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Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue (180 Sheets Per Roll, 11x10cm) 45 Pack $20 ($18 S&S) + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Back in stock for the larger 45 pack. Feel free to (ab)use the "Subscribe and Save" option to get it for $18.

I am sure there is cashback on this now as well?

This is about the normal price one should be paying for these larger packs now. Works out at about $0.22c per 100 sheets with the S&S option.


Mod: How to get free delivery via subscribe & save, without prime:

(1) Click subscribe & save $18.00
(2) Click "First delivery on XX XXX change"
(3) Click "Get it with your next Subscribe & Save delivery, with 10% savings and free shipping."
(4) Proceed to checkout.

If this option isn't selected, the shipping fee will apply at checkout.

Note: You can select your subscribe & save date here, eg 24th of June is the next available for me. If you have selected for example the 22nd of June, then this won't get shipped until 22nd of July. ("Including the time to process your shipment, the first available delivery day is June 24.").

Once your item has shipped, you can cancel your subscription.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    isnt 36 rolls more value?

    • Just, 38.88c a roll vs 40c a roll.

      • +23

        ozbargain spirit refuses the extra 1.12c

        • +4

          .02 cents gained per wipe

          • @mokr: makes a big difference being able to use that one extra sheet with every wipe.

          • @mokr: We're all locked down anyways, so imagine all the savings if we just don't wipe.

    • There is no link for 36 rolls? I could not find it in amazon.

  • Isn’t this a better value?

    Sorbent Toilet Tissue White 10 pack $3.75 @Woolies.


  • Feel free to (ab)use the "Subscribe and Save" option to get it for $18.

    abuse how?

    • +1

      Subscribe, receive them cancel subscription, I always set my subscription for 6 months

      • ah ok

        $18 is still around 40c per roll
        not as cheap as 14 for 35

      • Same, plenty of time to cancel

    • Free delivery for non prime members too

  • +2

    Well I’m sure they don’t mind considering they add “ I just wanted the initial discount” as one of their cancellation reasons

    • +2

      They are just gathering info (big data), surely they mind and if enough people abuse it they will probably shut it down.

      • Yeah there's no point them risking going broke.

      • Enough people probably forget to cancel it that it makes up for those who buy 1 and cancel.

  • good to see prices going back to pre-covid days. These 45roll pack used to be $17.50 pre-covid days, so $18 S&S option is good.

    • Realistically they must be overstocked

      Surely we are in for a bigger discount

    • It's also good that shipping seems to be a lot closer too. I'm getting stuff from syd > seq fairly quickly now.

    • Yea I bought it for $17.50 last year. With the current over stock it should be $16 for s&s

  • +3

    If only they allowed you to lock in the prices , I honestly would use it for it’s intended purpose, it sux that we have to wait till they drop their prices to match the other retailers, then cancel the order and do it all over again not long after.

  • Great. Just in time for the second wave of hoarding.

  • +3

    Good price.

    A reminder that there is a chance of a second wave. It’s a good idea to have a few weeks of tp around as backup if things goes bad as last time.

    I personally don’t want to be reminded of sneaking into local park at night to collect leaves just to stumble upon other doing a number 2…. (j/k).

  • What category would this fall under for it to qualify for cashback?

    Household and personal care is still 0%

    • Not exactly sure but I thought I read somewhere that cashback was available for these?

      • Health and beauty perhaps

      • If you're subscribe and saving, 0% cashback regardless of what category.

        • Good to know! Thank you.

  • Says back in stock to me

    • Yep - back in stock! Last time it went out of stock within hours.. get in quick if you want hassle free delivery of your TP :)

  • Isn't this cheaper at Coles? Even more so with discounted gift cards.

  • +1

    Panic buying is back. Might get good option to get one while you can.

  • Out of stock again.. Will keep monitoring.

  • Back in stock!

  • +1

    Back in stock

    • +1

      Just got the notification too :)

    • Is it out of stock again?

      • Yep! :/ Didn't take long again..

  • Back in stock again but I can't see the S&S option now?

  • +1

    Available again (S&S also)

  • Price has gone up?

  • +1

    45 Roll pack is better than the reduced 36 roll pack, mainly since it comes in a more manageable 5 x 9 roll packages.

    With 45 individual rolls, I felt like I was in a Kleenex rescue dog commercial at times…

  • +1

    I thought people still had enough from the panic buying last time

  • All my places out last week are well stocked so I expect Amazon and other are really overstocked !
    Add during the empty shelf period manufacturers created massive stock piles .
    I buy some just for the Amazon box to help them make some more dough :)

  • Tempting, but I'd left it to Victorian this time.

  • Cheers OP! Just about to run out.

  • +1

    Down to my last 4 packs. Better buy more. Great not having to hassle with this bulky nonsense on shops.

    • +1

      I agree. I am always afraid I will run into someone I know and they will see my industrial sized toilet rolls in my trolley. Weird I know, like they don't poop too.

    • Last 4 packs or last 4 rolls?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • +1

    I no complain. Fair deal.

  • The Kleenex rolls are also back in stock

  • Thanks OP, was able to subscribe this time..

  • i like to buy tissues

  • Are these better than the Kleenex ones for making masks?

    • -1


      But they're still not as good as the kids in Asian sweatshops…

  • +1

    Can't use that much toilet paper… cannot understand the logic behind people are hoarding…

    • +1

      It's a product which doesn't expire, you'll always have a use for, etc… so worthwhile buying if it's cheap.

      • +1

        Yes, if it is cheap. But people hoarding them even when they are full price.

  • Buy some and donate to the poor folks in Victoria

  • How many megapixels does it have?

    • depends how many megapixels your tooter has

      • +2

        Is it compatible with 4K?

  • Just wondering when these jumbo ones will be going on sale:

  • +1

    It's really not worth the hassle of getting a massive box to get rid of tbh… this coming from a massive Amazon fanboy.

    • Completely agree…no shortage at all of this product..you can buy in the supermarket…huge Amazon box, such a waste..also an Amazon fanboy.

    • +3

      For someone who doesn't use a car to transport groceries, it's a god send.

      • it's good, but i still feel bad about it.

  • Don't encourage the morons. There's enough of them lining up outside of supermarkets again with the new lockdowns.

  • Can anyone pls confirm if 'subscribe and save' is eligible for cashback.

    • +1


  • Thanks, starting to run out of the pack I bought ~7 months ago.

  • +2

    Available again

  • -2

    Handy for people in those Melbourne suburbs going in to stage 4

  • hurry victorians

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Missed yesterdays 36 pack… after cancelling my existing one that had gone up in price to $18

    Not sure if anyone checks, but the subscribe and save items eventually go up in price, and you have to cancel and unsubscribe roughly every ~2mths

    • +1

      I am sure ozbargainers always cancel subscription once item is received.

  • +4

    Back in stock.

  • $13.99 for 36 rolls at costco and they have heaps and heaps!!

    • I have tried the costco ones and for me, much prefer Quilton over the Costco brand. Costco are better in price though.

      • +1

        I'm saying Costco has Quilton 36 rolls 3 ply for $13.99 lol.

        • Ohh - lol. Good deal! I live over an hour away from my nearest Costco so happy to get free delivery to my door on this one.

  • I proud to say there a flood of TP everywhere :)

  • Running out time to top up.

  • +1

    I must be unwell. I think I might possess enough toilet paper to meet the demands of any circumstances. There, I said it.

  • +1

    Recommend these over the Kleenex sold on Amazon.

  • +1

    Grabbed a pack - thanks OP!

  • +1

    Now $17.49 or $15.74 with S&S.

    • Got two more, thanks! Limit of 2 per order came up for me.

  • Back in stock for $18 S&S

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