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[Android] 10% off All Pokémon Go in-App Purchases (Upcoming GO Fest Ticket $20.69) @ Pokemon Go via Samsung Galaxy Store


The upcoming GO Fest is going global, which means everyone worldwide can participate from their own location.

Get the ticket for only A$20.69 if buying through the app that's downloaded via the Samsung Galaxy Store.
Get it for yourself and all your alts.

This GalaxyStore promotion ends next Wed [email protected]:00 GMT - I couldn't be bothered converting to AEST.

The Galaxy Store version has "0.177.1-S" displayed at bottom-right of Settings screen (GooglePlay version has "-G").

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  • Pokemon Go is a great time sink and I'm having fun and all but $23 for an event is rough when there are five in my family playing it. I have enough to play the event using my Google Play credit but I can't as it'll mean throwing away $100 on two days of gameplay (I'm not gonna play without the kids)

    Btw this term percent off thing is going most of the time for the Samsung Store. It'll probably be renewed when it ends.

  • Yeah, I’ve bought the past few tickets, but this is a bit steep.

  • If you have an Apple Device, it cheaper to purchase with 15% off iTunes Gift Cards

  • I thought the last event at $5 was steep but damn this really is milking it