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Boost Mobile $150 12 Month Plan for $140 + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ CELLMATE


Boost Mobile $150 12 Month Plan for $140 +FREE Shipping Australia Wide @ CELLMATE

  • 80GB DATA
  • UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations: (Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong,India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Phillipines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam)
  • 1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations: (Afghanistan, America Samoa, Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Laos, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico,Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden)

Friends please note that this cant be used as a recharge and is for new numbers or port in from other carriers.

We thank you for your continued support and appreciation

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  • When do you have to activate by? I have a Kogan sim until October in my laptop that it falls over to when NBN is down (10 times a day for 5 mins). This seems like a pretty good 12 month deal for a data back up.

      • Telstra currently providing NO prepaid services over the phone at all. all centres closed.

        emergency phones are being cut off - no-one available from Telstra to assist.currently.

        Telstra no longer fit to provide emergency pre-paid mobile services - you can be on a priority assistance don't matter. its all your fault for being in a crisis is what Telstra employees tell you to your face.

        Telstra are now useless for anything except pumping out foxtel fascist propaganda on any number of platforms - that service remains available.

        vodaphone prepaid however are still at work….

        • "petry" Could not agree more. More to do with corporate business restructuring and Virus being the catalyst/excuse/plan lol.

          I'm sure Vodafone is part of it too, but at least they are still offering some prepaid support, although to port my number to them last month I could not do it any longer via website and had to email them, so went with Aldi done within half hour online.

    • To be honest there are probably more rude customers than phone support guys

  • Available for existing customers ?Data rolls over ?

  • Two sims for different companies. What a weird offer.

  • Not sure what I'd do with the Libara starter kit, probably just bin it. Would prefer to have a cheaper Boost SIM without the starter kit. Anyway it's the cheapest price for $150 Boost SIM at the moment so I'll probably jump on it and get one.

  • Anyone can share their experience with Boost? is the internet same speed as optus or vod?

    • It's the same speed as Telstra 4G because it uses the Telstra retail network as opposed to Aldi, Woolworths, Belong, etc who resell the Telstra wholesale network and do not have full access to the entire network.

    • As aldroid said they use Telstra's retail network, so expect the exact same speeds and coverage. For me it's been perfect, and the customer service while slow did the job. Porting took less than an hour.

  • Cellmate lol

  • My current $150 boost plan expires in Nov 2020. Can I port out to another provider and then port back to Boost using this SIM and get another 12 months?

  • Hi OP,

    Me and wife currently on Telstra. If we order this sim, I believe we will first port to Lebara and then port it to Boost? Is that correct?

    Also if I port from Lebara to Boost after 10 Aug, will I still get the 80 gb and Overseas call?



      The sims have an expiry till January 2022. So if you activate before then you get your inclusions for one year from the time you activate and not the time you buy

      Kind Regards

      • How about the porting question that I asked? We are on Telstra and want to keep the same number for Boost. What should we do? Should we first port to Lebara and then to Boost?

  • My 12 month Telstra prepaid expires in 11 days, so I'm guessing porting to optus then to boost is the easiest way to go about things still?

  • I'm really curious what Boost's new prepaid offers will be in Aug

  • I'm current on Belong Mobile which uses the Telstra wholesale network, can I switch to Boost without the extra procedures?

    • +1 vote


      Yes you can go directly from Belong to Boost. You port in as a prepaid using your date of birth provided the name and date of birth match both Belong and Boost

      Kind Regards

      • Is that the same for Aldi. Can I go from Aldi Mobile to Boost?

      • In my experience you cannot port directly from Telstra (or a Telstra reseller) to Boost. You need to contact Boost and tell them of your intention to port and they will send you a "blank SIM". However, you will then not be able to take advantage of this deal unless it also works as a recharge voucher (which I don't think it does).

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          You can definitely port from a Telstra reseller like Aldi etc. You cant port directly from Telstra to Boost

          Kind Regards

        • I've also had problems going from one Telstra reseller to another. It just wasn't possible with their systems. I had to move to another provider first for some reason, it was bizarre. This was about two years ago in case anything has changed.

  • The site doesn't mention Lebara 29.90 Prepaid Starter Kit at all. Is this still valid or do I need to add it separately or what's the go?

  • My Year Telsta deal I found on here that was $100 off or something is expiring shortly, do these give access to AFL, ALeague etc, I think I remember talk on here that even though it wasnt advertised these Telstra resellers sometimes workered.

  • Oh looks like its out of stock



      We have actually run out of the Lebara sims. We are happy to load more stock in but they wont be shipped with the lebara sims.

      If you are still interested please subscribe to the product and that way you shall get notified when we add more stock shortly

      Kind Regards

      • Can give us an extra $5 discount without lebara sim card. Thanks

      • Hello, my order was placed before you changed the description, so will I get the Lebara SIM as promised?

        I really need that SIM which I can use as transit since my current provider is boost.

  • I’ve been on Boost for a few years now. It’s great bang for buck BUT very poor form they’re going to stop offering the $150 per year deal.

  • Is this OOS?

  • +4 votes

    Hello Friends.

    We have just added a few more units. If we sell out again please do subscribe to the product and that way you will get notified when we add more stock.

    Please note that no more Lebara 29.90 sims are included and we have even updated the offer.

    Thank you for your continued support

    Kind Regards

  • Can I call 1300/ 1800 numbers from Boost, there's nothing in their T&C's and there's conflicting info online - some say we can't whilst others say they have been able to get it AFTER calling support and talking to a TL.

  • Yes, I have tried both 1800 and 1300 numbers.

  • How long will it take to activate a BYO number/porting online?

    • Usually couple of hours on week days, not sure about the current covid situation affects porting, expect extra time if you porting from belong(Telstra MVNO), last time I moved from Belong to Boost and had some issues initially but moved after 6 hours.

  • Hi OP - will you be having this offer again anytime soon? I need to buy 4 of them. Many thanks!

  • Hi OP, will there be an email sent out after placing an order? I ordered a 10 minutes back and did not recieve any confirmation email.

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