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Black or White TODO Multi-Functional Air Fryer $64.95 + Shipping @ Groupon


Not sure if this is a good start for Thursday, deal or no deal. Flag me if I am submitting a bad deal

Available colour: black or white
Vacuum air design
Aims to deliver extra crispier results
Non-stick coated cooking basket
Analog control dials
Fan-forced design
Analog temperature dial

1500W power output
2.5L capacity
30m timer
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Weight: 4kg
Time control: 1 - 30min
Dimensions: 280mm (W) x 280mm (D) x 300mm (H)
Weight: 4kg

Package contents: air fryer, non-stick cooking basket and a recipe book/manual

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    I have no knowledge of this specific product, but in general I’d say avoid buying appliances from brands you’ve never heard of. I’ve never heard of TODO. Do they make good air fryers? No idea. Good customer support? Warranty?

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      I liked their song about Africa.


        No silly, that was Toe-toe


    Probably was never worth the RRP of course. Product review site is not very enticing of quality:
    But perhaps careful use may avoid any issues?

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    I'm guessing the extra $4.05 would be money well spent if you were to get the Kmart one with great reviews instead of this unknown quantity.
    There are three reviews, but only two relevant ones, so an average rating of 2.5: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/todo-1500w-air-fry...

    Edit: Too slow

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      Also Kmart one is easy to replace if it breaks , this one you don't know

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    bought two TODO kettles till date and they are decent


      Thanks buddy


    Only 2.5L. Better to get the Kmart 3.2L for an extra $5.


    ANKO (Kmart) air fryer is the best - 100% would recommend