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eufy Video Doorbell 2K Wireless with Homebase 2 $279 ($70 off) @ JB Hi-Fi


Went in to JB this morning to price match this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544749

They matched it and said it would be updated on the website for everyone.

Pretty good deal, with local warranty.

Doorbell only:
https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/eufy-video-doorbell-2k-add-on... - $249 ($207 through The Good Guys commercial)

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  • What's the ozbargain user consensus on this?

    The RING as far as i can see gets an overall terrible wrap with main gripe being slow or no or too mamy false positive notifications.

    • I actually got this because my Ring's been a bit dodgy recently, I called the support but they refused to replace it. I had the original ring, the newer ones might be better.

      Ended up jumping to this for a few reasons:

      • Google integration, that the ring probably will never get (Amazon owned)
      • No ongoing storage fees
      • Very good reviews on the web
    • +3 votes

      I've had one of these for a few days and so far so good. Chose this one for a few reasons -

      2k resolution
      Local storage
      No subscription fees
      Good reviews

      Motion detection seems good so far. No false positives and no missed detections yet.

      • Yea it was good. I wish there was a way to add family members so that they don't trigger the notification that someone triggered the motion sensor.

    • being slow or no or too mamy false positive

      You left out giving data away to 14 major data aggregators and giving police access to video data without a warrant or user agreement to police surveillance.

  • I recently got the Eufy cameras (2c?)

    The motion detection seems to be delayed, not sure about the doorbell though, but people walking past my house only get picked up half way past my yard.

    The android app to view the footage is annoying too, I have a pixel 3 and can not use the arrows to navigate the previous day's footage, as the phones settings options come down instead

    • I’ve had the 2c cameras for a while and even though I’m using an iPhone I’ve noticed they’ve recently updated the app and I’m struggling with clicking the arrows on the days as well, sometimes works, sometimes not. Just a bug?

    • Restarting the Homebase through the app fixed it for me.

  • Seriously considering one of these now, have the original Ring and the battery lasts 2 weeks now only

  • Can this doorbell integrate with Samsung SmartThings?

  • Hows the battery life?

  • can we configure this to get a remote feed without subscription when not at home ?

  • Reolink needs to release there own version of this

  • The Homebase seems to be 16gb in size according to this review

  • How easy is it to snap out of the mount? Ease of theft?

  • Well that's annoying. The JB HiFi Gepps Cross guy wouldn't price match last Wednesday so I went and ordered it online. Now my package is stuck in VIC when it could have easily been picked up down the road.

  • I hate how every single smart video doorbell manufacturer plasters their name in big writing on the doorbell. A robber can see these doorbells a mile off and will cover their face. I would much prefer a discrete doorbell with no name on the front so any potential thief won’t know they are being filmed.

    • Eehrm….. So you'd rather BE robbed and be able to (possibly) identify them later on? Instead of them seeing they are being captured on video and walking off? I think an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

      • Cameras don't deter robbers anymore. They just hide their faces if they know there are cameras. So if you're gonna get robbed either way, you'd rather get robbed with clear footage of their face.

        • Cameras don't deter them when everyone has one.. but you have to think about the threat profile and that you are trying to change the odds - even a little.

          Where you're the only one in your street then it may well deter them (so many other targets rather than the one with video)

          And then yes, your latter point comes into it - it's about being able to give police some data to work with (images and timestamps)

    • Sandpaper is a few dollars at any hardware store.

  • Does it have theft protection?

  • Wake me up when there’s finally a deal on one of the three HomeKit doorbells.

  • Thanks OP.
    My Ring Doorbell is still going strong… but if I had my time again, I would have gone for one of these.

  • I've had a look online but can't get a clear answer on this. Whilst the storage is local, is it possible to stream live (or even to play back some of that locally stored content) to a device elsewhere? I want to be able to check in whilst away, but I do like the local storage option and Google integration which gives this a nudge over Ring for me.

    • Yes. It's local storage but you can access the recordings through the app when not at home. It would kind of defeat the purpose if you couldn't answer of view recordings when you're not at home.

      I have the 2c cams already and have a Ring 2 but seriously considering moving to this and getting rid of the Ring. The $40 yearly sub is a major downer.

      • I already have 2C cams and Homebase, so wouldn't need a second homebase


        • If it's any help, Good Guys Commercial have the Eufy Doorbell add on (without HomeBase) for $207 plus $5 delivery.

    • hi dadam,
      yes, it's stored locally but you can access from anywhere using the eufy app on your phone (live or just watching content that is storage). It also has Google, Amazon and Apple integration so you can watch it on their smart hubs.

    • Probably yes. I can with my Eufy 2c
      You can play live from the phone app. Can also set your Home Base to record locally to another attached NAS, on top of the inbuilt storage.

  • Can I get this with the first responders discount on Thursday?

  • Can you add Eufy 2C cameras to the same Home Base in the future?
    If yes, any limitations to the number of cameras that can be added (besides of course storage)?

    • I have added 2x 2C cameras just fine. One HomeBase unit can connect to up to 16 cameras.

  • i own Dufy doorbell/ they just work. no ongoing fees. u get what u buy, a great doorbell. don't bother with anything else.

  • Bought this on the last sale and it well worth it, should have got it sooner
    Been watching reviews on differences doorbell and this one seem to tick all the boxes for me
    No subscriptions, battery operated, “human only” detection, quickly answers anyone at the door from anywhere

    Sucked into the he Eufy eco system now lol bought the cam 2c from the sale

  • Trying to decide whether to get this or the wired version for $299.


    I did have my heart set on a nest hello but this seems pretty good.

    I have the wiring available - just trying to understand the difference since both can be wired.

    Believe the wireless doesn't do pre-recording but has 16gb storage instead of 4gb.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one with additional 8% discount on gift cards.

  • Can anyone help me out, I want a doorbell that live feeds to a screen inside the house (Amazon Alexa or Google Hub, don't mind).

    Does this doorbell do that on either device?

    • By all accounts, yes on both.

      • though google assist wont auto display when someone presses the door bell though. it would display if you ask it google to show door bell.

        • Thanks:)

          Does the live feed automatically come up on the Alexa?

          If not, I am thinking of just having the iPad for the Yale lock and doorbell.

  • So bummed I missed the 2c camera deals recently at supercheap. Hopefully there's another one for mid year somewhere

    • They had a number of 2c deals at SCA and I missed the first couple but got a 4camera pack in the last round. Still setting up but already impressed with what you get for the money and the ease of use to setup.

      The hardest part will literally be figuring out where to mount cameras..

      • That's the only reason why I didn't buy the three or the four camera on the last deal I just wanted the two but I probably should've just bitten the bullet I could've probably thought of a couple more spaces. Hopefully you enjoy your purchase buddy. fingers crossed I can get some at a discount soon

  • Looks like Amazon price matched. Hoping these do integrate with google nest hub screen - the eufy spotlight suffers from the nest hubs buffering, which spoils the benefits of using a screen to quickly stream the video. Does the same with my xiaomi cameras as well.

  • Can you pull a RTSP stream from these to view on your PC?

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