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Kogan 50" Smart HDR 4K UHD LED TV Android TV (Series 9, XU9210) $399 + Delivery @ Kogan


Say what you will, these are a great budget Smart TV with Android.

Bought one last month and have been really impressed. Even cheaper now and postage to my area coming in $20 cheaper too.

Works great with Netflix, Prime Video and Youtube premium. Have all the TV apps from ABC, SBS, Seven, Nine and Ten so it saved me running coax to the bedroom. Lots of content and live TV feeds.

Bluetooth remote has been handy in winter, can stay under the doona. Now a must have for me for bedroom TV's.

Felt very light, made it easy to wall mount.

Only issue I had with it was after I paired it to an Echo Plus to listen to Google Play Music. Even though the TV was off, Alexa decided to tell us at random intervals through the night that "Android TV is now connected". So I unpaired it via the TV Android menu.

If you are after a cheap Android TV I would recommend this one.

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  • Any good as a computer monitor?

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      Unsure, but will run 4K at 60Hz. Maybe a decent secondary display?

      Pretty cheap, I was considering putting one on the wall of the office but already have 4 x 27" monitors running @ 2k. Couldn't justify it to the missus and I'd probably just watch stuff on it and waste time in reality :D

  • says Kogan is a "great" tv
    has only owned it a month

    I've seen multiple Kogan electronics die within months. Good luck.

    • +1

      uses incorrectly the block-quote format
      just like Iā€™m doing it right now…

      Just saying….

    • I said this particular model is "a great budget Smart TV with Android"

      Under warranty if it dies within months. Kogan are decent to deal with.

      Bought heaps from them, haven't had issues, including electronics. 3 of 4 monitors in front of me now are Kogan, couple are 3-4 years old with a lot of use.

      If you got a few years out of it, it's still a bargain IMO.

      Show me another 50" 4K Android TV with these features I can get delivered to rural Victoria for under $450 please so I can compare.

      • Try kmart

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        TCL for around 480 on ebay currently.

        • Link please šŸ˜Š

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            @arsetight: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/50P8M-TCL-50-Series-P-P8M-QUHD-T... - with currently running 20% promotion for ebay Plus members

            • @jellical: Thanks, doesn't works for me. Doesn't ships to WA

            • @jellical: Doesn't ship to Vic regional as well.

              Works with Alexa though, had to use an IR blaster to get voice control with the Kogan one.

              Kogan comes with a voice remote. Dedicated buttons for Netflix, Prime Video and Youtube which I find handy.

              What's the remote like with this one? Is the remote bluetooth?

        • ngl TCL pretty horrid

          • @xestabro: Comparing Kogan (branding who knows what) and TCL (one of the world's biggest TV manufacturers)? I'd probably vote for TCL. Appliance Central is also providing a better service in case there are problems as far as I know.

        • 3 year manufacturer warranty on the TCL also compared to 12 months on the kogan

        • @jellical You! Thank you. I have been searching for this TV like a rabid dog. Seemed to be sold out everywhere, otherwise $599. Didn't want to spend more than $500. Had decided last night to go for the Kogan listed here which was going to be $490 delivered. So glad I saw this comment - just got the 50p8m for $480 delivered.

          Thank you!

      • TCL 50P8M was $380 on eBay TGG last year.

        This Kogan one should be $350- shipped.

        • Different times we live in this year though.

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      I've had my Kogan 43" 4K non-smart for exactly 3 years as of today and it's still going strong, though it's all anecdotal.

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      I've had two Kogan tvs, each last for years without any issues.

  • $78 delivery for me

  • the response time for this would be too low for gaming at 9.5ms hey?

    • That's pixel to pixel response time, nothing to do with input lag.

  • 135 watts energy consumption seems like a lot to me but I haven't looked at tvs for years. Mind you, I am the only person on this site even remotely interested in energy consumption of appliances so please ignore this.

    • pretty good actually. For comparison sake, my Toshiba 55" chews ~270kWh/yr

    • +1

      My 51" plasma easily does 450w on full brightness lol. Doubles as a heater though so I guess some savings there

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    I have heard some bad reviews of Kogan tv in terms of lag/ response time in starting up or changing source. Could someone share their experience if you have it?

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      When doing a cold boot, think it takes roughly 30 seconds. Plays a tune with Kogan and then Android. Have only done that a couple of times though.

      Usually comes on fairly quickly booting into Android or NetFlix when it was in sleep mode.

      Can't say for changing source as I've just got it connected via WiFi. Switching between apps and using Android the performance was better than I expected for a TV this cheap. Has been responsive, have only rebooted once for something. Can't remember what, but might have been an app stalled or something.

  • $48 for shipping kills the deal for me

  • Just beware the Kogan scam going around at the moment:

  • +1

    I returned this television they 'repaired' it, the problem persisted so they swapped with a new one, problem again with the new TV.

    The problem: the standby light is on when the TV is on, and off when the TV is off. Not nice to have a large red dot on when trying to watch a TV screen. Help tried to explain it away as an issue with the manual and it was working as intended.

    The screenshot on their website clearly shows when the tv is on - there is no giant red light glowing in the middle bottom of the tv.

    Edit :it was this specific tv the 9210.

    • Shame. mine works as intended

    • +1

      piece of black electrical tape. I do that to all my tv's anyway.

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