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50% off Participating Mexican and Latin American Restaurants - Local Food Fest ($20 Max Discount) @ Uber Eats


Day 6 of UberEats Food.

This offer is for up to 50% off your delivery or pickup order from participating restaurants via the Uber Eats app. Delivery fee applies. Offer is available to the first 50,000 users who apply the promotion. Available between 12am and 11:59pm on 23 June 2020 AWST. Offer only applies to the total order value (excluding delivery fee).

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  • +1

    Is there anyway to check which restaurants are participating?

    • +3

      Ubereats tend to have a banner on the app to see some, but usually appears later in the day.
      If not I just go to search and look under the categories Mexican or South America and choose restaurant individually and see how if promo applies (bit of a pain)

      • I clicked the banner but it doesn't give the list of participating restaurants.

        • I had this issue yesterday then later on in the day, it becomes available.

        • +1

          I couldn't even use the promotion on the ones that appear in the Banner despite them being exactly what the discount is for.

    • Yeah I’m not having any luck near me

    • +1

      Works on Burrito bar if you have any nearby

  • +17

    Ubereats has caused large increases in the prices of delivered food.

    • +13

      I have noticed that Menulog pricing is on average 5-10$ more per dish verses the take away price.

      It's yet another millennial rip off.

      • +2

        Still works out way cheaper than ubereats

    • +7

      And they ask you to donate extra to the shop afterwards before you've even tasted the food. They obviously know that they're not paying the restaurant enough.

      I don't get it at all. Why do people order from them instead of going to the shop.

      • +4

        That's not the idea of ubereats, it's about convenience. The food isn't supposed to taste better or be cheaper. It doesn't make sense for pick up but for delivery, most resturants don't have their own service.

  • +1

    delivery fee how much?

    • +4

      I only have one restaurant participating and its a whopping $8….pretty much cancels out the discount.

    • Varies by restaurant, usually based on distance I think

  • +4

    Strange how there isn't more comments about price jacking for uber or menulog deals.
    Even after discounts, the price could be more.

    • +8

      The restaurant i used last night was charging $18.99 for a main that i ordered. When i went in to pick it up, i saw their menu in store and it was $11.99 for the same thing. I was stunned.

      • +3

        Almost all places I have looked local to me in Vic are the same. For any promo code it has never been better going via uber.
        Prices are increased heaps on uber to cover there commission I would say

      • +3

        OzB tip #1: always check restaurant prices before using ubereats/menulog etc.

      • +2

        Yeah, something like a regular chicken pad thai is $19 when it's usually $13ish. Then delivery on top.
        Sick of these 'fake' promos.

      • +1

        It's stating the obvious, but they're charging that as so many don't bother to order directly, and it compensates for the absurd commissions the middleman platforms charge.

        Better than if they were consistent in their pricing, which I'm surprised these companies haven't mandated.

  • The billboard ad appears for one address but not another. It's so temperamental.

  • Nice! Should be able to stack with Westpac deal

  • +1

    50%! that's huge.
    I just had taco bill last night though lol

    • +7

      No problem, the offer is for Mexican food, not corn chips with melted cheese and bland meat.

  • +3

    No doubt that the majority of restaurants jack up the prices by 30% or more.

    However there are a handful, that for some odd reason, don't jack it up.

    During these types of promotions I always check the restaurants menu prices versus Uber prices and always try to go restaurants that don't jack it up or only increase it by a little bit.

  • +2

    Guzman not participating near me -.-

  • +1

    Looks like one of the less good deals of the promo, no chain Mexican like Guzman part of it :(

  • Beach Burritos are participating

    • Tried to order from my local in Civic Canberra, but order got stuck at confirming and was eventually cancelled.

      Don't think the civic store is open at all

      • Wouldn’t let me order for delivery but was able to order pickup. Need to search by Mexican category and filter pickup only. They don’t make it easy (unlike Menulog where you can choose at checkout)

        • I actually chose pick up as well.

          I even called the store and it went to voicemail, telling me to call during business hours.

          Definitely varies store to store, but glad your order went through.

        • +1

          They are open for dinner! Just ordered and they are preparing my order for pick up now!

  • none in my area participating, but banner comes up if I choose Perth CBD and lists 10 places (only 3 are open/available right now)

    • +1

      None in my area SOR either. There's a Zambrero's right near me but sadly they aren't participating.

  • +2

    2 out of 5 Mexican small businesses in my greater area appear to be open. When trying to place or schedule an order it says currently unavailable. These offers have been so limited and extremely difficult to apply. Seems very very few users actually have successfully applied it. Can't help but think it's a purposeful construct by UE and certainly lost some faith in the offers being a listed as a genuine 'bargain'

    • +1

      Not just when offers are around, ubereats is always like that so glitchy you can never find any consistency

  • None appear to be participating in Sydney CBD.

    I'm confused why they would opt out, I thought the discounts were covered by ubereats, and not the restaurants?

    • +1

      From previous comments, restaurants don't have a say in opting into these deals. UE chooses a few restaurants and foots the bill

      See here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8895576/redir

      So best for restaurants if you choose pick up! Search around your surrounding suburbs and support local!

      • +1

        What a joke. False and misleading advertising/promotion

      • Yup, I only have 1 that is available and then around 6:30pm they suddenly have become unavailable.

    • half price Braza was pretty good

  • +1

    Anyone else just waiting and waiting for the shared delivery option to pop up so they don't have to pay for delivery?

    • +2

      This deal is great for restaurants if you choose pick up! Search around your surrounding suburbs and support local!

      See here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8895576/redir

      • Nah not gonna pick up. Too much effort.

      • +1

        still copping $5 to pickup in 'delivery fee'…I'll cook my own food

        • +1

          There's no such thing as "pickup in 'delivery fee'"

  • Thanks OP. Delivery fee is also discounted if you are within the threshold (spending less than $40)

  • +4

    All restaurants unavailable WTF

    • +1

      All the damn time

  • Is it just me or are they really slow tonight? Got my order almost an hour and a half after the original ETA…..

  • Applied, but nothing available in my area.

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