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15% off Store Wide at digiDIRECT (Some Exclusions Apply)


[Update] Comments indicate the sale has already started. T&Cs state that the sale starts tomorrow 18/6/20.

Just received this via email. The banner on the home page is there but is currently un-clickable for me. Some exclusions apply, as usual.

Email says "starts now" but the T&Cs say it starts tomorrow 18/6/20. Take your pick, I guess :)

Terms and Conditions as per the email:

*Terms and conditions apply. EOFY Sale promotion runs from 18/06/20 to 22/06/20 23:59 AEST, No responsibility will be taken for products being unavailable due to being sold out or other causes. Rain-checks or roll-backs will not be honoured. Discount applies to selected items only, at the time of purchase and only on available stock. Some exclusions apply. 24 months interest-free is made available by Zip to approved customers on purchases over $1000 and for limited time only, learn more. Free film replacement not applicable to 'develop only' orders. See full terms and conditions here.

Exclusions include:


No responsibility will be taken for products being unavailable due to being sold out or other causes.
Discount applies to selected items only, at the time of purchase and only on available stock.
Some exclusions apply, including.
All On-Line only items. Being the Smart Home and IT Categories
Canon: cine range including cine lenses and C300 II, C100 II and C200
Canon: 1DX MIII & EOS R5
A selection of Canon photo lenses
Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8
A selection of DJI products
Ricoh: Theta Z1 360, Theta V 360
DJI Mavic Air 2 & Mavic Mini
Fujifilm: GFX-50 & GFX-100 range
Nikon D6 & Nikko AF-S 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR lens
Panasonic S1H
Sigma cine lenses
Sony ZV-1 and Zv-1 kits
A selection of Leica products
The following brands are excluded from this Sale in here entirety.
Insta 360

The following items are excludede from the SONY EOFY Sale.

ZV-1 and ZV-1 Kits
any Sony item noted as being on pre-order

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  • +10

    Some exclusions? More like So many exclusions…

  • I seen the email for this not long ago. I been waiting for a sale like this to get the Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4 but I’m also trying to save….

    • +1

      Was my first Sony a7iii lens - it's a keeper

      • I’ve been tempted by it for ages but I have the Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 which is the inky thing that’s stopping me. The 24m interest free makes it even more tempting since I have a Zip account too 😅

        • im also looking out for the 85mm f1.8. Lowest its been was 680 so 840 is definitely a no go

          • @2asian4this: Yeah prices are so inflated right now… This Samyang on sale is close to it's previous normal price so it's quite decent.

          • @2asian4this: Is there a specific website I can use to check the price history of an item? At least generally

            Edit: Nvm I found a site

            • +1

              @RickyBaker: I personally find https://au.camelcamelcamel.com is useful for historical Amazon pricing. I also find searching past ozbargains posts for a product is super helpful when learning about historical pricing.

  • +4

    The DJI Osmo is $296 at the moment. could be a great deal tomorrow….


    Edit. Current price is actually pretty good too.

    • I hope that is the pre 15% price, but unfortunately I think the 15% has been applied to that already. Hopefully I’m wrong!

      • It'll probably go back to RRP ($499) and then 15% off.

    • +1

      its after 15% lol

  • +1

    Thanks - looks like the reduced prices are already live (at least for the things I was looking at - reduced price shows as 15% off)

    I've been looking to pre-order the new Nikon NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR lens (which I'm hoping might get released in the coming weeks - was meant to be back in May but with Covid and all…) - it's generally $1500 to $1700 elsewhere (cheapest I'd seen previously was $1439 at Kayell) but I've just pre-ordered it at DD for $1324.30

    • Ok thanks, I'll update it to today.

  • Seems like the current list prices are after 15% off calculating the crossed off figures on a few items.

  • +1

    Store wide!

    Turns out to be the opposite of store wide.

    In saying that, the Sony 200-600 is back to pre covid pricing.

    • +1

      The toilet paper and the pasta have returned the supermarket. Nature is healing, and all is once again back in balance!

    • can't wait for the Oly lenses to go back down to pre-covid….

  • Anyone else noticing the massive increase in pricing on APSC Sony gear since COVID? End of last year I was looking at the Sony 18-105 f4 emount which digi direct had on sale under 600 (Which was not an uncommon sale price last year). Now it’s ‘on sale’ for 850. Do others think we’ll start to see pricing come down soon? now that we are getting almost 70c to USD which is not far off what it was end of last year I just find these prices difficult to justify.

    • +1

      A lot of photography gear went up in price due to the exchange rate to AUD, as well as supply drying up (apparently) because of all the covid shutdowns.

      • +10

        I keep seeing the exchange rate as a reason and I don't think that's fair. The supply could definitely be a thing, but it's a bit shit for shops to ask us to support them locally when they gouge us due to limited availability.

        An example of the exchange rate is with the Sony A7R3; in this sale is $3653, last year it was on sale at least twice for around $2997 at Digidirect (31/12 and 28/11 - I only started looking in Nov).

        Average monthly USD to AUD since Nov 2020:
        30 Nov 2019 0.68277
        31 Dec 2019 0.688739
        31 Jan 2020 0.686675
        29 Feb 2020 0.666451
        31 Mar 2020 0.62205
        30 Apr 2020 0.631032
        31 May 2020 0.652247
        15 Jun 2020 0.691306

        If we take the lowest of these (March) and compare the percentage difference:

        (Nov) 0.68277 to (Mar) 0.62205 = a 9.30703% difference

        and compare that to camera price

        (Nov) $2997 to (June) $3653 = a 19.7293% difference.

        I'm not an economist, so I'm sure a few things in here can be fixed up, but it does seem like we are paying a fair bit more than we were last year, and it's not the decrease in the AUD that everyone talks about.

        • +3

          Fair point and nice analysis. You've looked into it more than I have! :)

          • +2

            @thisisscotts: Haha, a bit of a rant sorry! I'd had my eye on it for a while and then the price hike made me bitter!

            • +1

              @wittyusername: Yeah dude, I feel your pain. I was keen on the EOS R, and maybe thought when it dropped below $2k I'd pull the trigger. Then I saw it jumping up to around $3k (probably in March, haha), and have kind of stopped following photography prices since. Need my photo/video revenue to pick back up before I buy new gear anyway :)

              • @thisisscotts: what kind of photography/video work you into?

                • @jedimaster: I've done mostly corporate video (interview/youtube style videos) and photographed corp events, for friends but paid. DPAF for video is basically a must-have for me :) R5 sounds like a dream, but maybe if I was doing photo/video more than an on-the-side thing.

            • @wittyusername: Same with me… but I assume it's also a delay between when exchange rates move and when stock is purchased. I assume suppliers must have bought during a high price?

        • +1

          In the US they are selling the 5DIV for like half of what it's sold for here (converted to either US$ or AUD$)

        • Don't think the drop in price will occur quickly since distributors/stores have already paid the higher price. Might have to wait for them clear existing stock before price drops?

      • I thought the suppliers had looked at their books over the last 6 years or so, looked at the current trends towards smartphones and decided to just try and squeeze what they can out of their existing consumers.

    • Nikon prices nearly doubled too on certain items. 16-50 z lens went from under $300 to over $500. That's a low end, kit pancake lens, nothing special

    • The Olympus 12-40mm costs literally DOUBLE what I paid for it 5 months ago! Wtf…

  • +2

    Look, 15% is nice. But 20% ebay store earlier in the year - better!!

    • yes but i don't think we will see this again this year…unless the economy keeps going down shitcreek.

      • yeh I reckon it was prob an early corona panic measure - there were so many other online stores doing eg 20% etc sitewides at the time too…. my finger wavered numerous times over mouse clicks before my bank a/c told me to pull it in lol

    • Yeah I was expecting 20% again after seeing it earlier in the year

  • +1

    Their eofy deal used to be good. Now too many exclusions

  • Last order I made with these guys I waited nearly 6months to arrive. Will think twice before ordering again.

    "Order today, get it by Christmas" :D

    • +1

      From their t&c:

      “ No responsibility will be taken for products being unavailable due to being sold out or other causes.”

      What a joke

    • is there a way to check if they have stock in store?

      • Yes! When you go to checkout, chose Pickup In Store -> Choose Store. At which point the stores that have "Select Store" are the ones that (at least in thoery) have stock.

    • Lovely. I ordered a Joby Kit GorillaPod 3K Pro Kit (at 20% off instead of the current 15%) Sunday night which still has not shipped out yet.

  • Olympus E-M1 Mark III - $2,506.65 …not too bad.

    • Though $2,495.85 at Nofrills with code (eBay), and the related storefront for Ryda just recently dropped the price too (but not as low). Maybe the price is coming down on that camera.

  • The stuff I've been keeping an eye on - like the Atomos Ninja V - is more expensive now than it was a couple days ago.

  • +1
  • +2

    Good price for the DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Combo at $143.65 with free shipping. $168 @ Amazon and Officeworks which is the next best price around.


    • cheapest ever, i bought.

      • Great deal. Picked one up too.

    • They jacked the price to $160.65 after 15% off.

  • -1

    buyer beware

  • any recommendation for a canon/sigma lens for shooting videos especially for food/recipes?

    • which camera are you using

      • i have canon 70d

        • +1

          depends if you are doing handheld work. if you are, then the 17-55 2.8 efs. If just on a tripod then sigma 18-35mm 1.8.

    • +1

      On your 70D the latest version of the Canon 18-135mm IS (with the nano usm AF motor) would do a great job. I use it for a whole heap of different things on my crop body.

  • good discounts

  • +1

    false sale guys. don't fall for it. In 2018, I paid $899 for Sigma 35mm F/1.4 F mount lens @ Jb hifi camera store in Melbourne and DigiDirect is selling it for $934.

  • A lot of their prices are quite high, even after the discount.

    That said, this is a decent price for Sony's 200-600.


  • -2

    Nothing to say

  • +2

    Just got an A6400 body for $1298. Cheapest I've ever seen it. Thanks OP

    • You're welcome :)

    • +1

      I bought the A6400 with the 16-55mm kit lens for $1439 in September 2019 from Camera Warehouse in Tempe. Then got tax back via TRS totalling $1308. I was so happy.

      It is a great portable camera, you'll love it.

  • Just picked up a Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm F1.4 MK II for $720. Is that an okay price? Having trouble finding the price pre-covid

  • Great price on the Fujifilm X-T4 $2464.15, it was excluded from their previous sales.

    • +1

      Would've been nicer with the Fujifilm cashbacks they usually run every 6 months! Heard they canned this half yearly one because of COVID

      • I've been eyeing the XF 60mm macro lenses for awhile now and would have definitely gotten one if cashback is back! Instead now I might give one of the macro extension tubes a go instead…

  • All this talk on 'pre-COVID' prices, Fujifilm prices haven't seemed to have changed at all, is that something that might change soon?

    • Probably not. Demand is still high, and supply is low since moving production to China.

  • +1

    Mavic 2 Pro for $1869 isnt too bad a price for a decent drone - https://www.digidirect.com.au/drones/drones/dji-mavic-2-pro

    • Price beat by OW?

      • Price ended but in theory yes when it was live

  • I just bought a Sony E 10-18mm F4 Lens for $1060.80.- A bargain considering that is often sold between $1300.- to $1600.-

  • Cheapest time to get GODOX light!

  • What are these guys like to deal with at the moment, delivery times etc? I recently ordered from DJ City, and I'm not sure if I've been scammed. I understand supply chains are smashed for these sort of companies, but DJ City has been a pretty bad experience from a seemingly legit local company.

    • Someone suggested you add the item(s) you want to your cart, and in the checkout process you can select which store you want to see if they have stock. I haven't tried it, but it might be worth a shot. I'm guessing if you phone and talk to that store directly, they can advise you as well.

      • +1

        Thanks mate, I guess that's the way, old school chatting to reps and likely in-store pickup too. I'll give that a shot.

        • +1

          No probs, good luck!

    • I Ordered from DigiDirect yesterday and the order has been shipped so I guess I'll find out ! I did ask via the online chat if the item was in stock before I ordered though. (I also had issues with DJ City on my last order and they would not answer their phones, but they did respond and resolve my order issue via email ( I did also order via their eBay store).

  • Digidirect never disappoints, raised the Olympus E-M5 III by ~$130. https://www.digidirect.com.au/olympus-e-m5-mark-iii-body-bla...

    From $1257 yesterday to $1384.

    • It also had this label "Instant Cashback. Save an extra $150". I added to cart, went all the way to the final payment page, did not see any further $150 cash back discount… a bit misleading.
      If you want auth Aust stock, this store is currently the lowest for $1359 free shipping

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