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Bushranger Max Air III 12v Compressor $216.70 Delivered + Other Bushranger Products on Sale @ Amazon AU


These are great compressors if you want convenience and reliability. No more yelling for someone to turn off the compressor so that you can check the pressure. Everything can be done with the trigger.

They can be permanently mounted if you decide to get lockers.

It makes the end of a day of four wheel driving a bit better.

I have been waiting for this to go on sale for months and caved in late last week. The RRP for this is $350.

Link to other Bushranger products which are also on sale

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    At 72 L/m this is an incredibly slow flow rate for larger 4x4 tyres. 160 L/m is the average minimum of most portable compressors now.
    Whilst some of the extras such as the hoses and trigger look slightly higher quality than what you might be comparing, it really doesn't justify the price.

    I say this having worked in the 4x4 aftermarket for many years, and being an advid 4x4er.

    • Whats your recommendation for an alternative?
      I bought this last year and am pretty happy with Bushranger's reputation of air compressors that don't die.
      Also this can be hard mounted and hooked up to an air tank (not sure I will though).

      My only gripe is the way the digital inflator connects to the tyre valve; you need to clip it on which doesn't work that well.
      Much better once I swapped it out for this -

      • Neat idea. Couldn't you have just replaced the connector at the end?

        • I think that would of involved cutting the end off and pressing a new one on - which I wasn’t willing to do while it was new and not sure how..

    • Any you can recommend?

      Intending to permanently mount.

    • Agreed that this is slow if you have massive tyres.

      However, based on the detailed reviews that I have seen, the time taken is not that much more when compared to other compressors.

      I also have a 150 L/m compressor and I spend a lot of time turning it off and checking the pressure .

      You have to factor in

      The actual time taken to pump up (not just the L/m on the box)
      The time taken to switch the compressor off and check the air pressure and repeat the process
      Each tyre takes a bit longer to pump than the previous one. Some of the quicker ones suffer more from this

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      l/m is one of those fudgable selling point numbers. Another example of makers trying to outdo each other, with meaningless data. Some will pump that much free air, but not once the tyre is at say 20 psi. While a compressor that pumps less free air still pumps well at 30 psi.

      Time to inflate a given tyre size (say a 31, or 35) from a given psi (say 18 which is common sand pressure) to say 30psi is far more useful. Or how much air it can squeeze into a 37 in say one minute. Or how hot it gets doing 4 tyres to a given pressure as this will effect its endurance. How happy the maker is to stand by their product with warranty?

      If you just go 100km from home, maybe you dont care, but when youre 1000km from home, this starts to be very important. Much of the industry is selling to day trippers and young bucks playing in mud on weekends. They often like to buy to a budget and get more of the cheap bling, sorry gear.

      These MkIIIs rated pretty well in real world tests to the litany of those they all look alike except for colour Chinese 160l/m units, but these run much cooler, and come with a 5 year warranty. Probably still Chinese though, just to a set of standards that works well.

      Theres more to it than l/m, at 0 psi.

      • I was going to post similar, it’s also worth checking duty cycle if planning on doing more than 4 tyres.

  • +1 Thanks OP.
    Been waiting for the exhaust jack to go on sale. Only 3 left at this time.

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    I think this is the best for budget compressors or if u have the money, get the twin ARB compresser

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      ARB twin would be my pick if I had the money, they’re darn pricey though.

    • If you have the money, theres some unit thats coupled to what is effectively a winch motor. With about 200 amps, its going to smoke the ARB twin which is I think 80ish amps.

      Never seen one in use, just heard tale of them.

  • Have had this compressor for nearly two years. Works really well with no overheating issues. Taken it off-roading several times pumping tyres(265/60/18) from 15psi to 40psi. Friend has a ARB compressor hard mounted and this takes the same time.
    Digital display is excellent.
    Benefits are the auto stop so you don’t have to keep turning the compressor off.
    Only issue is the coupler occasionally fills with debris and makes it hard to attach to Tyre valve. You can knock the coupler apart to clean it out.
    The hose stretches long enough to reach a trailer or Caravan.

  • Refer to

    Go to 13:41 and then again for conclusion at 24:10

    Comprehensive review by 4WD guy.

    I was going to get this when I did a search a month ago for my 31" tyres. Would be ok for 33", but maybe not 35"

    Looks like too late, as saving of $100.

  • Back in stock

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