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30% off Participating Japanese Restaurants - Local Food Fest ($20 Min Spend) @ Uber Eats


As part of Uber Eat's "Your Local Food Fest 2020" promotion, get 30% off participating Japanese restaurants.

June 18th - Japanese
June 19th - Seafood
June 20th - Middle Eastern
June 21st - Chicken
June 22nd - Modern Aussie
June 23rd - Mexican
June 24th - Chinese
June 25th - Italian
June 26th - Desserts
June 27th - Indian
June 28th - Vegetarian
June 29th - Thai
June 30th - Burgers

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  • Who pays the 30% in these types of promotions?

    • I'd guess uber drops their 30% fee or a portion of it.

    • I assume shops normally increase their pricing structure to cover Uber Fees + a little more. If anything, Uber probably drops their 15%-30% fee and stores drop prices back to in-store retail in most cases. Then Uber will make some money back off delivery.

    • +10 votes

      The link says "These offers are entirely subsidised by Uber Eats, so you'll still be supporting your local restaurants with every order."

  • can i stack with 15% pickup promo

  • Subarashii!

  • First uber eats code I can actually apply. Now to find an actual participating restaurant

  • Stacked with shared delivery, not bad

  • Anyone work out how to view participating restaurants via the webpage? I can just see a link saying "Click here to claim your promo in-app", but on the webpage this takes me to the front page. Do I really need to install the app?

    EDIT: So I downloaded the app, navigate to the webpage on my phone, and the link now says "Click here to go to Uber Eats". It opens the app, but again I'm just on the main page. I can't see the deal nor participating restaurants anywhere.

  • Says the code Expires Jun 18, 2020 4pm
    4pm! So it's basically a lunchtime offer

    • Can't agree, mine says on the app when I applied 12am to 11:59pm 18th June 2020 AWST.

      Also says minimum order is $20 excluding delivery fee and max of $20 off and only for the first 50,000 people.

    • you can schedule orders for tonight and the code will still work

  • +2 votes

    Where's the in-app billboard for the list of restaurants?

  • ~Does anyone know how (or if its possible) to use a gift card and a promo at the same time?~ Looks like it is

    • In app go to promotions and enter gift card code click add promotion. It will get added as Uber credit. While making payment, add discount code and turn ON uber credits option for payment to go through gift card

  • +1 vote

    all Japanese restaurants not available near me except for Sushi Hub…
    update: restaurant opened back up but with $3 increase average but still gonna buy

  • IS this only a one time order or can you order twice?

  • +2 votes

    Seems to work with one of my local Chinese restaurants as well.

  • 30% off a constant 40% markup, no thanks.

  • Had no idea which restaurants near me were eligible, but first Jap I tried worked. Thanks OP

  • Checked out the prices - and after a few minutes decided to just drive down to my local shops and grab some from there. Cheaper and faster!

  • "Shen" is a Japanese surname?

  • +2 votes

    Hard finding a good deal.. with all the markups.

  • Is it me or is this not working

  • I've gone off Uber eats…poor value when compared with dealing with the restaurant direct. Menu items and sizes/quantities are often different too.

    • Family has a takeaway shop, uber provided business and they hike up the price to cover the surcharge.

      It's a huge generalisation to say that, the number of restaurants I have locally in inner metro Melb doesn't change the size/quantities. Usually those businesses get called out on Google reviews quickly anyway.

  • Can OP be a champ and put the days against the dates?

  • Worked out todays code to be SUPPORTLOCALFISH

    • Thanks, code works but prices around my local fish and chips shop all inflated :(