Free 12-Week Mental Health Treatment Programs @ Mental Health Online


How is your mental health during the COVID-19 situation?

This is an initiative of Swinburne University’s National eTherapy Centre (NeTC) and funded by Australia’s Federal Department of Health.

You will have free access to:

  • Our online mental health assessment, e-PASS. This free, comprehensive online psychological self-assessment is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will give you more information about your mental health and recommend your next steps.

  • Our treatment programs. You have free access to our 12-week evidence-based treatment programs. You can do these at your own pace, in your own time.
    The programs are designed to help with:

    • generalised anxiety disorder
    • depression
    • social anxiety disorder
    • obsessive compulsive disorder,
    • post-traumatic stress disorder
    • panic disorder, with or without agoraphobia.
  • Our eTherapists. You have free access to support from a trained eTherapist if you are completing a treatment program. Choose how you would like to communicate: email, chat, or video.

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  • For folks that want to find treatment or information regarding mental health. Visit - an excellent website there to help with a variety of issues for you or a loved one.

    • +11 votes

      Pity they're just treating symptoms instead of addressing the structural changes that are required to actually change anything.

      Our society is currently arranged so that 50% of people have psychological problems. This is a failed system.

      • I agree. The capitalist system alongside government/business corruption in Australia and many countries is causing higher rates of mental illness than those in more equal societies.

      • +6 votes

        The political system & society have psychological problems. We need collective treatment because the system is sick :(
        The coronavirus disruption is indication that we have systemic problems. Denying it makes it worse.
        Time to heal our souls :)

      • Looking at the world with a dim view doesn't help with perspective. We're lucky to live in a society that acknowledges these things and that kind of attitude is pessimistic at best. Having traveled a lot and lived in 3 countries Australians are so lucky to have the health system we have. Nothing is perfect, the expectation of that is detached and unrealistic. Appreciate what's infront of you as the majority of the world doesn't have this.

    • Thanks, ran into while browsing through that website. Was meant to look into CBT for a while.

  • Can this replace a counsellor? They're so expensive and you only get 10 sessions a year :(

    • If you call and request a concession rate, 9/10 practices will offer it to you.

      Also - regarding the effectiveness of these programs, it depends on what kind of difficulties you're seeking help with.

  • Mental Health Online's services are not intended to replace face-to-face therapy.
    If, at any time, you believe that Mental Health Online is not meeting or addressing your needs, or gives rise to other concerns about your health, please seek the services of an appropriate health care professional, like your GP. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, experiencing a crisis or are in need of immediate help please contact one of the 24/7 services listed here( immediately.

    Important to note.

  • Thank you. I really needed this right now.

  • Great initiative thanks for sharing OP

  • -3 votes

    I've been going nuts waiting for this deal

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