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[eBook] Free - Kick Your Fat in the Nuts | Plant-Based High-Protein Cookbook | The Effective Vegan Instant Pot $0 @ Amazon AU/US


Kick Your Fat in the Nuts

Plant-Based High-Protein Cookbook: Quick and Easy Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Book for Athletes to Build Muscles and Achieve Great Athletic Performance with Low-Carb, High-Protein Foods
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The Effective Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: 101 Healthy Recipes for the Busy or the Lazy

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  • Be warned: If you try to kick me in the nuts I kick back!!! How rude! :-) ;-)

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      • Use your outside voice, Shy Ronnie

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        Oh what I wrote is cringe, but the title is just fine? Ok, boss.

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    It is mandatory to have pictures of each recipe for me.

    "Plant-Based High-Protein Cookbook…" - has pictures. Looking a little home cooked, but thats fine.

    "The Effective Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: 101 Healthy Recipes for the Busy or the Lazy" - no pictures. Too busy or lazy to put them in?

    • I completely agree. Especially for an e-book!

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    Clicks on Ozbargain Amazon book. "Read now. You own this item". Whaaat?

    I think I spend too much time on OZB.

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    For some reason my first reading of the title I inserted a word, making it "Kick your fat kid in the nuts"

    • you can, what are they gonna do fight back, let alone chasing you. But if they caught up to you you're fucckkked

  • I just kicked myself in the nuts

  • OUCH!!

  • Apparently; 'Tony (Author) will have you laughing out loud as he guides you through a diet to reduce fat'

    Here's a scoop of his book cover summary (this made me laugh so hard, insert sarcasm)

    •You don’t need to count your calories with the accuracy of a NASA mission.
    •You don’t need to starve, feel light-headed, or become a version of yourself that your spouse can’t live with.
    •You don’t need to eat food that resembles Styrofoam.
    •You don’t need to do cardio until the cows come home. They’re not coming home.

    Avoid diet books form authors that had nothing to do with the nutrition industry for 50% of their lives being stand-up comedians.

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      You don’t need to count your calories with the accuracy of a NASA mission.

      This is irresponsible advice. Everyone needs to be aware of both their TDEE and their kcal intake. To be ignorant of each is to play in the dark regarding your BMI, health and looks.

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        I get fitness nerds counting every calorie, but for the vast majority of people, whether their diet change results in them dropping 200 calories or dropping 234 calories or even 307.5 calories doesnt matter. Understand what you are eating. Dont count every gram.

        Also, most of the low carb high protein/fat diets tend to work (or allege they work) on the principle that you feel more satiated so you dont have to count calories, you just end up eating less naturally. Hence you dont need to count.

        Making diets too hard and too precise and too technical causes more people to not change their eating habits than the opposite. Sure there are people who really love controlling every precise variable, they weigh 8g per espresso shot and ensure its a 22 second pour. But for most people, getting a cup of coffee is more important. For most people, making healthy diet changes is more important than counting every calorie and counting every calories puts them off (and, yes, you can make diet changes without counting calories, obviously you need to understand the calories in your food and drink, but you dont need to count them one by one)

        Also - 'looks'?

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          @dtc - totally agree.

          If you think about it most people's weigh doesn't change dramatically month to month (whether underweight, 'ideal' or overweight), somehow they manage to have the same calories day to day without counting.

          There are a number of nutritional programs whose goal is to avoid calorie counting and basically get people to be more mindful/conscious of what you eat and choosing foods that satiate you.

          • @syme321: Agree. Foods that are proven to satiate us are foods high in fibre and fluid.

        • Yes, looks. Unless you'd like to claim most people enjoy the sight of the overweight or obese?

      • -1

        Your advice is irresponsible.

        In fact you are literally spreading food industry propaganda invented to shift the blame onto customers for Australia's grossly obese population because you bombard yourself with news and marketing.

        Instead of attributing health, looks and BMI to healthy food you are saying none of that matters, it's just calorie counting. Eat sugar all day, you'll be fine as long as the calorie count is good you say.

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          It's absurd of them to suggest there's no middle ground between counting every single calorie and having no knowledge whatsoever about what you're eating.

          Your bizarre claim that, correct me if I'm wrong, the food industry invented the practice of calorie counting to "shift the blame for getting obese onto customers" (which is exactly where it should be) is even worse. It's a pretty fundamental aspect of biology - if you eat more calories than you burn then you'll put on weight. I highly doubt they were suggesting that you get your daily calories from sugar and nothing else…

        • I don't recall saying eat sugar all day. And I'm not under the guise of any food industry propergander when I'm advocating for less consumption of their products. Anything else you'd like to be wrong about?

    • This though: "You don’t need to do cardio until the cows come home. They’re not coming home."
      Savage, but true.

    • I disagree that those statements are entirely incorrect and should be discounted.

      •You don’t need to count your calories with the accuracy of a NASA mission - True if you adopt a whole foods plant based diet and avoid animal products and oils, take for example the unrestricted eating studies mentioned below

      •You don’t need to starve, feel light-headed, or become a version of yourself that your spouse can’t live with. - True, studies with patients on unrestricted eating of whole foods plant based diets still lost weight (and as a side effect improved their blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose levels).

      •You don’t need to eat food that resembles Styrofoam - True, many examples of tasty and healthy plant based whole food recipes, start on youtube

      •You don’t need to do cardio until the cows come home. They’re not coming home - True, around 80% of weight loss is due to diet changes and 20% is from exercise. The amount of exercise recommended for adults by our department of health is is moderate exercise at least 150-300 mins/week (2.5 to 5hrs a week).

      I would say don't discount the information because you don't like the source, that would be an ad homimen attack.

      Remember, these are cookbooks. If you want evidence based information on weight loss, have a look at "How not to Diet" a book by Dr Michael Greger or search his talks by same title on youtube (all his information is referenced from scientific articles). Alternatively, research the topic yourself using well constrcuted studies with no conflicts of interest (ie. not inductry funded) from peer reviewed, reputable journals.

      All the best.

  • A fat kick in the nuts

  • Can you view this if you dont have kindle? I only have ebook reader app

    • You can read it in a browser

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    For power athletes, high carb high protein low fat diets are what you want. Carbs metabolise a lot faster than fats when time activation is low.

  • I hate nutrition threads. Suddenly everyone's an expert. Ugh.

    • Why does it upset you that people talk about something they are passionate about?
      The fitness industry is filled with people:
      -with good genes that are clueless(that look good)
      -to people on roids that are clueless (that look good)
      -to people that actually have developed (to only look ok)
      -and people that train like crazy and know their stuff with crap genes ( to look ok)

      All these diets are like good reviews on fake sites. At the end of the day. The principles are simple. Cals in vs Cals out. 2g of protein per BW (roughly). and around 25/30g of fibre. Take responsibility

      Do you need to track?no. Do you know if something fried is unhealthy? yes. Will it affect you spending 100$ daily if you earn $10000?no (analogy towards unhealthy food maybe 1/2 a week).

      Besides everything depends because we have different jobs, heights and body weights and hobbies(activity levels). So different people will have different CALORIC BUDGETS.

      • Where's the medical advice for 25g fiber? All I can find is 30g from our domestic sources and others trying to push it up to 38g.

        I did manage to find 14g/1000kcal which also might make sense.

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