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Philips Hue Dimmer $29 (Normally $35), Philips Hue Motion Sensor $39 (Normally $60) @ EB Games


EB Games is currently selling some Philips Hue products cheaper than Bunnings and Officeworks, so head on in to those stores and get your 10% or 5% price beat guarantee respectively!

Hue Motion Sensor is $39 (currently $59 at Bunnings, $59.95 at Officeworks, and normal price $59.95 at EB Games):

Hue Dimmer Switch is $29 (currently $34 at Bunnings, $35 at Officworks, and normal price is $34.95 at EB Games):

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  • Probs a silly question but can the motion sensor be linked to a google home mini?

    • To do what though?
      Initially I don't think so, but maybe something can be done via IFTTT?

      • Just want it to trigger a wifi bulb in my pantry when I walk in there?

        • Only if that bulb is a Philips Hue bulb. Otherwise you're better off getting a wifi-based motion sensor (I think D-link or Lenovo might work) and using IFTTT.

          • @mingofmongo: Not necessarily hue bulb, any other bulb will do but you'll need another hub which kinda defeating the purpose. To OP question, google home is useless in this scenario, you can't even get it do to 'hey google turn on the light at 8am everyday'. You'll need a proper smart hub like hue bridge or similar to process automation task. Google home automation only go as far as setting you an alarm to wake up or set a reminder or to answer some dumb questions.

  • I was looking at this yesterday thinking it also stacks with discounted egift cards!

  • I have two dimmer switches in my setup and I find them to be a bit flaky (one more so than the other).

    • We have a stack of them. Yes…sometimes they don't seem to work as smoothly as we'd like. My wife simply hammers the button repeatedly until it works, despite my protestations that she shouldn't do so.

      I simply press and hold a button for a couple of seconds, then press it again. Seems to mostly 'wake them up'. After that, they usually seem to work fine for a while.

      It does seem to me that this is an issue talking to the mesh network. I'm not across the zigby protocol and how it works.

      • I've never had any issues with mine press it once then it works almost instantly

        • I’ve got a stupid amount of tech in my house, and I wonder if sometimes other 2.4ghz devices interfere with this.

          We’re also completely reliant on the mesh network tech in this Hue stuff, as the lights at one end of our house have no chance of being able to talk directly to the hub.

          Still…I put a Calla light outside just yesterday, about 6m from the nearest inside bulb and furthest from the hub yet, and it worked off the bat!

          • @Banj0: Have you looked at setting up a zigbee repeater?

            • @mimik13: There's a repeater for this stuff?

              I was going to look into setting up a second hub, but it didn't look like it would do the trick. Hmmm…zigbee repeater huh? Will look into that.

            • @mimik13: aren't the zigbee devices each supposed to repeat?

              • @spaij: You're right, so why would I need a repeater? We have over a dozen of the little buggers spread throughout our home :-)

                Strangely though, I googled and a lot of people seem to have mentioned repeaters in forums and whatnot. A lot of the time it's just talk about putting in a smart socket or some such thing, which also acts as a repeater I guess. Others maybe are a little more powerful (kind of un-zigbee if you ask me), and so they get the signals out better maybe?

                • @Banj0: Any Zigbee device which is connected to mains power (i.e. a bulb or a wall plug) should automatically act as a repeater for all the battery powered devices (like your switches or motion detectors), it's a standard part of the protocol. Unfortunately it gets more complicated from there because some devices don't implement the repeater function properly (e.g. Xiaomi wall plugs) and others (i.e. bulbs) often get turned off from mains power (which then can break the zigbee mesh).

                  If you can source a zigbee based "smart plug" which is a known good repeater(i believe Ikea might have one) then you may have more luck. You're Hue bulbs should be acting as repeaters provided you're not turning them off completely (off via Hue should be fine)

                  • @ndenham: Yeah…I get it. I think the mesh network is mostly ok in our place. There's been a couple of times when wife or other family member have turned off the hallway lights, which I expect are instrumental in getting the signal from one end of the house to the other (out-law is a serial offender…can't quite get the habit unfortunately). TBH, sometimes the delay in response of the fader switch has happens in the lounge area of our home, where the hub is actually set up - so really, it must be something else besides the network. Either interference - or simple flakiness as some have said (not battery, as the fader in question did it in the first month of use).

                    I still like them.

                    • @Banj0: Yep, could easily be 2.4ghz band interference. Wifi, Bluetooth, Microwave oven. It's the biggest downside of Zigbee to be honest

      • Mine have had ocassional flakiness for no apparent reason but it usually remedies itself pretty quickly. In one case it was just a dying battery.

  • +11 votes

    For all the noobs. Get price beat and don’t make this out of stock.

  • Damn just bought a heap of Samsung smartthings sensors linked to hue/Samsung hubs

    • I think the ST stuff is a better choice. Don't beat yourself up over it.

      • Hue responds quicker and is not cloud dependant. The delay between walking into a room and the light turning on with ST was up to 5-10 seconds sometimes, Hue is instant. I got rid of ST and just use hue now, works flawless.

        Also the Hue motion sensor has an lux sensor which can be set to not turn on the light if theres already enough ambient light. Pretty sure that ST didnt have this function. Hue motion sensor has Temp sensor too, also can't remember if ST had this.

        • I use the ST sensors with a Hubitat hub, which does not rely on the cloud. Everything is done locally and fires almost instantly. The sensors work really reliably. So it sounds like the ST hub and cloud processing is crap and not the sensors.

          TL;DR Buy a Hubitat hub and your life will be good. I can't speak highly enough of it. Great community too. My Hubitat hub has Hue lights, LIFX lights, ST sensors, Xiaomi sensors, a bunch of Tuya gear from a range of suppliers (Kogan, Mirabella, ALDI, Sonoff) and more. Everything works together beautifully and is all controlled locally with the one hub. Problem solved.

          • @bigrizz: I'm already using Home Assistant with Hue motion and lighting, Alexa Echo and Show, Xiaomi sensors, Tuya plugs, Kasa plugs, Logitech Harmony, Tile tracking, Arlo cameras, Neato robot vac etc.

            I agree that centrally controlled is better.

            Technically still using ST for my Samsung TV but thats it.

            Can you confirm if the ST motion sensors have lux and temp sensors?

            • @Togsy: Smart things motion sensor only does temperature (and motion of course). I have both it and the Hue, i ended up getting more of the Hue ones because they run off AAA and thus to my mind are a better long term bet (plus I had a Hue hub so I could update the firmware as required)

              I use both with Hubitat.

              • @ndenham: Yeh i got the hue sensor (outdoor/indoor) and they work quick.

                I haven't received my ST sensors yet but I have the ST door sensor.

                Finding they're not as snappy in response from detection -> hue -> light turn on.

                I tried the Aqara/Xiaomi motion sensor and door sensors and they didn't respond after awhile.

  • Price matched at Bunnings for $35.10. There was only one left at Bunnings Northmead.

  • Thanks! Nice Hue deals at ebgames! Priced matched the Hue White and Color Ambiance Single Bulb at OW for $56 ($59)

  • Thanks. Grabbed a motion sensor. Bought the dimmer on amazon the other day for the same.

  • Dimmer is now $23.40 at Amazon for those following comments and are still looking plus a lot of other Hue stuff on sale.

  • If looking for alternatives, the Motion Sensor is now back down to $39 again at Amazon (delivered) and Bunnings (C&C).

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