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[PC] Free - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt if You Already Own The Game on a Different Platform @ GOG


If you own the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on one of your gaming platforms connected to GOG GALAXY 2.0, you can claim the http://GOG.COM version for FREE!

Which The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases are eligible for this action?

PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Origin and Epic Games versions of:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

NB. Works for Xbox Game pass per this.


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    Some notes about this offer:

    • If you already own the game on GOG, the offer will give you a giftable code that redeems to another GOG account as the same edition you are redeeming

    • DLC does not transfer unless you specifically own the Game of the Year edition

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      Sooo uhhh… would anyone like to gift me a GOTY code? 👉👈

      (Is that really what they're offering?)

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        Not sure why the downvotes. It's an innocent question. If I had a copy, and none of my friends wanted or needed it, I'd gift it to you. I don't though.

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          Exactly . This community is about sharing and caring .

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          Cheers mate, I appreciate it! I wasn't trying to beg or anything. I thought I might as well ask the question if someone had a spare one.

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        Yes, not sure why the downvotes. I don't have a copy to claim but would love it if anyone got a spare code to gift too.

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          Because those people that downvote are not about sharing or contributing - they are just on Ozbargain to grab the freebies - which is also why none of the downvoters provides an explanation for the downvoting.

          And of course this will get negged too - but that's okay as the truth hurts.😉😂

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            @Lysander: that level of saltiness

            i will be able to gift you Morty, just need to finish downloading the launcher which is so slow and taking ages

            • @dude from moon: Hopping onto this, is there anyone else that is willing to gift a copy of the GOTY edition?

              I have the standard edition + DLCs on Steam, but if GOG are only going to give me a copy of standard edition, it isn't worth me redeeming it (I'd play Steam edition for the DLCs).

              After getting a GOTY code from someone else, I can then redeem a standard code from GOG, which I will then pass on to someone else?

              • @So lo: Here's something weird. Bugged me out that I had the DLC but not the GOTY edition, cos I don't think I've got any games where I bought the DLC after the initial purchase. Checked my email for Steam receipts and found I bought "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition" on 25 Dec 2016.

                GOG Galaxy only recognizes the Base Game…

                Logged into Steam and their listing shows that I do NOT own the GOTY edition. But my receipt and the link that the receipt points to show differently.

                I've logged a support request with Steam to figure out WTF is going on.

                EDIT: I've also sent purchase details to GOG to see if they'll just manually do it for me. lol

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                  @So lo: update: tried installing the Launcher > 4 times both yesterday and today, the download bar is always stuck at 23mb - 30mb of 229mb.. And it freezes whenever I try to cancel haha wtf is this crap luckily I didn't buy Cyberpunk on gog

            • @dude from moon: Wow! If it's still available that would be a great gesture! Thank you! I can see you've had some trouble with the launcher which is a bit strange. I've always found it to be pretty use-friendly.

              • +1

                @mortyestmorty: The issue was that it took me ages to just install the launcher, however once that's out of the way, the UX is pretty sleek and clean.

                But I do have a bad news, I thought I already had TW3 on GOG but turned out they were all other TW games but TW3 ! GOG didn't give me a giftable code because of this! Apologies! No doubt would've definitely gifted it to you though.

    • +1

      I own all the DLC on Steam, but not the GOTY edition. Thought if I tried to buy GOTY on Steam, it might discount it for owning all the contents, nope.

      Not sure I should redeem it yet, in case they change the policy over the next 6 days to somehow give us the DLC as well.

      Else I'd probably just play it on Steam as that's where my DLC is… no?

    • Can anyone confirm this?

      The FAQ says (emphasis in CAPS):

      If you already own The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on other platform than GOG.COM, AND AT THE SAME TIME own it on GOG.COM, you can still take advantage of this offer and receive a giftable code of the game (either The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition depending on the version you own) valid for a week.

      • Yeah it looks like they clarified that you need to have it on another platform as well. It didn't say that before. I was hoping to get a key to gift to my friend but oh well.

  • The only reason I can think of doing this is if you want to give it to someone else to play at the same time as someone else (which you can't do with steam library share), but it's a single player game so I don't know why that would be that useful. Is there any other reason why?

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          You think the developers aren't getting paid? Epic is paying them. You're crazy bro

    • +4

      I prefer being able to just use the GOG launcher and not Steam, where I can. It's a small thing but I'm gonna enjoy it.

    • Allows you to go beyond 30 fps on PC. Looks like consoles are capped at 30 fps including the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. That said, I am not sure if updates have allowed consoles to hit 60fps yet.

      • It’s been 60fps on PS4 pro for a long time now.

        • +1

          But still, you need a ps4 pro to achieve 60fps, and it's only on 1080p.

          PC can go [email protected] or [email protected] or even better. Even GTX2060 can run [email protected] easy.

          • +3

            @JPic: PC master Race .. i get it
            I still would rather play games on a console :)
            To each their own :)

            • @jimbobaus: Why? Honestly curious, is there any significant difference?

              • +2

                @Variableaperture: I tend to game on the couch on my PS4 Pro, and often prefer gaming on it compared to my PC. No installation problems, no fighting with drivers, the PS4 Pro takes up a lot less space than my gaming rig, a lot of friends on PS4, PS4 exclusives, the PS4 isn't always being used for other things and is permanently hooked up to the 65" OLED whereas on my PC I'm in a chair at the desk etc. etc.

                I mainly use my PC Rig for VR these days.

                • +1

                  @Scrobo: Yeah I get that, I have both PC and Xbox. But my pc is a 20L case, so it’s pretty small too. I like the adaptability. You can use a controller, or a keyboard and mouse, performance is better, you don’t have to pay as much for games. You don’t have to pay subscription for online gaming.

    • +1

      You own a console copy and want a PC copy also?

    • If you own it on PS4/Xbox and also want it on PC

      If you have the Switch version and Epic version you can't use cloud saves between them, with GOG version now you can

    • +6

      Why playing at the same time? I don't think you fully understand it.

      The GOG Galaxy client can officially link all your gaming accounts (Steam, Epic, PSN, Xbox Live, Origin, Uplay…) so you can launch all your games from a single client.

      If you own the Witcher 3 on any linked account you a get DRM free copy via GOG, if you already have it on GOG you get a link for giftable copy for someone else. It's like GOG connect which would give you free GOG copies of games you owned on Steam except now it's extended to all gaming accounts.

      There is literally no reason not to do it. You are getting a free copy of one of the greatest single player games of all time.

      • +1

        Oh so kinguin and g2a are going to have a big sale on witcher 3 soon then

      • +1

        And I didn't know this about GOG, do the other launchers need to be open?

        This would be great for me as I hate processes running in the background so always close a launcher if I'm using another (and there are so many on my pc). Do they have their own interface for each launcher?

        I have galaxy launcher on my pc but didn't know it did this, unless this is only for a paid version or something.

        • +1

          To be honest, I'm not sure about ALL of them as I run my games via my customised Launchbox.

          The DRM platforms like Steam would have to run in the background as Valve wouldn't voluntarily let go of their stranglehold. DRM free platforms shouldn't be a problem. The difference with Galaxy is that it has real integration and actually logs into each client officially to link them rather than just reading what games you have installed so you can browse your libraries for each platform on Galaxy as well as manage and install them all in one place.

          If all clients and platforms were DRM free then we could do it with just one launcher running, but only GOG and Epic are.

          • @Freezies: So it's just a fancy browser that can launch games?

            • +3

              @AlmightyBeing: Why don't you just install it and see for yourself. It's worth it just for all the free GOG games you will get from time to time as well as via GOG connect.

            • +3

              @AlmightyBeing: It's also a great way to keep track of what you own where. If you've been accumulating and snatching up free giveaways on different platforms for over a decade like a lot of people then chances are you might forget that you already own something on some random service because you never open it. Rather than accidentally buying it again during a sale you can check in the one launcher if you already own it and on which platforms, I was surprised by a small handful of games on my Steam wishlist already being owned on epic and PSN and humble bundle for example.

              And in the ozbargin spirit, money saved is money that can be put towards something else on your wishlist.

          • @Freezies: Is Launchbox any good?

  • +6

    Damn, owners of the Switch version not eligible

    • +10

      If only it was the other way around and not having to pay $80-99 for it on Switch…

    • +4

      I don't understand this considering the Switch version is the only one that supports cross-save functionality with PC

  • wow because i have game of year xbox disc version (and gamepass) i am eligible!!!?! got the email confirmation too for the game of the year version!

    • I can't claim regular version too, so let us know gamepass users if you can get it. and I only had game of year version on disc not digital and i haven't played it in a year or so.

      • +5

        According to this, Game pass will work.

        Free copy of The Witcher 3 for GOG works for Xbox Game Pass and physical versions. Just make sure the game appears on your PSN or XBL trophies/achievements list. So basically you can borrow someone’s disc and get it free on GOG

        • thanks for confirming dealbot! can we add info to description please?

  • +18

    this is unusually perfect for me, I own the base game on steam and I bought the DLC from humble bundle without realising its for GOG, not steam, so I had just cut my losses and moved on. Now I can actually activate it, awesome.

    • +2

      That's so awesome. Sometimes things just work out lol.

  • +4

    I realise it's a beta but I really wish it wouldn't constantly disconnect my linked accounts which defeats half the point of the new Galaxy

  • I always had issues with PSN APIs be it on remote play or phone app and GOG is not unfortunately an exception. I have tried multiple times to link my PSN account and it keeps giving me error that the account cannot be connected timeout etc. If anyone finds a workaround, please post it here.

  • +4

    Can anyone else not connect their PSN account to Galaxy 2.0?
    Have always just gotten a 'connection to the server timed out' message every attempt =(

    • Yep same issue here. I'm new to GOG Galaxy and I've just managed to connect everything else apart from PSN which gives me the timed out error.

    • Same error here.

    • Same error here unfortunately. Might be a bug with the GOG client.

      • Hey thanks! At work currently, will see if it works tonight :D

      • Worked a charm, thanks again :D

  • I got it on Steam but looks like its not on GOG list…

  • +2

    Does anyone know how to do this? I have the standard and GOTY edition on the PS4.

    Edit: Nvm figured it out.
    1. Go to Recent and click on 'Add games and friends'.
    2. Under Platforms on the left hand side, click Integrations.
    3. Click 'Connect' on your platform (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, etc) and enter your login details.

    • +4

      Download and install GOG Galaxy -> Settings -> Add games&friends -> Connect Platforms -> PlayStation Network
      Then you just have to sign in to your PSN and it will automatically connect
      You have to have the trophy listing on your PSN for it to work

      • Thanks mate! Yeah just figured it out but appreciate your efforts :)

  • Thanks, dealbot.

  • Would this work with someone from overseas?

    • +1

      It should work for all region, I think

  • Thanks OP, great deal

  • Awesome this actually benefits me! Thanks OP

  • +3

    The Witcher 3 GOTY edition is one of the best games I've ever played. Would totally pay full price for it like I do with all GTA games and have 0 regrets

    • +1

      Same. I got the Day One edition and then the GOTY edition on PS4. Then got it when it came on the switch. I don't mind supporting great developers.

  • I was so excited after seeing free Witcher 3, only to be slapped in the face with "if you own on a different platform".

  • Finally! Already have it on XBOX and always want a PC copy.

  • +3


    Once you connect your XBOX/PSN/Steam account successfully. Log out and log back in and you will see the banner.

    Just received my free copy.

    Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Yep this worked for me, thanks for the comments on helping me out on this one.

  • So..get xbox game pass trial, get witcher 3. Connect xbox account to galaxy 2.0 and I can claim witcher 3 forever on my gog account?

    Smart way of getting people to install their launcher and connect another platform with it.

    • That would probably work

      • ah was hoping witcher 3 would be available on game pass for PC, sadly it isnt

  • Does this work if you own the game as physical disk on PS4 or do you have to own the digital version ?

    • +1

      Seems physical works, it just needs to appear on the trophy list of the PSN account you have linked to GOG.

    • +1

      It works with physical or digital but you need to have played the game for it to pick up that you own it.

  • I own Witcher 3 GOTY on GOG but when I can't find anything in GOG Galaxy. Any tips?

    • You must own it on a different platform (one of "PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Origin and Epic Games").

      I too thought I was gonna get a free code to give away. It kinda sucks for us but they are trying to get people to connect their accounts, not just give away copies.

      • What happens if I already have the same version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in my GOG.COM library and a different platform – can I still participate in this offer?

        If you already have The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in your GOG.COM library, you can still take advantage of this offer and receive a giftable code of the game (either The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition depending on the version you own) valid for a week.


        I guess their FAQ is wrong then or I'm blind.

        • nvm i re-read it.
          im dumb

  • +1

    I'm almost tempted not to redeem this on my PC as I brought the GOTY version on PS4 at discounted price and this is a game that deserves every penny it makes. It is honestly the best game I have ever played.

  • Just bought for switch do I qualify?

  • +7

    I have now officially gotten all the Witcher games on GOG without having to buy a single one. Pretty good considering GOG and Galaxy are CD Projekts own site and launcher and The Witcher is their Flagship series and one of the greatest of all time. This is why I love GOG. Over 150 great games and I haven't paid for any of them and their games come with all the extra freebies.

    Ubisoft have given away most of the Assassins Creed games on Uplay, even EA have given away some of their titles on Origin. Meanwhile, Valve have still never given away a single one of their own games even once yet most of my games are on Steam. Galaxy has just shown me that I already own some games I have on my wishlist. I need to stop this $#!t.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Man the lengths they go for people to connect their accounts on gog galaxy 2.0 😀

    • I think it's pretty cool that they show all the games you've ever played on your consoles/platforms. Some games show game played duration. I wish I knew what this was for all my games. The Switch has this feature by default but unfortunately they don't have achievements/trophies.

  • Need to go through support to update an email address before gaining access to the launcher/website. Automated response advises they have a 4 week backlog of support tickets. Holy smokes.

  • cant seem to link my psn account, just says 'server time out'
    anyone else have this issue?

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