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Bonds Mens Logo Light No Show Socks 16 Pack $8 Delivered + more (Free Shipping for Members) @ BONDS


Bonds Mens Logo Light No Show Socks 16 Pack $8 Delivered (edit: OOS). Sign up as a member for free shipping.
Please have a look at the website generally as there are many more deals to be found.

Other notable deals include:
Explorer mens all season cotton crew socks 6 pack $12 (size 11+ only)

Bonds mens logo light low cut sports socks 16 pack $11

Bonds Fit Trunk 6 pack $23 (small only)

Edit: More notable deals
Bonds womens logo light no show socks 16 pack $3

Bonds womens fashion trainer socks 12 pack $10

Bonds mens guyfront brief 6 pack $16

Bonds active fit trunk 6 pack $30

Bonds mens ultimate comfort low cut socks 6 pack $8

Bonds mens oxford crew socks 6 pack $6 (also in grey)

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  • +4

    good luck getting anything.. horrible website

    • +2

      Worked fine for me, thanks OP!

    • +2

      Bad during the release of their promotions, fine any other tiem.

    • +4

      Checkout was smooth and easy

    • +2

      Worked fine. Great website.

    • +3

      it's okay atm but i hear you, once when one of the other deals was posted the website took 5 minutes to load a page so i get where you are coming from

    • true, the undies i ordered 2 weeks ago still hasn't dispatched, WTF

  • Very nice deals on the socks - I have way too many socks so I picked up the undies, they will sort me out for cricket season.

    • +1

      Only small left

      • +2

        Lucky I'm a small then - if you jump on then filter your size, looks like there is quite a few still around the $4 mark, which is about the same as the pack. Plus some nicer designs if you're that way inclined.

        • Thanks but SFA in XL. It's fine, I don't really like their undies anyway

        • Lucky I'm a small then

          You've got balls admitting that =p

          • @montorola: I'll freely admit that I am generally a small, but occasionally buy XS underwear - doesn't matter how good the gear is if you're going to lose it out the bottom

          • +1


            Lucky I'm a small then

            You've got balls admitting that =p

            Or maybe he has no balls..

  • Nice! Was about to buy a pair from Aldi specials this morning. Glad that i didn't.

  • +4

    The description is so confusing. It says 12 pack under the pic and then description just says 4pack. It’s probably an error

    • +3

      i guess it's 4 pack x 4 so 16 packs (pairs).

  • Christmas presents sorted

    • +1

      luckily i am not your relative.

      Unwrapping presents
      Nero100: look what I got you, 16 pairs of socks and undies ain't I the best relative ever

  • +1

    Thanks bought one

    • +3

      Only one sock? What about the other foot?

      • Shares with the other one

  • Thank you

    Don't forget cashrewards for extra 6% off.

    • do you know if you have giftcard the 6% off still applies?

  • Is low cut = no show? I thought low cut = ankle?

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 2

  • +4

    Thanks OP! That's my annual socks and jocks refresh done and dusted!

    Also, OPs trunks 6 pack deal is OOS for all size except Small.

    If anyone is looking for other sizes, there is a 3 for $15 deal still in stock -

    • Plenty of cheap jocks, in my sizes at least - even if you buy them singly. Heaps in XS around $5

      • I'm a Size L and there's no Bonds brand trunks at $5 a unit except for that pack I linked. The cheapest single unit i found after that in Size L is $7.

        Heaps of options in the other brands through (Rio, Hanes, Jockey) in packs that work out to be around $2.50 per unit.

  • Thanks OP $8 and 5% back cashrewards too!

  • Thanks OP.
    if only bonds would invest and get a website that isn’t completely s*}thouse and can handle more than 10 customers at the same time.

    • they can't because they keep having sales like this

  • +1

    Sadly, the logo light low cut sport socks slipped down my down and into my shoes within 2-3 minutes of walking.

    The elastic was just so weak. Extremely disappointing to see Bonds produce a genuinely poor product.

    • +2

      I have had similar issues with the same socks. Bonds were once my stables in socks and underwear. Now I rarely buy anything from them

      • +1

        its been 50/50 for me. I almost exclusively use the no show sock and some have been fine and others have had the elastic stretch and slip down. Luck of the draw really.

        But 16 pairs for $8 ($0.25 per sock) I really can't complain if any of them don't hold up.

  • Thanks op, I bought 2 packs. Amazing value at 0.50 a pair

  • whoops, just ordered way too many pairs of socks. but i mean, it only came to $58 including some undies too.

  • Thanks Mate

    • -1

      Say it with a ➕

  • Thanks OP, bought a couple of items :)

  • +11

    Just to let people know: I bought Bonds socks on the last special, about two weeks ago. I went hard because the prices were amazing. These socks are trash, nothing like the Bonds socks of a few years ago. I bought the sports socks and they are really thin and completely trash. Honestly, I have them unused, still with tags and would gladly trade them for stock standard Kmart brand socks.

    • +1

      I also find Kmart Alpha and Target Maxx better options for underwear.

    • +1

      I was going to say the same thing. Bonds are low quality crap now. The cheap anko socks are better.

    • Same, boys trunks multipacks were awful, thin and course threads, hold them up to the light and it literally shows through between the weave of threads. Nothing at all like the Bonds ones at Target or Woolies.
      Had success with the men's trunks though, same quality as in stores.

  • +2

    Cool, I just bought 48 pairs of socks…

  • +1

    Used my $10 birthday voucher and got a free shipping as well.
    Got these for free.

  • OOS for 6-10 on the light low cut socks

  • +1

    iforgotmysocks would love this deal

  • Thanks! Bought a pack of 16.

  • Picked up 2 packs. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, bought a pack of 16 and some undies. Still considering whether to get some champion stuff in another order

  • Great deal. Just replaced all my socks for $30.

  • site is so trash…

    • +1

      I don't find it trash, I find the dispatch time trash bloody a month for dispatch.

      • +1

        Really? My orders got delivered within a week

        • just so you know i am still bloody waiting for my undies to be dispatched, its been 2 weeks already since order

  • If you're size 10.5 should you buy small or large?

    • +1

      Probably better to get larger just in case it shrinks overtime

  • Thanks OP, just bought 32 pairs of socks. Let's hope it gets honored!

    • +1

      Should be alright, I did it last sale and got em about a week or two later

    • +2

      Good stuff, no washing for a month. 😉

  • Think they’re back in stock. I’m keen!

  • +5

    Just remember that Bonds products have lost a lot of quality and shrink after a couple of washes as well as lose shape. Such a shame to see a Australian brand swich production to overseas and lose all quality for what used to be one of my favourite brands.

  • 007?

  • +1

    Hope the wife appreciates the $9 i spent on her.

    • If not she's gonna give you an Owgasm?

  • Free shipping if you sign up.

  • I forgot to ask, 16 pack, is that 8 pairs or 16 pairs?

    • dosn't matter now, Sold Out!!!

      • Was in stock for me just now, ordered x2 for free shipping like a true Ozbargainer

    • 16 pairs

  • Upvotes be like 0_0

  • Grabbed a 6 pack of the Explorer socks. Will wear them around the house during winter!

  • Explorer all sold out unfortunately

  • I think Mankind has been on the site been buying all the pairs

  • 32 socks purchased.hope it's not a mistake and ment to be a 4 pack as pictured. 😆

  • So 16 pack in the name…12 pack at the selection area and 4 pack in description area.

    • All that matters is that it says 16 pack on the invoice.

  • +1

    Ok, bought it, with this many upvotes and confusing description at product page, what can go wrong ?

  • Ordered, price too good to resist

  • Thanks Op. I had the feeling I didn't order enough last time this deal came around.

  • Nothing in the regular large/extra large available for boxers…. unfortunately.

    Are these crew socks wool blend or not?
    Allow us to pull the WOOL over your feet with this All Seaons Crew sock from Explorer. A high grade WOOL inner….

    Material: Cotton / Elastane.

  • +1

    Bonds socks are crap now. Shame.

  • i got alot of socks from the last deal but what i got wasnt what the pictures were shown online but they gave me socks that were worth more than the ones i got so maybe they oversold and still wanted to honor the sales with equal or better socks, color and design were different but the sock lengths were the same so if i got low cut ones they still gave low cut but different design and colours to what were shown

  • Just received shipment notification.

  • +8

    Bonds womens logo light no show socks 16 pack $3

    I only received a 4 pack for this order.

    • +1

      That’s not right. I’d get in touch with them. I received my order today with the correct quantities.

    • +1

      I checked the website link and description and they’ve changed the women’s socks to 4. Super dodgy. My orders are on their way and I hope that they provide the correct amount.

      • +1

        Noticed this as well for that 16 pack. Seems to be the only one they’ve changed as far as I’ve seen. Might have been a listing error? But if the invoices says 16 pairs, then surely they can’t just give 4 pairs and be done with.

      • +1

        The person on chat wasn't helpful - they provided the link which shows that it is only a 4 pack now even though the URL still has 16 pack.

        They just told me to email: [email protected]

        • How can you get hold of them on chat?

          I received 4 packs instead of 16

    • +1

      Paypal email, order confirmation and shipment email all show 16 packs so would be interesting to see how they justify less quantity.

    • +1

      Bonds, more like Ponds.

    • I just got this response from their chat support: We apologise for this however, we are very sorry to inform you that the 16 pack is an error in our system. This is supposed to be deemed as 4 pack which you have correctly received. We apologise for the confusion.

      even though the invoice and everything else referred to a 16 pack, they just sent 4 and didn't justify why until I asked… very poor

      • +1

        I got the same email today:

        We're so sorry, but there was an error on our website recently which caused the 4 packs to be advertised as 16 packs.

        We have shared feedback with all of the relevant teams on this one so we can hopefully avoid this sort of error happening again.

        If there is anything else that we can help you with, please respond to this email.

        Kind regards,
        Bonds Customer Service

  • +1

    Just received my order this afternoon, all of them came. As expected, 8 black and 8 white. The socks are somewhat thin however, but not sure what else to expect when each pair is only 50 cents each. Elastic is thin and the top of the sock is mesh-like. Despite all of this, tight fit, feels good.

    Overall, not bad for the price.

  • +1

    Got my order today. They stuffed up on two items.

    Bonds Womens Logo Light No Show Socks 16 Pack ($3) = Received 1 four pack
    Bonds Mens Ultimate Comfort Low Cut Socks 6 Pack ($8) = Received 1 pair

    Spoke to their online chat. Very unhelpful. In the end they offered me a full refund after I fought them. They originally offered $3 + $4.

    Funnily enough, the other item I ordered Bonds Mens Logo Light Low Cut Sport Socks 16 Pack was received in full, 4 x four packs.

  • Strange, seems to be inconsistent approach taken. I got all my items as ordered:

    Bonds Mens Logo Light No Show Socks 16 Pack & Bonds Mens Business Crew Socks 12 Pack

  • Received this afternoon 32 pairs of socks for $22. Not a bad price. Thanks for posting this sale.

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