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Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Bulbs (B22+E27) $59, Go Portable $119 @ EB Games


I stumbled across this random deal. Philips colour bulb $59, both bayonet and edison screw fittings. Note that this is the previous bulb, and NOT the new one that includes bluetooth. However, given that the new bulbs are pretty much identical except for BT, why pay more for a useless feature? Because the BT bulbs are still new there is no discounting and they are around $90 everywhere, the previous bulbs are getting hard to find. Check your local Bunnings for clearance stock, perhaps?

Literally seconds after I pulled the trigger to buy, this deal was posted:
If you have edison fittings, and want more than one bulb, then this is a better deal. The bulbs come out to a few dollars cheaper each, plus you get a bridge which you can potentially sell if you already have one. However, the bayonet version of this kit has not been reduced, so this EB Games deal comes to your rescue.

They also have the Go Portable light for $119. This has been a bit cheaper before, but this is the cheapest around at the moment.

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