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[eBook] Free: "Chess Openings for Beginners" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


This book is the perfect guide for chess beginners wanting to learn about opening theory and improve the quality of their openings when playing the game. It covers 30 of the most popular chess openings in history and for each, it provides the following:

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  • +3

    What's wrong with pawn to e4?

    • Nothing - maybe it's a short book?

    • Opening theory can be over twenty moves deep (each side). This book probably covers openings up to around the tenth move and explains the ideas behind them and the ensuing strategies.

    • There's nothing wrong with it. Black has 20 possible moves in reply (most popular are c5 and e5), and that's not including offering a draw or resigning.

      But c5 and e5 are distinctly different games.

  • +6

    Does this cover the legendary Wooden Shield move?

    • +3

      Yeah! This book also teaches you the infamous Lobster Pincer and avoiding losing in 6 moves

  • The author is not a titled player (not a master) but merely an enthusiast, which is probably why this is free. It could still be well-written and accurate, but you won't be getting any original thoughts or information.

    • Maybe because it is geared towards beginners.

  • +1

    Younger me was also eager in getting this book. Yet to read it though.
    You purchased this item on January 18, 2019.

  • How do I actually read it? It just says 'This title is not currently available for purchase'.

    • I bought it from tbe US Amazon. For a quick read you can simply visit read.amazon.com

      • Awesome, thank you!

  • +2

    alternative title: how to pick up women in 2020

  • No longer free now