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Free: San Diego Comic-Con Event Live Stream Via [email protected]


For the first time in our 50-year history, we are happy to welcome virtually anyone from around the globe,” said SDCC spokesperson David Glanzer. “Though stay-at-home conditions make this a very difficult time, we see this as an opportunity to spread some joy and strengthen our sense of community.” [email protected] will be held on the same dates as the previously canceled Comic-Con, July 22-26, 2020, and online attendees are encouraged to use the official #ComicConAtHome hashtag to be included in the virtual activities.

Credit to hukd

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    can't wait to cosplay and line up for 3 hours virtually to see some guy from some random 80's sci-fi show


    I like this.

    It will be interesting to see who actually presents at this. Hopefully we still get the big name companies doing some awesome stuff.


    Are we sure it is free? A lot of virtual replacement events have been ticketed.

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      Although [email protected] will provide badges for fans to print and wear proudly, all aspects of the initiative are free and there are no limits to how many can attend. “For the first time in our 50-year history, we are happy to welcome virtually anyone from around the globe,” said SDCC spokesperson David Glanzer.

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    Always wanted to go to Comic-con. Better start working on my klingon outfit. Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam

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    In a world first, the livestream will also be the first smell-enabled stream, to truly capture the atmosphere of the worlds largest Comic Con.


      Worst innovation ever!


      I only started going to cons last year, so have only visited like 5 (anime and western).
      But still I have been happily surprised about the fact it doesn't seem as big a problem as the internet made me think it would be.


        Which five? :)

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          I now realise it was late 2018 i started going. So actually going 2 years, because somehow this year isn't still february like it feels it should be.
          2 melbourne madman festival, 1 melbourne comic con, 1 sydney madman festival and 1 tokyo comic con (while on holiday there).

          I didn't mean to imply there weren't any people that looked a bit unkempt, but the internet made it out like i'd be walking into a cloud of stink as soon as i entered the building and that every second person would be unshowered. Overall though it was good on this front though i'd say.


            @thearbiter117: Ventilation and aircon fixes many things, but yes, the whole nerd-stink thing is just poking fun. Even packed butt-to-crotch events are fine, it's just normal human stink. Nowhere near as bad as my local Woolworths!


            @thearbiter117: Try a bus full of high school kids after school! :(

            Sounds like you’ve been to quite a few different ones. Try PAX and Supanova Comic Con next year :) there’s AVCon in Adelaide too and SMASH! in Sydney if you like anime and manga.


              @griftr: I was planning on visiting smash sydney this year, but as with everything else fun, it was killed by corona.
              Im just happy I got to madfest sydeney this year, like 5 days before the lockdowns began. Otherwise it would have been a really boring year.
              Shall hopefully visit next years smash.

              Not overly keen on anything ive seen of pax the last few years tbh. I dont care much for demos of most games or the lines to get to them.

              I'll look at AVcon, but eww Adelaide. I kid I kid, Adelaide's not so bad.

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    My cosplay theme this year will be cheap, funny, bit of craziness, I am going to dress liked Trump as in the Simpsons.

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    In on this, I guess. What crazy time will be in for AEST?!


    Is this the event where they have lots of walking dead a tuvuty/previews etc?

    • +1 vote

      Why not? Can adult not have some imagination as well?


        Let me explain. The appeal behind super heroes is that they somehow have a super power and they can solve their problems through these.Most of super hero stories however explain how your powers are not that useful and you get the point that you actually use common sense and intelligence to fix issues.

        A bit like realising that Santa is a myth.

        As a kid reading these make you realise this.

        And this is why you can still read comics as an adult as an evasion. But putting up a costume beats me. Also, doing it for four an online video. Anyway that's my opinion. I still get the idea that it takes time and imagination to come up with the costumes

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    So let me get this straight? Spend hours, days, weeks making a costume at home and then sit in front of a camera to show it off? Sounds like new levels of low.


    Edit: wrong thread.