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Anko True Wireless Earphones $7 @ Kmart


Enjoy your favourite music with these Bluetooth enabled wireless earphones.
Micro USB charging cable included
Up to 2.5 hours talk time
Extra 12 hours playtime back up by charging battery case
Call answer
Bluetooth enabled
Technical specifications:
Driver: 8mm
Impedance: 32 Ohm +/-15%
Sensitivity: 100dB +/- 3dB
In-line features: Call answer
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Bluetooth operating distance: Approx. 10min
Battery talk/music time: Up to 2.5 hours
Battery charge time: Approx. 2 hours
Colour: Black
Warning: High volume can cause hearing loss. Follow usage instructions carefully.

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  • how much are these usually?

  • Hmm.. Has anyone actually tried these?

    • yes but they are not that great seems to lose booth tooth connection on s5 within a couple metres falls out of ear but comes with larger rubbers to fit. have to pair all the time after charge. probably end up in land fill within 1 year. better get a type c charging ones. but for $7 its ok value for the kids to play with.

      • +12 votes

        could be ur phone tho.. the s5 is a shiite old phone bro

        • I'd still be certain it's the earbuds. I've had identical looking ones in the past and have been garbage. Best cheapies I've used for connection, sound quality and fit are the X1T true wireless buds. Not sure if they still exist for $15 anywhere these days but they're still going strong after many years

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      These were advertised about a month ago at $15 down from I think $35, not sure. There was a review from james2890 and it was incredible - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIp_Vj6xdrU

      I got them for $10 when I went in and I finally gave them a shot on the weekend while I whipper snipped and mowed the back yard.

      Initially they fell out my ears and wouldn't sit in there at all even after changing the buds. These were the first time I'd tried things like this, so my son had to show me how to twist them in, lift my ears to allow them to "sink in" better.

      The first pairing effort didn't sync the right, but a quick reboot of the earbuds fixed that and they sync right away with my iPhone 5. I kept the phone in my pocket so there wasn't much of a test on the range of these. The sound (for my virgin bud ears) was bloody good. Good range and notes and blocked out the line trimmer noise and the mower, and even my wife trying to tell me she was going to the shops :)

      I only used them about an hour, so can't comment on battery life. Bang for buck I'm definitely happy with these things. Would I get them for my younger kids? Hell no, because they'll never get charged, and I'll be forever helping them pair them etc. And for kids, volume limiting headphones like these - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/kids-headphones-volume-limi... - are much better suited.

    • I got them. I'm actually impressed by them. Been using them for the gym on my Iphone 11. No problem. Its my first earbuds btw. Now i want to go buy Airpod Pros.

    • They are not bad at all (for me).. sound quality is much better than I anticipated (actually I thought they were better than my stock Samsung earphones). Lasted 2.5Hrs or so. Only issue I saw was that they were not sitting perfectly in charging cradle (I changed the buds to medium size ones which could be the reason) so had to push them in from time to time when I saw light has gone off.
      Pretty happy with that $7 so far.

  • Looks like airpod-like are also being cleared for $7 here

    These have a 10mm driver instead of an 8mm fwiw.

  • Bluetooth operating distance: Approx. 10min

    I think that's meant to be 10 metres.

  • OOS online!
    edit: not sure why it was showing out of stock or not OOS. shop seems glitchy

  • -2 votes

    At this rate Kmart is the next Australian Xiaomi.

    If Kogan and Kmart cooperated they’d dominate the market with their cheap products

    • I'm hanging out for a Kmart Anko branded mobile phone.


        Bought a cheapo Anko mouse once and it’s working “fine”

        In the future we’d be working on an Anko Laptop hooked up with Anko cables to an Anko 49’ Ultrawide monitor lit up with Anko colour-switching lights

    • Nah, xiaomi is at least somewhat quality. Kmart anko is usually rubbish quality (except for a few loss leaders) and I'm pretty sure most if not everything they sell is just badged oem.

      • It really depends, half the products in Kmart are anko branded now. A lot of the clothing is decent, a lot of the toys are decent, obviously things like electronics are got and miss.

      • I agree, I find it hard to shop in a place that carries only one brand, their low-quality brand. If all shops act like KMart we will end up having only low-quality brands, and there will be no choice, then they would be able to charge you top dollar for their home brand. This is a trap I do my best to avoid.

      • my home & co exercise book ripped in half completely.

  • OOS kmart FG for anyone who's thinking of trying. Missed out myself :(

  • There’s 18 of them at Kmart innaloo WA. Just picked up a set. None of the AirPods type though- only the new ones worth 35 bucks

    • I’ve given them a quick go- I’m really impressed for seven bucks.
      They fit fine for me with the mid sized rubber things. Sounds great.
      I actually went back and bought another one for when I’m at work- so one can stay in my office and the others at home.
      Definitely buy them if you’re on the fence.
      I’ve bought quite a few cheap wireless headphones and for $7 these are a no brainer. Plus if you lose one who cares?

      • Ok update after a few days- it’s a little uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing them, but I don’t wear them all day.
        For 7 bucks they’re insane value, highly recommended.
        Call clarity is fine for me, music sound is good, lasts about three hours.

        • I'll second this.
          Music quality is good and works well for phone calls too. Numerous calls including video calls and they've all been able to hear me fine and I can hear them clearly.
          I've worn them for a few hours straight (2-3?) for music and didn't have any comfort issues.
          For $7, an absolute bargain and would definitely recommend. I bought 3 pairs for home, office and a spare.

  • Waiting for that one person to make a comment about how these should be USB C.

  • Officeworks price match?

  • Another one same price but looks like cheap apple pod $7

    • Thanks! These were the ones that I've been after (I went to local kmart on the weekend but they didn't have these ones, but rather the ones that look like a newer version of these that are $35).

  • In stock
    Casula (02) 8738 0200 Pick up in-store with Click & Collect

  • Comes with a charging cord — not true wireless!

    I personally won't be satisfied until they stop soldering components to the internal circuitry… only then will we have true wireless.

  • The best True Wireless Earphones that money can buy for $7. Absolutely sensational.