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Hozelock Auto Reel 20m $84.95, 30m $123.68 (OOS) | Fitted Garden Hose 30m $39.95 Delivered + Other Hoses/Accessories @ Amazon AU


Amazon deal of the day for Hozelock, advertised as up to 40% off, but some are 50% off or more. Ends midnight or when sold out.

Hozelock Auto Reel with 20m Hose, Yellow/Grey $84.95 (50% off) <— Title item - Out of Stock

Down from $169 and less $5 less than the boxing day deal.

Hozelock Auto Reel with 30m Hose, Yellow/Grey $123.68 (46% off) <— Title item - Out of Stock

Down from $229.

Hozelock Auto Hose Reel with 10m hose $49.95 (38% off) - Out of Stock

Down from $81.06

Hozelock Fitted Garden Hose, 30m x 12.5mm $39.95 (50% off) <— Title item

Down from $79 and the lowest price recorded.

Hozelock Fitted Garden Hose, 15m x 12.5mm is $29.80

Hozelock Easy Drip Micro Watering Kit for Pots and Containers $19.95 (65% off) Out of stock

Down from $56.05, previous cheapest was $31.45

Hozelock Easy Drip Universal Watering Kit for Beds and Borders $39.95 (50% off) Out of stock

Down from $79, previous cheapest was $44.95

Hozelock Pico Hose Reel $19.95 (60% off) - Out of Stock

Down from $49

Hozelock 2496R0000 Wall Mounted Fast Reel with 40m hose $117.50 (40% off) Out of stock

Down from $195. Has been cheaper at $100.

Assembled 2-in-1 Hose Reel (45m) $39.95 (38% off) Out of stock

Down from $64.74

Hozelock Ultimate Knitted Garden Hose 15m, Yellow $24.95 (55% off) Out of stock

Down from $55

Hozelock Ultimate Knitted Garden Hose 30m, Yellow $44.95 (50% off) Out of stock

Down from $89

Hozelock 45m Assembled Hose Cart with 20m Hose $39.95 (35% off) Out of stock

Down from $61.93

Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 30m Hose $44.95 (38% off) Out of stock

Down from $72.93

Assembled Hose Cart (90m) $49.95 (35% off)

Down from $77.11. Hose not included

Assembled Metal Cart (60m) $44.95

Previous price unknown. $72.90 at Bunnings. Hose not included

Hozelock Fast Cart (40m Hose) $119.95 (37% off) Out of stock

Includes a 40m hose and fittings. Down from $192.04

Hozelock Compact Hose Cart (30m Hose) $49.95 Out of stock

Previous price unknown. $81 at Bunnings

Hozelock Pro Spray Gun $24.95 (40% off) Out of stock

Down from $41.12, previous cheapest $26.95

Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Plus $19.95 (39% off) Out of stock

Down from $32.98

Hozelock Lance Spray Plus $9.95 Out of stock

Previous price unknown, $24.90 at Bunnings

Hozelock Sensor Controller/Timer $34.95 (46% off) Out of stock

Down from $64.86, was been cheaper at $30.

Hozelock Auto Off Controller $12.95 (36% off)

Down from $20.30

Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler 180m² $9.95 (59% off) Out of stock

Down from $24.69. Previous cheapest $12.90.

Hozelock Multi Sprinkler Water Sprayer 79m² $9.95 Out of stock

Previous price unknown. $15.50 at Bunnings.

Hozelock 2-Way Tap Connector $12.95 (38% off) Out of stock

Down from $20.77

Hozelock website for more info
Hozelock - Bunnings
Hozelock - Youtube

Free delivery with prime or $39+ spend.

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  • +18 votes

    I got hose, in different area codes.


    Thanks, bought 20m and 30m Auto Reel hose


    hmmm already got a coupe of hoselink fittings which I find are better - do I buy some hozelocks


      I always get confused… which is supposed to br better? HoseLink or Hoselock?


        Same, the names are close enough you’d think it was a legal issue on infringement or something (IANAL)

      • +4 votes

        Hoselink way better

      • +1 vote

        Hoselink use a different design for connectors. They actually twist to both connect and seal, unlike a typical Bunnings quick release pop on pop off type hose fitting. Its more like some industrial applications (at least back in the day) do for super heated steam etc at oil refineries. Its a more secure connection, I cant say how well they do it, or how necessary it is on a garden tap.

        Hozelock connect to the tap or nozzles like most hoses do.


    nice deal! I've been waiting for deals on the brand, grabbed the following:

    Hozelock 2496R0000 Wall Mounted Fast Reel with 40m hose $117.50 (40% off)
    Hozelock Compact Hose Cart $49.95
    Hozelock Pro Spray Gun $24.95 (40% off)

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, picked up a 30m Auto Reel Rose.

  • +1 vote

    Useful video with a few of the designs featured - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcb2DD8o8ZM

  • +3 votes

    I decided on 'Hozelock Fast Hose Reel 2494R0000' (not part of list above yet, but part of promo page) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B000O5784C/
    $94.95 was $138 (or $147 at bunnings) so not the most discounted of the lot, but has 'premium hose' even though looks same as 'multi-purpose' so not sure if matters. I have multiple taps so will just carry this to each tap as needed. Although is 10kg, so also got the Pico 10m for when I don't need 40m.

  • +2 votes

    The 10m one looks to be quite diff to the 20 and 30… Any thoughts on features /quality between them?

    • +1 vote

      I was going to buy 10m but after reading yours. I also want to know.


      20m out of stock. I just ordered 10m. if you want 10m, better hurry. only 5 stocks left showing when I ordered.

  • +3 votes

    I need to stop looking at ozbargain at night. Hamza has costed me a lot these two nights.


    20m auto reel out of stock.


    wow perfect timing! Great work OP!


    Went for the 30m auto reel. Great for hosing down the moss forming on the lenght of the driveway as well.

  • +7 votes

    Man all auto reels sold out already and it’s only 4am


    Do these occasionally go back in stock?

  • +5 votes

    If you missed out don't feel bad.

    I purchased 2 in the last Bunnings sale. One broke after 3 months, the other died last week after 9 months.

    Cheap & low quality. Fittings leak & better ones still leak as the hose quality is also low


      I have one of the auto-reels from bunnings last year also.. one leaks internally but chased them up recently and have been told they will send replacement when new stock arrives in a few weeks (though i dont find any issues with the hose quality)


        Is it the older model with a different color scheme?


        so Bunnings will post the replacement item to you?


          I bypassed Bunnings and enquired directly with hoselink.
          Will see if they follow through in the next few weeks.


            @SBOB: Wouldn't dealing with B be much easier than H? B is known for its generous return and replacement policy.


              @Ozbogans: probably, but I didnt feel like dragging it there the weekend I had issues (plus it was special order so they wouldnt be swapping it and I didnt really want a refund as its hard to find a cheap 40m auto reel)

              If hozelock dont come through, it will be dragged to bunnings as the backup plan

    • +1 vote

      So hoselink probably better


        Saw this deal before going to sleep. Hesitated because I think I rather wait for the Hoselink to get on sale. However all sold out makes me rethink lol


        Read up a little, they too have complaints about their reels, and at $200 Id be less impressed. Their back up and warranty dealings from the reports also leave a lot be desired too.

        Its a common problem even with decent brand garage air line gear like McNaught. I just disposed of mine and opted for a TradeTools version this time. Cant be worse. Relacement parts are available for the McNaught, but cost MORE than some places sell the entire unit.

  • +1 vote

    Saved an extra $10 with the below offer.

    Special offers and product promotions
    Get $10 off when you spend $39 or more on eligible items through the Amazon Shopping mobile app only. T&Cs apply. Redeem here then sign in to Amazon Shopping app to apply your discount. Enter code APPONLY10 at checkout. Offered by Amazon AU.


    The grey hose is higher quality than the yellow ones.

  • +2 votes

    How long after I purchased an unopened full priced Gardenia hose can I return it to Bunnings? Hrm…

    • +1 vote

      Any time. I have been returning stuff 2-3 years after purchase. As long as you have receipt, it's all good. That's how awesome Bunning's return policy is. No wonder why Masters was dead, especially their shitty 30 day return policy.


    What is the difference between all these hose types ? Knitted, fitted, ultimate, etc ?


    I've had several auto rewinding hose reels over the years and the only one that's lasted (for 10 years now) is this Australian made one:


    Can be purchased for $200ish at a few online stores

    Pros: Mine came with an Australian good quality hose (assuming it still does) unit is made in Australia, built like a tank, not flimsy junk, has a very strong rewinding mechanism, but note the con below.

    Cons: Only 18m hose, winding while some of the strongest around you may need to move it side to side yourself to reel properly if you have it all the way out (simple).

    I also like the Hoselink fittings and run that on this reel but they are not infallible, i've had to replace the fittings and hoselink spray gun once in 10 years (reel located outside in northern sun water pressure always on, and gun/fittings abused dragged on a cement driveway now and then)


    has anyone had any luck with a hose reel for 18 mm garden hose? it looks like all those reels are fitted with 12.5 mm fittings


    I just got this manual hose box reel for $29 which is about 50% off. I know it's not the top model but I'm a simple man I have simple hosr needs.


    Edit, And sold out

  • +1 vote

    Is this against the law? Similar to eBay advertising Air pods for a discount, but not enough stock for the customers who wish to purchase (sold out in seconds). Surely Amazon advertising on their home page the sale of auto hose reels in a daily deal but all stock sold out by 4am?

    Or are Amazon and eBay big enough that they work outside the law?


      Been waiting for this deal for a while now so I'm disappointed to. Not that it really matters now but can you see sales history like eBay and work out stock levels based on that?


    Holman 30m hose a Bunnings is $24 whilst Hozelock is $40. Why would I buy Hozelock ?


      I'd like to know the answer to this too.


      Chances are if you have to ask, you wont care about the reasons.

      Are they same though? The $40 hose is not their cheap hose, they have a cheaper one although Im not sure how much cheaper. But, number of layers, materials, kink resistance, UV, can it be run over without splitting or staying crushed, type of fittings, how well the fitting seals to the hose (wont blow off), even if the fitting still leaks at the nozzle.

      How many potential differences do you want? Not saying the Hozelock is better. But you can pay closer to $100 at Bunnings for just a fitted hose.

      Edit: Make that over $100


        My $24 one has last for more than 8 years now and probably will last for another year before replacement. Whilst $40 may only last for 10 years, whilst I can get a new one for $24 at the end of 10 years period. Better have the $16 difference in my pocket right ?

        • +1 vote

          If it cost $24 8 years ago thats probably closer to the $40 hose anyway in todays money. Cant be bothered mathsing, but the pricey ones have 30 year warranty. No idea what the Hozelink offers.

          Point was, some folk prefer what they perceive as quality, youd have to buy one to know if worth it or not.


            @Tuba: By the time it reaches 30 years, just wondering if you still have the receipt to claim for warranty though


              @yht: The magic of credit cards lol… apparently they remember everything, forever. Even if you kept it, receipts fade in months let alone decades.

              Thats not why I mentioned the warranty though. Even in full Qld sun, mine do better than 8 years, but I dont buy the $24 units.


          Depends on the usage, some people keep their hose expose to UV. So it will shorten the lifespan on some hose.


    Thanks OP


    To the Hosemen in the group, thoughts on the following Nylex kit?


    Closest I was able to find on Bunnings website was $149 and looks to be a new model.

  • +1 vote

    Super fast delivery, got my Auto Reel yesterday (Wed) afternoon and installed this morning.
    A good tip - dip the hose ends in hot water for 30sec before pushing them onto the connectors. Makes them much more maleable.