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18 Nuggets and 2x Medium Chips $10 @ Hungry Jack's via App


Not much I can add to what is already in the title.. 'Nom Nom'…

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Hungry Jack's

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  • HJs nuggets are incredibly disappointing. Soggy, bland and the texture of mush. Its like when you microwave frozen nuggets

    • Agreed HJ nuggets are beyond terrible. I usually finish all my food but these deserve to be thrown out after half a nugget. Would not buy this special even if it was $2

    • I guess I have got lucky when getting my nuggets from HJs. It isn't often but the times I've got nuggets I've been happy. The chips though are far superior to other fast food outlets!

    • Depends on your HJ I guess. The nuggets from my local HJ are always freshly made, crispy and tasty 👌

  • can say that hj's chips are miles better than macca's at least

    • I also love their chips!! Have gone way past KFC chips imo.

      • I could never understand why people liked KFC chips. I almost never bother with the survey as I don't take soft drinks and don't like KFC chips so have no incentive to do it.

        To me, Red Rooster> HJ > Macca's > KFC for chips.

  • don't forget abt the $2 med milkshake

  • say what you will about the improvements of HJ Nuggets but they are still the 2yo and 4yo wont touch 'em. How do you have the best chips but the worst nuggets?

    • Ooohh - Now that is where the real reviews should come from. If a 2yo and 4yo won't eat them then there must be something wrong! The chips on the other hand, yes, completely agree - the best!

  • I reckon HJ has the best chips but worst nuggets compared to KFC and Maccas

  • Just reminding everyone that McDonald's has the same deal for 5c cheaper (and better nuggets).

    The McDonald's deal wasn't appearing in my app when it first started but if I searched for 'nuggets' it was coming up.