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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Mirrorless Camera Body Only $998 - Harvey Norman (Clearance)


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Cashback @ 3%

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Key Features
The Fujifilm X-Pro2 Mirrorless Camera has a 24MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor and an X-Processor Pro processing engine to keep each shot highly detailed, sharp, and vibrant. Its ISO 51,200 extended output sensitivity makes it ideal for low-light conditions.
For enhanced flexibility, the X-Pro2 camera features both optical and electrical viewfinders to suit your needs.
The Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera has 77 selectable focusing points to provide faster and more efficient auto-focusing.
For convenient setting adjustments, the camera’s controls are positioned at its right-hand side, letting you access them without taking your eye away from the viewfinder while shooting.
This Fujifilm mirrorless camera has dual SD card slots to easily store more pictures and footage.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • where can you get Cashback @ 3%? Thx

  • Also delivery only… Interestingly not many people is talking about this? I think it's a great price for a great camera.

  • Since when did Harvey Norman sell Fujifilm let alone the X-Pro line? Great camera that does about 90% of the 3rd iteration.

  • Awesome camera pair with an f2 lens and you got a nice setup on the cheap.
    Even better when they do cashback on the lenses.

  • This is an amazing camera and at this price it's the best bargain I have seen on here in a long time. These are still retailing for over $2K. As already mentioned (above), very similar capabilities to the existing XP3 (newer model). Better still, it doesn't have the ridiculous hidden screen that the new model has. Buy this without blinking. I have owned one for ages and it is by far the best camera I have used. Get your lense/s from Digidirect or Camerapro - both have some specials right now.

  • I just purchased the Canon EOS M50 this week. It's my first camera and had previously relied on my iPhone. I know nothing about photography but want to learn and take nice shots of my baby girl. Would this be Canon or this Fujifilm be a better option for me? The latter is $200 odd dearer.

    • I'd probably stick with the m50; it's a lot cheaper since this doesn't come with a lens so you'll need to get one separately. The X-Pro2 is more geared towards enthusiasts, especially street photographers. They'll take images of almost the same quality, the main advantages are the lenses available and more physical controls, which probably aren't worth the premium if you aren't already familiar with what you want/need.

  • The fuji lenses are awesome for the price. Auto. focus isnt as good as the newer Sonys but colors and photos are great right out of the camera.
    Also you can get second hand fuji lenses - they dont really lose their value and most people take good care of them.

    • Fuji lenses are top notch and very reasonably priced. When the Xpro2 came out I changed over from Canon 5D3. No more carrying bricks of gear. Fuji cameras are lightweight but pack a punch. Colours are unbeatable (imo). Editing time is a mere fraction of what it was on Canon gear. RAW files can be tweaked in Lightroom with the Fuji colour profiles, including the insane Acros simulations. Also, in many instances the SOOC jpgs are stunning. BTW, Fuji has X-Raw studio that lets you edit RAW files on your computer, using the camera's engine. Fuji continue to update camera firmware ongoing. This camera is a no brainer - especially at this price.