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X-BULL Tyre Deflator Tire Air Deflators Rapid with Pressure Gauge Valve Tool 4WD $17.82 @ maixiang eBay


Suitable for: trucks, motorcycles, most tires of bike,automobiles and any passenger vehicles.

Usage instruction: Determine the proper pressure for your tires by checking the owner's manual or driver's side doorjamb placard.

Check tire pressure before driving when tires are cold. Press check onto the tire stem. The air pressure of your tire will be displayed.

Including air-bleed switch, press this switch to adjust to normal air pressure when the tyre pressure is too high.

Self locking head, easy to connect

Including shockproof rubber sleeve

Air-bleed button


  1. Tire Pressure Deflator Gauge x 1
  2. 4 Way 1 Valve Tool x 1
  3. Valve Cap x 4
  4. Instruction x 1

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    How much are these usually worth? whats the saving


    I’ve got an ARB one of these that’s functionally the same, I find them heaps better than cap style deflators. Make sure to carry spare valve stems though, I’ve seen a guy stuff up and fail to reseat the valve before removing the device and then loosing the stem in the mud.


      This is very true. Much quicker, more accurate, can deflate to any PSI you require (as opposed to preset Stauns) and yes, keep spare valve stems.
      I have an ARB deflator and an XTM brand deflator floating round somewhere.
      I have also bought one of these XBull deflators for a friend with a Suz Jimny as first car, paid somewhere around this price last last year, showed her how to use it and haven't had any calls with issues.

      I've had to lube up the ARB one, prob too much dust sand and mud.
      The XTM one works fundamentally exactly the same, how accurate the gauge is, is hard to determine.
      I've tested 5 different tyre gauges I have in garage on ute sitting in garage, all were showing different psi pressure, only two were the same.
      I'd probably trust the ARB deflator most, whether that's based on price paid or just the name/brand.
      Don't skimp on recovery gear, when you need it, any cost is negated if it fails when you need it.

      Edit; paid $17.50 for same kit.

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      Top tip if losing the stem/needle in the mud/sand - your spare tyre has one. People sometimes forget that.


      I use one of the digital gauges and use whatever stick I have handy to depress and deflate, I find it quicker than these but may be I'm doing this wrong.


        You must be doing it wrong, these pull the valve core and release the air far quicker than depressing the tip can, unless some of these clones are designed poorly and restrict the air flow too much?


          If you don't completely remove the valve stem fully, it deflates no quicker than poking a stick onto the valve. Possibly enzioFirenze may not be removing valve stem fully.
          You certainly hear the difference between the two when you slide it back.


        I would doubt I could deflate my BFGs from 42 down to 14/12/10, quicker and with more convenience using your stick/gauge method.


    Really better off buying a four tyre Deflator withouth the gauge, otherwise it takes forever


      I don't agree.
      I've used stauns, and been with friends, who use stauns, yes, they can be quicker if you you're only going to the preset pressure (presumed to still be all be accurate from factory, if I remember correctly, they are 18 PSI?)
      Many beaches I've been to, I've had to keep dropping PSI to get enough flotation to drive out.
      Being able to drop 2 PSI at a time, especially when your around 12/10/8.
      Even dropping PSI on varying terrains, preset 18 probably isn't what you need.
      Another mate lost one of his 4 Stauns, ($80 for the pack) so only had three.


      The issue with the Stauns is the rate of deflation slows as the tyre pressure approaches the preset. My process is to start with 4 Stauns, then back to the first tyre and manually deflate to the pressure you want.

      No free lunch with deflation, unfortunately…


    these deflaters are a must have for anyone serious into 4wding or beach work. way better than satuns (and quicker) especially with larger (33's or 35's) tyres.
    I've had the above one before and it worked great for a while until the hose split where the kink in the photo is… try to get one with a better case where its not folded tight/ bending the hose to fit.