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[Kogan First] Komodo 20L Portable Toilet $49.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Was looking for portable toilets as campgrounds are likely be busy in the next few months with international travel restrictions and portable toilets are sometimes necessary when no facilities… Probably not the best quality but will do for my needs, equivalents seem to sell at circa $70 + shipping.

Description from Kogan site:
Made with high-density polyethylene for durability and a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, you can enjoy the comfort of a clean, convenient toilet while you’re camping or at festivals with the Komodo 20L Portable Toilet!
The top tank provides 12L of clean water for up to 50 flushes while a 20L waste storage tank allows for everything to be flushed away and held out of sight.
Featuring a double-sealed drain valve and secure corrosion-resistant side latches, you can be assured that nothing unpleasant will leak or smell.

Kogan First 5 day trial is available.

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  • +3

    Any YouTube videos on how to install in a car?

    • Wouldn't be portable anymore once installed, would it?

  • +14

    Can't wait to try it for 5 days and then send it back!!

    • I think they mean that Kogan + has a 5 day trial :)

      • I have read the same wrt 5 days trial too.

  • +2

    Great, now I don't even have to leave my bedroom.

    • +1

      You gonna empty it out the window?

      • Or back where they came

  • +10

    I've replaced all my office chairs with these to increase productivity. Also great for gaming, obviously

    • Bring it to the casino. They are open from Sat in WA

  • +13

    Add some RGB lighting and you've got yourself a gaming chair.

  • +5

    i am not disappointed with the comments

  • Hate to work in returns

    • +1

      It would be a crap job

  • you can enjoy the comfort of a clean, convenient toilet while you’re camping or at festivals

    I know recreational substances are often associated with festivals, but looks bringing a portable toilet is the new thing

  • +8

    i thought this was a multifunction printer!

    • It is! And it prints crap!

    • You have just revealed Kogan’s manufacturing secret!

    • +1

      Just need to supply your own toner

  • Don't forgot if you need one for the home office it's tax deductible.

  • +5

    I bought a Kings one recently for my campervan that looks much the same, I'm pretty happy with it… The little plugs the lid & seat hinges on are very flimsy but not a big deal at the price…

    As a lot of people do I just used laundry soaker in it rather than the dedicated toilet chemicals, all good and very little smell when you open the hatch..
    Throw 2 capfulls in at the start with a couple of litres of water, then if it starts to smell throw a little more in… (also throw a capfull in the flush tank)

    I generally only crapped in it, apparently if you pee in them they tend to smell more, so if you get one for the missus you may have to look into the hardcore toilet chemicals to keep the smell down :p

  • +2

    Sent this to someone that worked in the campervan industry, this was the response lol;

    Horrible toilet. Nasty to empty. No good at any Price.

    • +1

      From someone that relied on public loos, long drops, and squatting in the scrub for 5 months over winter each year for the last 3 years, I was pretty impressed with it for the money, lol… (but I'm not too fussy and I haven't used any good expensive ones)

      I'm sure the pricey cassette or composting loos are significantly better, but you get what you pay for, and with the current covid issues and such I rather not be using filthy public loos that need decontaminating before you can use them, the state some of the nomads and backpackers leave the loos in, it's bloody shocking…

  • Composting toilets seem like a much better alternative, considering how cheap and environmentally friendly they are, and how popular they are in the van dweller / tiny house communities.

    • Got a link to a "cheap" composter? lol, I don't think there's much under a grand…

      • I would just DIY. I know those versions are cheap to make, but yeah of the premade ones I've seen they do seem unjustifiably expensive.

        • +1

          Fair call on DIY… I live on a rural property and I've been using a self-made composter very similar to #6 but with a much bigger holding tank for the last 20 years, I'm more than happy with it at home, but it's just not practical to make one in my small campervan, space, smell, and such, especially since I carry a motorbike in the van most the time also..

          Most people that use these cheap-arse Kings/Kogans/Krapper loos just need something to keep the missus and kids happy for a couple of short camping trips per years, you really cant go wrong with them for the $50… and for me as a single guy travelling that wants to have an easy crap half way through my morning coffee, I think they're great for the insignificant amount of money they cost…

    • Is that a fancy name for the chairs with a bag under them sold as a 'toilet' on Ebay?

      • +1

        The proper ones separate the liquids from the solids, they work quite well, but they are pricey and they generally need venting outside due to the smell, they're not "too" suited to smaller campers like Hiaces or such…

  • +1

    Looked like a xerox in the photo at first…

  • -1

    this works great. i was really behind on my schedule and i had to pee and poop. i didn't have time to pull over because i have to make up time because i was really behind. i pulled this out, did my business. its great that i have the ability to multi task. i was able to make it on time, thank you komodo.

  • +1

    You see a toilet, I see an adult potty

  • $69.99 ?? did they jack up the price?

    • That would be a shitty thing to do.

    • Cheaper with the Kogan First free trial

  • This is just a fancy bucket, which you will still need to empty.

    • Here I was thinking it was a endless portal to another universe, thanks Flyerone.

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