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Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker (2020) [2 Pack] $59 @ JB Hi-Fi


This is the cheapest I've seen for a Pro 2020 model, 2 pack.

From several reviewers, this is the best Bluetooth tracker one can get (keyring type).

Harvey Norman is matching it:

Same as Officeworks, but stock is a problem:

This item shall bring a lot of peace to my household :)

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    We paid ~Au$ 5 each from an AliExpress vendor, a while back

    These seem, on the surface, to be way Overpriced…

    • $5 on Tile ones? I had the Nut, and they didn't survive 5min with my son. The reason why I am getting the Tile is for its resistance.
      Anyway, a link of what you bought would be handy

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      I bought the NUT from Aliexpress, they're [email protected], you get what you pay for.
      Ops, checked the box "I am associated with JB Hi-Fi" by accident.

  • What do people use these for mainly? I mean, I've read the marketing etc.

    But what are they actually good for ? Honest question…

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      I use it to find my misplaced key/phone whenever i need to find it

    • I bought a set for use travelling in our luggage as piece of mind. We had one stuffed into a random pocket in our backpacks so that when we needed to check them in on a plane or have stored in a bus undercarriage, we could easily open the app and know if our luggage was close by and hadn't been nicked by anyone boarding/departing the vehicle.

      This worked suprisingly well and was helpful for a charter flight out of Tanzania where we were flying out of a random shed and they left our bags without any flight labels out on the tarmac waiting for the plane to arrive. There were a few other piles as well for other flights departing elsewhere so could see that luggage could easily be mixed up on the wrong plane.

    • As someone who can't put their wallet or keys without losing them, I have it for this. I'm hopeless.

    • I sometimes forget where in the house my wallet and keys are; these allow me to ring them so I can find them.

    • If you’ve got toddlers that wander off with the shiny, jangly keys.
      A messy bench where they get buried under paperwork.
      When they fall out of your pocket down beside the seat in the car. Easy to work out where they are when rummaging.

    • Just being able to find your keys (or use your keys to find your phone) is the usual use case. I bought a Keysmart Pro with Tile built in, a Pro in my bag and a credit-card size one in my wallet.

      Additionally I know people who add a Tile Pro to the underside of their bike seat in case it gets nicked. Every person with the tile app on their phone will pick up any tile within range and report location to help you find things or track them down.

      Some travellers will add one to their luggage as well, usually on the inside. Most of the time it will ping your phone on the plane so you know your luggage made a connection or similar.

      • Can thieves with the tile app do anything to make this advantage for them?

        • No. The data is sent anonymously back to Tile. The app then sends you the notification that it was 'seen' and where. Basically everyone's phone with the app becomes a receiver for your tile when you mark it 'lost'. In reality, the app pings all tiles it sees and the phones location always.

          You can say thanks to Anonymous user in order that they pinged the location. They don't even know that they did so. There is not a "there's a lost tile around here" prompt for them to know.

  • +2 votes

    I got lucky and got the 2018 tile for $5 with $20 TGG credit from a price error

  • These are great to glue to a remote control too or other items that misplaced occasionally

    Also great fun with kids as a hunting game.
    Hide them then get them to beep and kids have to find it.
    Helps with developing hearing, visual and searching skills.

    • They are also good to find your phone, especially if it’s on silent and you can’t be bothered logging in to iCloud(iphone users), and locating it.
      You just press the Tile button and the phone rings

      • Believe it or not, this is the main reason I am getting this for my wife lol.
        She relies on my keeping track of HER phone. On her defence, she's got 2 jobs, each one provides a work phone. So, she chose to be forgetful about her personal one.

        • hahaha yep, I can imagine.

          In case you are not aware of it, if they are android's. I often use my Google Nest with the "hey google, where is my phone?" and the phone rings.
          or smart watch "ring my phone"feature.

    • That's an expensive solution for a limited use case.

  • I've got a couple of these and i find it a bit hit and miss.

    Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

  • I have these and use them often to find mislaid phone keys and wallet.
    The batteries do last a long time and are easily replaced when needed.

  • Tile sucks.. It doesn't work for most of the time and had to fight with their support team to get a refund. Finally got it in the end and they admit it was their faulty product.

    I've tried many other trackers.. The nuttag focus was the best. I have 4 of these. No worries no subscriptions.

    • I had the exact same experience. Never worked well for me. Fortunately I had purchased through Amazon and they gave me a refund no worries.
      I'll give nuttag a go

  • The recent Tile sales are probably in anticipation (at least in part) of the Apple Tags that are rumoured for next week. Rumoured to use not just sound, but to make use of the phone’s AR to show directional arrows.

  • Put one on your misses, until you find one

  • What about the tile mate 4 pack for 80? is that good deal and also replaceable battery?

  • Reviews are pretty good on this product—