will get the bonus data on the 12th.

  • Can I ‘refer’ myself?

    I signed up my 8 Yo on the $10 a month plan for a space talk watch in my own name a while back and would now like to get a sim for myself as my boost plan is finishing. He’s built up quite a big data bank given the watch only needs a few mb a month. So ideally I’d like to gift that to myself as well.

    • You can but you might lose your numbers and accounts.

      A safer option would be to (if you don't mind changing your son's number):

      1. Buy two starter packs
      2. Activate one using a family member's details (with referral code from your son's number)
      3. Gift data from your son's number to the new number
      4. Cancel your son's number
      5. Port your number using the second pack (with referral code from the new number), and
      6. Gift data from the new number to your number.

      Of course, this method is not guaranteed to be 100% safe.

  • Is there a time limit on when these need to be activated after purchase? If I purchase now then can i activate it in August?

    • +1

      Yes, as per the last bullet point in the description -

      12 month SIM expiry (from the purchase date)

    • +1

      August shall be fine. Officially you need to activate the sim within 12 months of purchase. But customer services told me that Belong sims don't expire. Then I asked if credits came with the starter pack expire and the answer was also NO. I am a bit sceptical about it.

      • +1

        On the back of the starter pack it says "Loaded credit will expire 12 months after purchase"

        • Yes I know. But they told me sims don't expire, not by one person, 3 of them.

          • @apple0604: If it's not in writing on the starter pack then I wouldn't trust what someone from "support" told you either.

            • @Arthur Dunger: I wouldn't trust them either. I activated it before loosing the credits. But I did provid them with sim starter pack's details and they wrote back confirming NEVER expired. At the end of the day, it would be us who would loose if starter packs did expire regardless what support told us.

  • What's the best thing to do after the 3 or 4 months is up? Are there ways to continue with Belong for a reduced price per month? Or is it $10 per month from then on and in this case would the best thing to do be to transfer out to say Kogan on the 90 day $14.90 deal?

    I seem to remember there are ways to continue this on for free or something like that but it was all a bit hard for me to understand. Is this correct?

    • +1

      Other members used to buy multiple starter packs and activate all of them in their name, but past comments suggest they will cancel all your accounts and you will lose your number. That's why I linked to the "Customer Terms" in the OP.

      The only way to extend it by not paying $10 per month is to activate another starter pack in a family member or friends name & use your referral code for the $20 credit.

      Porting to the Kogan $14.90 90 day plan is a good option if you don't mind the Vodafone network.

      • Thanks. So the very cheap long term hack with Belong is over? I asked about how it all worked back in 2018. Was contemplating porting over then but never went through with it. With the demise of the 90 day Catch deal, Belong and Kogan look like the best options for sim hopping.

  • Regarding Option 2 (3 Months 22GB) - Start out on the $25 10GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 10GB data plus you get another 10GB (Double Data). Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 3 months cost is covered ($25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted.

    Does Belong send you an email regarding payment so that we can switch to the $10 plan or we will need to know our billing cycle and change the plan online?

    • There is no email sent. If you don't manually change to the $10 plan after the 1st payment date then you will still be on the $25 plan. Best to download the app & manage your account from there, it's easy.

  • i have ported from telstra to belong yesterday ($40 starter pack) , chose $10 plan i applied referral code and during activation it showed that i will get $20 credit after the activation. The sim is working now and if i check payment section in app and it shows $30 credit but it should be $50 credit. And i cannot find any way to access voicemail, And i have received calls from my friends stating that they missed call from my number but i didn't ring them. Its so confusing. Can anybody help?

    • The remaining credit usually sorts itself out after your 1st payment date, which will be the 20th. Technically you haven't paid anything until then so I wouldn't worry about that yet.

      Belong doesn't have voicemail, they have a message to txt service instead. I cancelled mine, would rather people just call back than leave a message. Also the phone rings longer if you cancel it.

      • Thanks for the reply. How to cancel that service?

        • Log in to your account and send a "Support Request" message. Tell them to turn off message to txt, you don't want it.

        • You can actually do this yourself from your phone. Instructions here under Call Management https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/belongmobile

  • The code from the link shows $20 credit in the activation process. However, after I activated, the payment page in my account doesn't show the credit.

    • If you had chosen option 1, your payment page should say:
      Applied credit $35
      Your mobile service (view plan) $10
      Next payment $0
      Remaining credit $25

      It is $25 because it already deducted the next month.

      • Applied Credit $25
        Remaining $10

        But during the activation, it clearly showed the code added credit. I guess their system is pretty shitty.

        • Same thing has happened to me. I've contacted support who tell me the credit is there, but I just don't see it.
          Introduct a friend credit is in history - but not in my payment section.

          • @BecSSS: Oh right, it's in the history page.

            Hopefully, it's just their system needs some time to attribute the credits.

  • Hi,

    Stupid question.. is it suppose to say anything about the double data you'll get during the activation process.. Or does it come through automatically on designated dates?

    Is it written on the belong website anywhere?


    • As far as I'm aware Belong don't advertise it.

  • Dumb question - does referral credit work when activating a mobile service on a Belong account that currently has a NBN service but no mobile?

  • I have Telstra Sim under my name and want to port to Belong. I already have a Belong Sim under my name used by my partner. Can I purchase another Belong Sim and create a new account using the same name but different email address? Would I get the free credit if I used my existing account referral code?

  • Just bought this from Coles - active again.

    Can't get the Boost $150 recharge any more at Coles - so will use the 3 month / 22Gb deal. In the meantime with buy the $140 Cellmate Boost SIM for October.

    Thanks again OP for the reminders about dates and "how to".

  • Let's say you have 2 phone numbers… can you do this?

    1. Sign up service 1: $10 for 1st month, using promo code from here, so +$20 in credit.
    2. Sign up service 2: $10 for 1st month, using promo code from service 1, so +$20 to service 1 and +$20 to service 2.
    3. Change both services to $10 per month. So service 1 will be paid for 5 months, service 2 will be paid for 3 months.
    4. In 3 months, when service 2 expires, port out for 30 days (Kogan, Catch, whatever… - let's say it costs $5).
    5. Sign up service 2 again using promo code from service 1. both service 1 and service 2 will have 3 months life at this point.
    6. After 3 months, just to "jig things up", port service 1 out ($5), pay $10 for keeping service 2 for 1 month.
    7. Port service 1 back in, using refer code from service 2. Service 2 has 2 months life, service 1 has 3 months life.
    8. After 2 months port service 2 out…

    So 10 months//11months for $60 (4 x $10 starter kits from Coles, $10 to Belong directly, 2 x $5 to Kogan or Catch or whoever).

    Is this method OK or will it result in ban/losing number?
    Note that it is the same phone number in steps 2 and 5.
    Name on service 2 will be a different person, but address will be the same (i.e. Son or Daughter or Wife, etc).

    This method I thought of has indefinite data rolling, by gifting data between the 2 services before porting out, since one service is always active with belong, but if it will result in a ban, I don't want to do it.

    If it is OK, then I will buy the appropriate # of starter kits now ($10 at Coles) so I can use them at steps 5 and 7.

    • Mate, you seem to be the resident expert on Belong… What's your thoughts on the method I posted above to keep 2 services up and running cheap?

      • +1

        I'm not an expert, I just read the Whirpool Wiki & Belong Customer Terms before signing up. I put the links in any Belong deals I post.

        Your 1st & 2nd point won't work (see my comment that you just replied to).

        • 1st and 2nd point refer to the $10 spent on the starter pack at coles from this deal. $25 plan, hence the 3 months referred to in point 3.

  • Hi OP, I currently have 3 prepaid sims with Amaysim in my name for me and my 2 kids (both under 18 years old). If I sign up for 3 services with Belong am I at risk of getting booted off as the conditions say Non-Ordinary use includes: "your contact address being associated with more than one Belong service at your address" ? Surely you can sign up extra sims for your kids?

    • I have signed up 2 family members that live at the same address. No problems so far after one year.

      I wouldn't have more than one account in my name though. Past comments from members have said they got all their accounts cancelled.

      • So you suggest don't get more than 1 account/Sim?

        • If you want two accounts then put it in a family members name and different email address.

  • Hi guys, the OzBargain Belong pool of promo / referral codes do not seem to be valid. I am trying to sign-up to belong on the $25 / 10 GB deal (which i bought for $10 at Coles) and am quoting the referral / promo codes generated by the OzBargain Belong pool (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/api/referral/35) but it's saying not valid. Arthur Dunger, can you Help?

    UPDATE: It worked when I did the setup process on my PC browser rather than within the Belong iOS App!