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Nintendo Switch Charging Grip $24 (RRP $39) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was browsing for joy con and came across this.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    But more importantly, did you find any joy-con deals!? Man they are expensive!

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      As is the curse of nintendo, all of their first party games and accesories are stupid expensive.

      However if you're handy with electronics and have a little know how, you can just buy second hand joycons that suffer from joycon drift, buy a replacement analog stick sensor thingimajig for next to nothing off ebay and install it yourself.

      • Yeah that's what I'll try next, my 2 pairs of joy-cons SL+SR buttons stopped working with the lights in the middle. I can't play games like Mario Party because of that. Let's see what happens ;-)

        • No matter the age, nintendo will replace them free of charge with a tax invoice.

          So think hard before you tinker with them.

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            @diddy50: Where did you find this information? I was told by their technical support that if it's out of warranty they will charge the repair.

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              @Vitorll: I just had four of my joycons replaced. Over the phone they say we may charge you etc.

              But I sent in my 2 year old and my day one joycons in for repair (4 in total)

              If you have the tax invoice (had to call ebgames and they sent me the invoice via email) Nintendo replace them, no charge, it just takes a month and not the 10 days they state on the website.

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                @diddy50: How interesting… I'll give them a call and send my other pair to repair! Thank you

      • Never thought of checking for replacement parts on eBay, thanks!

        My left joy-con has finally started to do the dreaded drift after all this time, but might be worth just buying a replacement analog stick and fixing it up.

      • I bought an analog controller off ebay but I couldn't get the screws off the back of the joycon.. Man it's as if they don't want you to open it.

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    Do you guys have issues with joycons? Like without touching the stick, the character is still moving in specific way.

    I contacted Amazon for replacement a few months ago, but now it still happens in the new controller they sent. I heard that Nintendo can replace for free of charge… Anyone has experience about this?

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      Yes, this problem is all over Reddit and internet forums. Basically, dust particles gets stuck in the thumbstick portion. It's a design flaw, and a really really terrible one at that. I've spent over $100 replacing / fixing joycons since launch (was ineligible for a replacement because I previous personally replaced the stick myself).

      Bad Nintendo!

      • did you end up getting it working without drift?

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          I've replaced the left stick twice, each time last only about 6 months before problems started again. Went about another 6 months with just using the pro controller. Just recently bought a whole replacement (just the left joy con).

          Honestly, they need to come out with a 2nd gen joycon, because these things are built to stop working.

          • @LuthLexor: Same here, only happen with left joycon. I have 2 set of joycons, both have the same issues. Sign…

            I think the only way to work around is using the pro controller.

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              @codinghelloworld: You can either drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol underneath the joystick and rotate it for 30 seconds.. it helps for a few days. Blowing air into it also helps. It’s usually from dust and grime caught underneath. If you look up Nintendo joycon drift fix on YouTube you’ll see a ton of videos on it. It’s saved my ass because buying new joycon doesn’t help because eventually they’ll drift too. Mine started about 400 hours into animal crossing.

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      My sons switch experiences this. I contacted Nintendo and they said to send the joycon in for "inspection" and will be subject to an assessment charge. This was despite me asking for a free repair.

      • Seems strange, maybe the policy changes. I contacted them and they sent the replacement, and it arrived before I sent the original joycons back to them.

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      Everyone has sadly. This is the Joycon drift that is referred to everywhere. Such a big problem that there is a class action in the US.

      Note, I personally have 3 of 6 joycons exhibiting this behaviour.

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      I don't have the drift issue (although I will now as I have publicly said I don't have an issue), but the left joycon doesn't seem to click into place. Falls out easily.

    • I don't think it's an issue solely limited to Nintendo controllers; my xbox one controller was drifting for a while, then suddenly started working as normal. Now I don't know if it needs to be replaced :s

      • Yeah, I've had the issue with an Xbone controller — after it had barely been used. Seems like a MUCH more widespread issue with the joycons though. I rarely use my switch in portable mode so hopefully it will hang in there for its lifespan.

  • Crazy, I almost bought it earlier this week! Thanks OP

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    Must resist temptation to buy something I have no need for.

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      Yeah, I'd definitely suggest buying a Switch first!

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      Get a grip…

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    I just saw this for the same price in store at Big W

  • Any recommendations for third party 'compatible' joy-cons?

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      Not really, all the 3rd part stuff are rubbish.

      Thats why i havent bothered getting another set of joycons as they are usualyl overpriced new or not in good condition used.

      I have 2 x pro controllers, 2 x PDP wired ones, the SNES wireless one and just ordered the 8bitdo SN30 Pro+ as they are 1/2 to 1/4 of the price and better ergonomics.

  • So I have one of this but don't understand why they are called charging grips? They seem to just house my joycons so they are more ergonomic for classical console gaming but it doesn't actually charge my joycons. Am I missing something?

    • Attach Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) to this charging grip and use it like a traditional controller. Unlike the Joy-Con grip bundled with the Nintendo Switch system, the Joy-Con charging grip can recharge the Joy-Con while you play, so you never have to worry about running out of power.

      • Edit: OK so there are 2 different versions that look identical. My bad.

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      Are you sure have the same one?

      These have a USB C port for you to charge the joycons unlike the one that comes out of the box which doesn't have any charge ports.

      These don't have a built in battery.

      • These should have a battery, silly omission by Nintendo

        • if you think about it, if you buy a set of joycons which is around $120, plus a charging grip thats like $145 all up. if they did a battery version thats going to pump the price even more.

          Just buy 2 x pro controllers.

    • If you check reviews online, these aren't that useful at all and not worth buying even at this price. It needs to be plugged in with a cable to charge, so if you're playing on a TV you'll need a really long usb c cable.

      • It’s probably useful if you had a second set of joycons and want to charge them all at once.

      • We charge and use the joycons plugged into power banks. Really don't need a long cable.

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    I recently bought a Pro controller and it's utterly game changing - is so much better than the Joycons. HIGHLY recommend picking one up if you normally use joycons on a grip like this

    • agreed, so much better

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      Thanks, cancelled my order for this and grabbed a pro co troller for 80 delivered from amazon instead :)

      • Wise move. I don't know why anyone would want to mess around with this stupid thing and the less comfortable, no d-pad, unreliable joycons.

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        Good choice - I was shocked when I held it in my hand and felt how quality the analogue sticks and triggers were.

  • Parramatta Target had 4 left.

  • This appears to be available at target online for the same price ($24) with free shipping after $45 spend.


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