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Libra 50% off Selected Items $1.80-$2.68 @ Woolworths


It's been a while since pads and tampons were 50% off. May also be a good time to pick up some half price ice cream thanks to poshjimmyxo

Excludes Libra Liners, Tampons pk 42, Prices Dropped, Low Price Always and product marked instore as clearance items

From the weekly catalogue

Item Price Unit Price Normal Price Save
Libra Tampons Regular 16 Pack $1.80 $0.11 $3.60 50%
Libra Tampons Girl Regular 16 Pack $1.80 $0.11 $3.60 50%
Libra Tampons Super 16 Pack $1.80 $0.11 $3.60 50%
Libra Invisible Regular Pads 14 pack $2.68 $0.19 $5.35 50%
Libra Invisible Regular Pads With Wings 14 pack $2.68 $0.19 $5.35 50%
Libra Invisible Super Pads With Wings 12 pack $2.68 $0.22 $5.35 50%
Libra Goodnights Pads Ultra Thins Extra Long Wings 10 pack $2.68 $0.27 $5.35 50%

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  • let the comments….FLOW

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      I'm surprised by how fast these kind of comments flood in

  • Prefer my wings in Red Bull personally

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    Bloody good deal!

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    Thanks OP. Also a great time to donate the items to charity (March and August in Woolies, Terry White any time (check COVID restrictions) https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/community/share-...

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    There was a period of time when these were never on sale.

  • Came here just to enjoy the puns!

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      Followed by the complaints

    • +10

      males also tend to have girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, female friends.

      A deals a deal.

      • +3

        Makes sense. Ok, I bought some for my female friends at work.

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          You are an awesome co worker.

      • Yep, definitely a deal worth plugging.

  • Thanks OP, almost finished my original stash from their 50% off website sale last year!

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    Any true OzBargain female is going to be on board with a reusable cup frankly. Higher initial outlay (circa $40 - $60 depending on the brand) but will last several years and is much, much better for the environment.

  • ah, the unexpected items that was at an awkward shortage during the panic buying period

    legit…friend had to go to 3 different supermarkets before she could get a pack

  • +1

    My favourite mythical creatures are those happy girls in the tampon commercials.

    • Now … since you point it out …

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