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Caltex $5 Cashback on Any Purchase ($50 Min Spend, Max 3 Uses, Visa or Mastercard Payment) @ Cashrewards


Hi all. We've brought back this popular Caltex deal for a limited time. Make any purchase and receive $5 cashback (up to 3 times). This applies to anything - fuel, milk, gift cards, food etc. There is a $50 minimum spend requirement per transaction. Applies to all participating Caltex Petrol Stations listed on the main link. Offer expires 11:59pm AEST 30th June 2020. Please ensure you read the terms & instructions below. Thanks as always for the support. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

(1) Link a qualifying Visa or Mastercard to your Cashrewards account at any time prior to purchase here.
(2) Purchase must be made from one of the participating outlets listed here.
(3) Payment must be made in-store (not at pump, and not via any apps) with the activated Visa or Mastercard, or with associated Apple or Google Pay wallets.
(4) Payment must be made by 'tapping' or choosing the 'Credit' option. Do not use 'Savings' or 'Cheque' as it will not track, and cashback will be ineligible.
(5) At least $50 must be spent to be eligible for cashback. This can be fuel and/or a combination of any in-store goods.
(6) Cashback is eligible on the first 3 transactions only. Subsequent transactions may track to your account but will be declined at a later date.
(7) Offer is valid between 10:30am 19/06/20 and 11:59pm 30/06/20 (AEST).
(8) Tracking time varies from instant to 14 days, depending on merchant terminal and associated bank.
(9) Retain your Caltex ribbon receipt should your transaction fail to register on Cashrewards. We'll take care of it.
(10) If your card is not linked, we cannot accept missing cashback claims.
(11) Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

All in-store merchants on Cashrewards can be found here, and our full FAQ is here.

Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. And check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

Visa & Mastercard details are not captured or stored by Cashrewards. Your card details are encrypted, captured and stored only by Visa & Mastercard from your secure browser session, and we do not pass this back to our system. Once your card is linked, Visa & Mastercard send us the last 4 digits for reference.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +2

    Thanks TA

  • +11

    All the Caltex near me are charging about 10-15c/litre more than United. So not really a saving…

    • +6

      I buy the Caltex StarCash gift card and use it at the Woolies branded ones in conjunction with the 4c off. My local ones are always competitive and I fill up from them 9 times out of 10 anyway with 5% discounted Wish gift cards.

      Just keep in mind the only way to check the balance of StarCash gift cards is when you use them to pay for something.

      • can you use caltex starcash gift card and use it in caltex woolworth???


        • Yes, I've used them to pay for fuel plenty of times.

          • @Junk Sifter: this is new to me… because i knew woolworth giftcard cannot be used in caltex star…

            not sure the other way around.

            thanks for this

            • @thomalfa: new to me too! this is a gamechanger!

      • Caltex StarCash gift card can be used in Woolworths Caltex petrol station? Can you share which petrol station one you have used?

  • +1

    I find that some metro stations have cleaner fuel than Caltex and much cheaper (filled for 1.07 compared to 1.30 at caltex on monday)

    Always get more mileage from the metro stations I fill at U91


  • @TA can u please confirm following 2:

    is it ok to buy a $50 caltex gift card


    3 max trasactions mean $15 cash back $5+ $5 + $5.. right

    • +1

      Correct to both, as per the terms.

      • cheers. just wanted to double check :)

        • Caltex may sell other giftcards.

      • It isn't tracking. Normally my tracking happens in a minute. This time I bought a Caltex gift card. The tracking did not happen at all.

        • I bought a GC 24 hours ago and hasn’t tracked so far.

          • +2

            @SydneySwan: Same. Tracked almost instantly when I bought petrol earlier this week but when I bought a caltex gift card from the same station on Friday, it still hasn't tracked so far.

            • @Skinny Mocha: I fill up last week but didn't track yet.

              From last year deal it was instant, same card same petrol station.

              • @superforever: If it doesn't track within 14 days of purchase, file a claim with a copy of your receipts. They're always good at giving you the $5 back after claiming, as long as you have your receipts.

    • Note they will only allow you to purchase one gift card with credit card if it's the same attendant. Tried to buy 3 once in separate transactions and they insisted I pay cash for the second as it's their policy against fraud.

      • bad luck for you. didn't happen to me or others

  • +2

    Gonna refill my car at the weekend. Thanks TA!!!

  • Save 8c per litre on premium fuels and 4c per litre on regular fuel*. Offer available 15 June - 28 June 2020 with NRMA app :)

  • +1

    it should work with Toyota app discount bar code of 4 cents wouldn't it and can you pay at the counter by scanning it there? how long before caltex gift cards expire?

  • +1

    This is handy. Need to refuel soon. Thanks heaps TA.

  • The offer will Caltex petrol down to the average price.

  • 20% cashback repco

  • I have already linked it last time so I don't need to do it again, right?

    • +1

      Correct. If it's already linked, you're good to go.

  • Didn't get this last time. Went to Forest Hill 484 Canterbury Rd - Brentford Sq which is on the list.

    • Provided you link your card prior, pay via 'credit' or 'tap', and hold onto your receipt, you will be paid. See notes 4-9-10. Thanks.

  • Will I get the cash back if I also scan my Woolies everyday rewards card before paying?

    • +1

      Sure, provided the rewards card doesn't drop the spend amount below $50 :)

      • +1

        Good point, thank you!

  • +1

    TA might want to remove 147 Koornang Rd Carnegie VIC as it has been bulldozed a few months ago.

    • LOL! Will pass this onto the person responsible. List was provided by Caltex. Thanks.

      • +1

        Also Caltex Longueville has closed down.

      • Rose Bay NSW has also closed.

    • Do you know if it will rebuild as a Caltex?

  • +3

    Good whilst me chopper is out of commission

  • Just in time to substitute flying in the 7/11 chopper since it's down for maintenance..

  • Thanks TA! Have take advantage of this promo a few times and always tracked within 1 minute - doesn't get better than that!

    • Great feedback. Thank you :)

  • Hi TA, will split payment work - i.e. buying $150 gc and pay in 3 split transaction at $50 each?

    • Their POS system won't allow split payment, or so they tell me.

  • Thanks op. Just in time

  • Yeah I have loved this deal in the past, thanks TA.
    Strangely enough last time the 3Xoffer was on I shopped at a listed servo and it didn't track, and then I shopped at an unlisted servo and it DID track. Cashback fixed up for me so no dramas.
    Here's to Caltex fuel price being competitive with my goto, XConvenience.

  • Is Caltex the company that manufactures calcium?

  • Does it still work if you use the NRMA app for the fuel discount?
    Its currently 8 cents off for premium fuels via the app for a short time.

  • Do I have to wait 14 days for it to track before complaining? Been a couple of days and see no sign of it

  • +1

    Has anyone who bought the $50 GC got CR tracking yet?

    • +2

      Yes. Practically right away. Very quick

      • +2

        That is good to hear. I purchased on the 19th June and no sign yet.

        • Fill my tank on 20th June and still sign so far…

    • Nope it doesn't … My card was linked to the CR account 10/2019 … And I did purchase the GC from the participating outlet… But it did not track …

      But don't raise too many questions here against CR… You'll be negative voted by their group …

      I did puchase exactly as yours on 19th June at 8pm .. Still not sign of tracking …

      But according to their terms, we have to appeal if we don't get it tracked .. So its not going to be an easy cask back for us…

      • +5

        As I explained above, I'm really not sure what you're concerned about. 14 days have not yet passed. If your purchase has not tracked after this time, and provided you've followed the terms, you have my word that you will be paid. Just hold onto the ribbon receipt. Any issues, PM me.

  • Just fill up at Caltex see how long it will take before it show up.

    If I remember it correctly last time quite fast.

  • +1

    I can link the same card between two accounts (mine and wife's)?

  • +1

    Just bought a StarCash giftcard, first time using the phone's NFC feature. lol

  • So I went to pay with my debit card. Thought I'd better put the card in and select credit as that's what it says to do. It only gave me 3 options: 1. Debit mastercard 2. Savings 3. Cheque. No "credit" option? I selected "debit mastercard" but I'm hoping it went through as I was trying to combine it with the commbank offer.

    • Debit Mastercard is the Credit option.

      • I thought it might of been but wasn't 100% sure. Thanks!

  • I used CommBanks 'tap and pay' and strangely the receipt doesn't show the last 4 digits of my credit card, all I see is confusing numbers like no proof I used the card linked to Cashrewards. :(

  • +2

    Thanks TA, my local had a variety of gift cards available. I combined this deal with the CommBank rewards deal and bought a $50 Amazon Gift card, $15 cashback on the way.

    • Today?

      • Last night before midnight

  • +1

    How are you guys tracking with your purchase? 14 days passed, none of my 3 transactions were tracked. I have to lodge the manual claim.

    • Yeah mine didn't track. Sent a manual claim after 8 days.

      • Same CR added it back for me.

        • Yeah same thing happened last time around (a few months ago). I don't know why it fails. I went to servos that were listed and my card is obviously linked.

          • @CVonC: Same here. Lodged a manual claim just now. Previously it tracked within minutes

  • +2

    Used my card on 30/06, now 14 days since the transaction - nothing tracked in CR.

    • +2

      Same boat. 30/06 and doesn't appear to have been tracked.

  • +1

    (8) Tracking time varies from instant to 14 days, depending on merchant terminal and associated bank.

    Yep, 2 of my transactions still have not tracked, and today is day 14. And I followed the rules to the dot.

    • +1

      Hi Trishool. You have nothing to worry about. We've tracked many hundreds of sales successfully. Unfortunately it appears some of the locations may have inadvertently changed their POS providers or added new POS machines prior to promo launch. Provided you've followed the terms in the post, you will receive your cashback. Please lodge a claim on the link below and ensure you upload your ribbon receipts. Any issues, let me know. Thank you :)


      • I misplaced my receipt so I can't lodge a claim; am I out of luck? I didn't have any issues with tracking from the same servo tapping with the same card previously.

      • +1

        Thanks TA, your response is much appreciated. I've kept my receipts so I'll try and upload then with a claim tomorrow if nothing comes through tonight.

      • Hi TA

        I've followed the rules also, but my only concern is I used 'tap and pay' via the phone's NFC and the receipt didn't show the actual credit card's last four digits, but the source of payment is the card linked to Cashrewards.

        Is that gonna affect my cashback?

        • +1

          Not at all, provided the card linked to your phone's wallet is the same card linked to your CR acct. Please mention this when submitting your claim :)

  • Below is cashrewards' response to one of my manual claim, did you guys get the same response? I am still waiting cashrewards' response on my other 2 claims on Caltex.

    "Thank you for reaching out to our team regarding this transaction that you’ve made with Caltex. I hope you are keeping safe.

    I'm sorry to see that Caltex has not automatically tracked this transaction into your Cashrewards account. I have now manually added this transaction and it is displaying as pending.

    Based on the documentation that you provided, our team has submitted an enquiry with the store for your eligibility for cashback. This transaction has been added to your account.

    Any transaction that we query with the store can take between 30-90 days to resolve as the store needs to ensure the cooling off period has elapsed, your purchase has not been returned or refunded, and that their analytics attribute the sale to Cashrewards.

    Estimated approval time frames do not apply when we are querying a transaction with a store, please disregard the date displaying against your sale.

    Thank you for shopping with Cashrewards when you shop online. Wishing you a fantastic day ahead."

    • +3

      Yep, means you've passed the checks and will be 100% approved by Caltex/Cashrewards. Any issues, let me know :)

      Edit, please ping me if the tickets for the remaining two claims were made more than 3 business days ago.

      • +1

        Thanks TA, will follow it up if not hear anything back.

    • Same here, TA's reply is reassuring. Hope it's fixed for the next promo.

  • Only 1 out of 3 purchases tracked. Tried to put in a manual claim with my credit card statement as I was not given receipts by Caltex (rookie mistake I know!). But was told by CR that ribbon receipts were required.

    Just a warning to others to always take your receipts from the counter!

    • (9) Retain your Caltex ribbon receipt should your transaction fail to register on Cashrewards. We'll take care of it.

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