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30% off Roasted to Order Coffee Beans + $10 Delivery ($0 with $150 Order) @ Triple Shot Coffee


30% Off coffee beans for Ozbargain customers until the end of July. Use promo code "ozbargain" at the checkout.

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Triple Shot Coffee
Triple Shot Coffee

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  • That's such a high threshold for free shipping :'(

  • I have reduced shipping to $10

  • $14

  • What's happening in the WA coffee scene - this is about the 4th deal from a WA roaster in the past week or so

  • I am curious as to which cafes' use your coffee? Would love to try one in person first before comitting to a purchase? Usually buy from blacklist but keen to expand my horizons.

    • Sure thing. I supply Ocean Park Aquarium in Shark Bay Western Australia and Thupmul Espresso in Umagico QLD. Both are pretty remote and I have a good relationship with the owners.

    • @vicky255 If you want to send me a message on instagram or facebook I would be happy to send you a sample.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered 1kg.

    • Great. Thank you for your support!

      • Your website needs a bit of polishing up.
        The SHOP button should be visible at all times at the TOP of the page.
        < I was trying to find the Coffee Beans to read more about them but there was no way of finding them other than clicking on the SHOP button at the bottom of the page, listed under Pages.

        When I click on 'View Cart' I'm taken to a blank page. The user needs to click on the cart icon at the right bottom corner to view the contents of the cart.

        Best of luck.

  • Still a bit exxy for me. I'm getting single origin 1kg from WA each month(ozB deal) delivered to the east coast for less than this but every company has it's business model and margins. Good luck

    • What are you paying per kg? I would almost guarantee my coffee is better ;)

      • Single origin with cupping in the 80's for 1 kg delivered. I pay $36.95 and it comes from a Margaret River Roaster.
        Previous to that I got and some friends still get single origin and blends from Fair Trade accredited supplier Manna Beans who list here at OzB for a similar price.

  • I made an order over a week ago, it is still in processing?
    When will this be shipped out?