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Victorinox In-Drawer Knife Holder Including 5 Swiss Classic Knives $51.46 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The knife block includes 5 Victorinox Swiss Classic Knives. The knives are an excellent entry level set and are based on popular Victorinox Fibrox Knife range except with a smaller handle size in comparison - the blades are identical.
The blades are relatively thin <2mm making them lightweight and easy to use for extended periods.
Victorinox steel is typically 56 Rockwell Hardness however the edge on these blades retains surprisingly well and are very easy to hone and sharpen.
The handle is a grippy plastic that visually looks unimpressive but the texture makes this a confident knife to hold even with oily hands.

The knife block also happens to be my favourite style which can hide elegantly in your drawer decluttering the benchtop.

The set without the block appears to be going to approximately $110-120 and the larger knives in the set are sold at around $50 individually each making this a good deal in my opinion.

Knives included are:

Swiss Classic Bread Knife - https://www.victorinox.com/global/en/Products/Cutlery/Bread-...
Swiss Classic Santoku Knife, fluted edge - https://www.victorinox.com/global/en/Products/Cutlery/Chefs-...
Swiss Classic Carving Knife - https://www.victorinox.com/global/en/Products/Cutlery/Chefs-...
Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife - https://www.victorinox.com/global/en/Products/Cutlery/Paring...
Swiss Classic Paring Knife - https://www.victorinox.com/global/en/Products/Cutlery/Paring...

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