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Apple AirPods Pro $349 @ Harvey Norman


Found Apple Airpods Pro reduced to $349 at Harvey Norman.

Had no issues in price matching at Officeworks for $331.55
As mentioned in comments, Officeworks price has now been updated to $349.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Good price for people who missed the Ebay roulette

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      I tried this yesterday. As soon as the page was loaded all the airpods had already gone. I don't even know how this is possible without somebody scripting this up and automating it. I got 100Mbit connection so not sure how anybody can get in there so far.

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        The trick is to at least get to payment page at 10AM, have your paypal set to "oneclick purchase" linked to paypal priorly, put the code in and mash the payment button. I was unsuccessful at 10AM and 12PM but still had the payment page opened … I was numb clicking at 13:59 until 14:01 on the payment button and was lucky. I missed out on the airpods pro before and the normal airpods also … finally got something out of this ebayplus battle.

        If you missed on getting to the payment page at 10AM and it goes out of stock before you do anything … you pretty much lost any chance of getting the deal

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        Plenty tried the following method:

        Buy now when its available
        Apply the code
        Checkout/commit to the buy

        If you're stuck in the above stage, leave the page. At the next drop, you keep clicking on Checkout/commit to buy starting 30 secs before the hour and up to 2 mins after the hour.

        Countless people have used this method and were able to score the AirPods plus many others.

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          Countless people have used this method and were able to score the AirPods plus many others.

          I'm sure there were many people who used that method and it didn't work for them either.

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            @Ghost47: Of course this method cannot be helped if the operator is too slow.

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              @pogichinoy: There's much more to it than just operator speed. The number of other people who would have the item in their cart (obviously it would be more than 100 considering how fast these drops went), the speed of their network, their latency, their NBN type (e.g. FTTC vs FTTN).

              It's pretty rude to say people are "Of course this method cannot be helped if the operator is too slow." when they are likely competing against hundreds or thousands of others trying to get a limited item at the same time.

              • @Ghost47: Very well. Let's add more factors to that then: OS, hardware, and software.

                All these factors affect one's ability to score the deal.

              • @Ghost47: There's luck involved because of the unknown parts of eBay processing going wrong.
                And I am on FTTN and this didn't impact me negatively. FTTC would be slightly worse compared to FTTP/FTTN wrt latency/delay.
                But I'm not convinced this matters anyway. With guessing when the eBay drop is coming and randomly clicking as much as you can (and not too much), the latency will not really matter anymore.

                It's more luck with timing.

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          It works because of “ survivorship bias”.

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            @SF3: True but by reading how other have managed it, I helped me keep trying as I originally didn’t want to bother… just don’t get your hopes up or expect anything. It is very frustrating though

  • No comments.. does it mean everyone flocking to OW to PM?

    • Until OW drops the price to $348 lol

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    Any bargain?

    Asking for a friend

    PS. Better deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543835

    • Can confirm this. Plenty in stock so Officeworks will pricebeat.

  • I think price match with toby deals might be better $325

    idk if they match toby deals if anyone can confirm ?


  • thanks bought one at harvey norman at 339 with price match and used 20% harvey norman gift card…:)

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      Where to get that 20% HN gift card?

      • Amex offer I guess, spend $750 and get $150 back.

        • that is correct. i bought 10k gift card and that time. the actual cost is $271.2 with 20% discount harvey gift card.

  • I bought from megabuy eBay last night for $319.20 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-AirPods-Pro-Brand-New-AU-S...

    Still available for that price and I got a "processed" notification about an hour ago. Maybe I can cancel.

  • Does the thumbnail picture show 2 x right earphones? mindbending trying to work out what i was looking at!

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    The sound quality is good on this but beware, if you have small ear like me this gets uncomfortable after awhile.

    • Does it help changing the tips to a smaller size?

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    Can you get AppleCare if you purchase through resellers?

    • Yes you can. Last year, I bought an iPad from Big W and got AppleCare at an Apple store.

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    I got a pair for $316 at Officeworks last night pricebeating Rosman Computers which is still selling for $333 and in stock.

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      These aren't normal airpods tho?

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          A lot of things aren't worth the charge but it really depends on what you're comparing it to and what you use it for.

  • I ended up getting a pair from OW pricematched to Rosman computers a couple of weeks ago. Used a gift card I scored from work which brought it down to ~$230.

    Sound quality isn't anything special but the ANC is pretty amazing (although high frequencies aren't really cancelled out). Looking forward to the new update (Spatial Sound in particular). Considering that in 2-3 years (depending on how heavily they are used, recharged etc) these will probably just end up in the bin or landfill due to the irreparability of them, I now think that anything more than $250 is a rip off IMO (previously I'd say they'd be worth $300).

  • These or the Jabra 75T Actives that I can score for $197?

    • If you are an iPhone user, these are worth it for the ecosystem alone.

      • Thinking about this. How does being in the eco system give Apple buds the edge?

        I use my iPhone and cheap TWS buds to listen to music, podcasts and to make calls. The sound is quite acceptable but the mic is dodgy when I'm outside or in noisy environments.

        • It's about seamless integration. They're going to have a few good features coming with the new update.

          • @giventofly: For anyone wondering it's an automatic switching feature. I'm actually surprised the Airpods Pro didn't have this feature already.

            That being said I personally don't find it a hassle at all to connect to the earbuds. It's pretty easy on MAC (just a couple of clicks) but I can imagine it being slightly slower on the iPhone (not a chore at all though).

            • @Ghost47: It’s a software limitation but iOS 14 will bring seamless integration between various iDevices.

        • because these were made to go with iphones. they connect automatically and instantly. No lag/syncing issues also.

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      Oh how do you get that for $197?
      I like jabra for the look, fit and their sound profile. Just went with Apple for active nose cancellation. But for $197 I would surely go with Jabra.

      • My employer is part of the 'Friends of Jabra Employee Purchasing Program'. We probably source headsets from them.


        This gives us a 40% discount on Jabra products/

        • Not sure if you should be sharing that link for everyone to see.. it's for your workplace and should probably stay that way.

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            @Ghost47: The link isn't the one for my employer. It's a generic one that I copied from OzBargain.


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              @rickb: Hmm fair enough, I guess if people aren't employed by a "friend of Jabra" it'll be fine as they won't be able to order. Just thought i remembered seeing people post employer links previously which got the offer revoked or something.

        • Oki good to know

      • The 65T are on a discounted price at HN.

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      It seems like they don't have ANC so I'd say it depends how important ANC is to you and whether or not the 75Ts block out enough noise passively. Noise isolating ear buds usually work pretty well in my experience. ANC is on another level though (for low frequencies especially). On a plane, noise isolating isn't bad because you'll be listening to music or watching movies anyway, that coupled with the passive noise isolation is enough to block out pretty much all engine drone. On second thought, I haven't actually tried using Bluetooth headphones with the in-flight entertainment before, not sure if it's possible on all planes that have in-flight entertainment… You might need to use a Bluetooth dongle?

      Battery life on the 75Ts destroys the Airpod Pros though, a quick google suggests they have up to 7.5 hours per bud and a total of 28 hours with the charging case. Airpods pro only get 4.5 hours (with ANC on) and a total of 24 with the case. If you travel overseas 7.5 hours will get to Singapore (7 hour flight time). If you had Airpods Pro you'd have to charge them for more than 5 minutes at least to make it.

      They'll both end up in the bin after 3 years depending on use (unless the 75Ts can have their battery replaced) so depends on if you think it's worth it. After buying airpods the Jabras at that price could be a steal, but if you have to manually connect them every time you want to use them that might be a very minor hassle (it's not that big of a deal really as I've had to do it with my airpods on my Mac and second phone anyway).

  • Officeworks is $349 now.

  • Thanks OP, price matched at officeworks!

  • Hopefully Costco reduces their price further

  • Anyone know if the actual Apple Store would price match? I have small ears and in-ear buds sometimes don’t fit me so I’d like the option to return them if possible.

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      No they don't price match. You might get a discount on Apple products if you are a student or know someone who works there, otherwise you are out of luck!

      • Ahhh damn. Thank you for the reply.

  • $339 on Kogan..and $329 for Kogan first.

  • back to $399

    • Thanks. Marked the post as expired.

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