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Free Kindle eBook - "What Is HTML5"


Don't know too much about this, but it's from a reputable publisher and gets some decent reviews. Good for free! (Or good for nothing!)

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  • Have you been able to read it using Kindle on the PC?

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      Haven't tried, but I think it would work on any device Kindle runs on. Should even remember what page you're up to across platforms.

    • Just got it for my PC, open and read the first 2-3 pages, so yes, you could do that.

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      Amazon release cloud reader: https://read.amazon.com/

      You can read it on any platform which has web browser.

      • Awesome, didn't know about that. Too bad firefox isn't supported though >.<

      • Also works on the Android Kindle app

      • thanks for that.

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    Great find. I believe more and more people should know and implement html 5

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      it's going to be tough, cuz flash has been around for "awhile"

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        Um… HTML5 and Flash aren't mutually exclusive. You can use Flash on sites that use HTML5. There is some overlap (like video playing) but HTML5 is not a "Flash killer" as they're designed for totally different things.

        • windows 8 tablet/iphone & ipad are not natively supporting flash. some of android devices either

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    It's a complicated language, and no one understands him but his woman.

  • html 5 is a language which use for developing web pages…. its is easy and more user frendly

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    I love getting invoiced for $0.00 - really gives scope to the waste of effort involved…

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      It would cost more to design systems to treat such harmless borderline cases specially. In any case, the invoice is electronic so costs very little to process.

      • IF price=0 THEN don't invoice

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          Guess they dont use HTML 5? LOL

          And the book is very small - so its not all that great a freebie

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          No, not that simple. What if you bought something, then used a coupon to get it for $0? You may have spent money earlier to get that coupon, and you want to claim an expenditure for tax reasons, so you need an invoice. In any case Amazon spends far more electrons maintaining their shopping site and keeping track of shipments, etc. so one teeny electronic invoice isn't going to save much energy.

  • Got it but have no Kindle device to download to (unless I install Kindle for PC). However I can read it online. If it's a short book as reported above, maybe that's just fine.

    • Just download Kindle for PC, very easy.

      • No thank you. I don't want to add more bloatware to my PC for a short book. I've finished reading it. No wonder they gave it away for free, the normal price is only $0.99.

  • Hi
    Also works on HP Touchpad there is a free app you can download from HP site

  • Works on iPad and iPhone.

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