$114 Fine for Parking near a Post Box

Hello fellow bargain hunters,

Let’s get the pleasantries out the way; long-time lurker, first time poster. Hope everyone is having a great EOFY.

Today I went out to my car and noticed I had received a $114 fine for parking near a post box. Now, the street this post box is on is a small & quiet residential street with an apartment complex nearby. Parking can get quite competitive as lots of the apartment dwellers own cars and park on the street.

People consistently park near (and blatantly in front) of this post box as, like I said, there isn’t much street parking. So you can imagine my shock when I’d found a ticket on my windscreen as I’ve literally been watching people park in front of this post box every day for the past four years of me living here.

There are NO signs anywhere near this post box to say you can’t park there, and no marked lines. Literally just a post box on the side of the road.

Is this fine justified? Is this a common rule that everyone (excluding me and the several hundred of apartment dwellers on my street) know about?

I feel pretty annoyed right now. There are other areas in the street that are marked with signs or yellow lines; yet this area is untouched - making it seem like it’s ok to park here.

Poll for clarity.

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    Yes, OP is an idiot, everyone knows this rule
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    No, the fine isn’t justified and you should challenge
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    I didn’t know about this rule either


  • https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/safety-rules/road-rules/par...

    General parking rules
    You must not stop your vehicle (that is, bring it to a stop and either stay with the vehicle or leave it parked) in the following circumstances:
    within 3 metres of an Australia Post letterbox unless dropping off or picking up passengers or mail

  • This is in the learners book when you get a licence, is pretty common knowledge,
    Imagine you were the person who has to go to every post box and collect the mail, only to find someone has parked in front of the post box.
    Just because the neighbours do it doesn’t make it legal.

  • Within three metres of an Australia Post letter box unless dropping off or picking up passengers or mail.

  • Next you will be telling us about your fine for parking in front of a fire hydrant or opposite a solid line near an intersection. Time to refresh your knowledge on the rules.

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    Actual legislation and the applicable road rule.

    ARR 199: Stopping Near a Postbox

    "Because everyone else does it" isn't really a defence.

    • Of course, sorry if it wasn’t clear in my post but I wasn’t trying to say “because everyone else does it I shouldn’t be fined”, I was saying how shocked I was to get the fine because I had seen everyone else do it + I wasn’t aware this was a rule as there weren’t any signs/marked lines.

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        The postbox is the marking, just like a fire hydrant. You shouldn't need extra signage to tell you that.

        • Problem is not all hydrants are as obvious as a pillar hydrants. We have below ground hydrants in a WA And most other states through residential, commercial and industrial areas.
          Most people would know what they look like and would probably thing they are gas or water services. They park too close and on top of the all the time.

      • I hope you know the fire hydrant rule. It's my understanding that if they fire brigade need to get their hose to the hydrant and your vehicle is blocking it they can smash through the windscreen to get the hose to it. In any event it's a no go zone.

        • Whilst all firefighters would love to do that, they don't. You can find plenty of images of it on the internet, but they're all from the USA.

        • Pillar hydrants have fixed collars, so if I car is in the way and we need water for possible life involvement… I would be breaking glass. It's happened here in Perth many times and will continue too. You should know the rules. No excuses and in a few cases…. insurance has not paid out for the damage.
          With a below ground hydrants we can change the direction the water comes out, so it didn't matter too much, but that's your best case scenario.

      • I thought post boxes have “no standing” written on them.

      • could be time to grab your learners book and refresh your memory of the rules.

      • Others must've gotten a fine too. I've seen it happen on No Parking or No Stopping zones.

      • Ever gone fishing?
        Not all the fishes get caught. Same logic. Does not matter if others are doing it. You just happened to have your car parked in the wrong place at the time the Ranger arrived.

        I have not negged you.
        Please pay the fine and kindly move on.

  • I've seen countless people park in front of a fire hydrant, doesn't mean I'm going to do the same

  • People know the rules but it was previously unlikely that you would get a ticket because the parking inspectors would normally only go around high traffic areas like shopping centers. Due to covid lock down those high traffic areas are no longer high traffic and inspectors are no longer meeting their quota's so they're now heading out into quiet residential areas.

    I've been parking in front of my house which has a "crossing" in front for about 10 years no tickets. The house is in a close, there are 10 houses with no through traffic. Recently got a ticket obstructing a footpath.

    Example below

    • I have a feeling maybe someone in the apartments weren't happy with you parking in their regular spot and decided to call council.

      • Someone wasn't happy that their usual spot near a post box was taken? Now OP can just wait for this "someone" to park there and call the council on them…

  • There are NO signs anywhere near this post box to say you can’t park there, and no marked lines. Literally just a post box on the side of the road.

    I thought post boxes had "No Standing" written on them.

  • Pay up. the end/

  • In Victoria:
    Unless there is a sign saying that you can you are not allowed to park, stop or leave your vehicle within 3 metres of:
    an Australia Post mail box

    I know OP is in NSW but surely there would be a similar rule for similar reasons.

  • You were the unlucky one to get caught. Pay up. Someone else may get stung next week now that they know they might be able to catch someone parking there.
    There should be a sign if they are going to actively patrol that area.
    Your poll options need one more.. "OP should just pay up and let them sting someone else next week."

  • I love these posts.

    "I did a thing. There are fines for doing the thing. Imagine my surprise when I got a fine for doing the thing. Do you think I should have got a fine for doing the thing?"

    • “I’ve seen other people doing the thing and they never get fined..”

    • I love the sheer number of replies to the effect of 'omg dont you have a photographic memory and remember everything in the learners handbook that you probably read once to pass a test you may have done 10 years ago?'.

      Sure, they did the wrong thing but I don't think this is common knowledge. Number of times in the 16 years I have been driving that I have needed to park near a post box to even consider the legality of it? 0 times. Would I make the assumption that you can't park in front of it? Yes most likely.

      It is probably not that common given the relatively uncommon nature of post boxes compared to places you can park your car.

      • honestly it is probably worth your while rereading the book then. Their are rules around parking distances with bus stops, corners, fire hydrants etc. It is your responsibility to remember them, I don't think there is a parking inspector or council on the planet that will accept "I forgot" as an excuse.

  • Auspost drivers are terrible drivers. This rule is designed specifically for that.

  • OP the lawyers needs some stimulus and for a few thousand would encourage you to fight it :)

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    From now on, drive a red van and put some Australia Post decals on there. No more fines. You're welcome.

  • There are NO signs anywhere near this post box to say you can’t park there

    And there are no signs saying you can't drive on the right hand side of the road in Australia if you want to.

    However there are road rules, copies of which easily obtainable both on and off line, and common sense. (which isn't so common).

  • Rule 1 of living in Australia. Don't use other people's stupidity as a justification for copying them and expecting no consequences.

  • seems to be more of a shock releasing you have no sense of entitlement

  • Plot Twist:
    Next Week Auspost will put a sign on the Post Box to say it is being removed.

  • ROAD RULES 2014 - REG 199Stopping near a postbox199 Stopping near a postbox

    (1) A driver must not stop on a road within 3 metres of a public postbox, unless the driver—

    (a) is dropping off, or picking up, passengers or mail, or

    (b) stops at a place on a length of road, or in an area, to which a parking control sign applies and the driver is permitted to stop at that place under these Rules.

    : Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

    Note 1 :
    "Parking control sign" and
    "public postbox" are defined in the Dictionary.

    Note 2 : Rule 199(2) of the Australian Road Rules , which contains a definition of
    "public postbox" , has not been reproduced in these Rules. The definition in the Australian Road Rules allows the term to be defined in another law of this jurisdiction. Accordingly, a definition of the term is set out in the Dictionary.

    • Maximum penalty - 20 penalty units

      Ouch - a penalty unit in Victoria is currently $165.22 so that's a maximum of a bit over $3300! Looks like the OP got off easy.

  • Watch our for those fire hydrants too.

  • OP do you know the distances you are allowed to park on the approach side and departure side of a bus stop?

  • …something about getting your license from a cereal packet

  • In some places, I have also seen some special no stopping signs mentioning post collection time

  • At the end of the day, no matter whether or not we sympathise with the OP, no one here can get that parking ticket cancelled.

  • Don’t most post boxes have ‘no standing’ marked on them?

    • No standing is no longer in force in NSW. Other states may have the same rule. They're now no stopping.

      • True. Do the boxes have no stopping on them?

        • Pretty sure you can stand (park your car temporary) in front of a post box to use it.
          (Unless of course it is marked no stopping; which I’ve never seen).

        • Many of them now have mail zone signs.

          • @whooah1979: Mail zone signs typically give the hours you can’t stop there.

          • @whooah1979: Went driving around my local area and had a look at 6 or so, and they all varied from having nothing on the box, to having “No Stopping” on the back of them. None of them had any “Mail Zone” signs anywhere nor road markings of any kind.

            • @pegaxs: That’s seems to be going above and beyond!

              I just went out but forgot to check. Google streeview to the rescue and the local ones I could find all had ‘no standing’ on them. It wasn’t very big though, probably the same size font as no stopping signs. It may have been no stopping on one, but was not able to read it in the image. One had a mail zone area signed around it.

  • I presume you undertook a drivers test and passed. Within you would have had to answer correctly the rules regarding parking near a postal box (yes)… well then why are you blatantly flaunting the rules and then complaining bc you got busted. Sure others may be doing it… and you are just making the situation worse.

    What other rules do you feel you can simply break?

  • The post box has the words No Standing written on it.

  • It's unfortunate u got a ticket for parking near a post box, but previously others have parked similarly and didn't get booked…they got lucky. That's all it boils down to. But everyone should be considerate of where they park, re disabled parking,parking near a post box/fire hydrant etc.

  • it was a good run

    just pretend it's the Cost of parking there for 4 years what a bargain

  • So did you park in front or just near? No sympathy from me if you park in front.

    • Behind it, within the three metres but the postie still would have had clear access to it. But yes, I was in the wrong being within the 3 metres.

      • Thats hash, but still its rule. Usually it is not the rangers looking for cars violating these kind of technicalities, most of the time it would have been the posties making complains to rangers. Check the mail collection times listed on the mail box, did you get your ticket around those times?

  • Would the clean record appeal work? eg, I think in NSW if you have a clean record, you can appeal a speeding fine etc. People have posted about turning up to the court option and the magistrate letting them off. Can't find the old threads with more info.

  • I didn't know, so the is for the thread and teaching a bunch of people.

    But unfortunately, not knowing a law is not an excuse for breaking one or getting out of one.

  • I voted for OP is an idiot.
    OP, you're an idiot

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