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Tenda Nova MW3 3pk $99.98 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


Stumbled across this. Not quite sure how good it is but couldn't find a cheaper one on statice.

Also on special, two pack mw6

Tenda nova MW3 Dual-Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System - 3 Pack - Dual Band: 2.4GHz + 5.0Ghz - 2x Ethernet Ports per Mesh Node - Primary Mesh Node: 1x WAN, 1x LAN - 2x 3dBi Internal Dual Band Antennas - Data Rates: 2.5Ghz (Up to 300Mbps), 5Ghz (Up to 867Mbps) - Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 90mm per Mesh Node - Includes: 3x Identical Mesh Nodes, 3x Power Adapters, 1x Quick Install Guide, 1x Ethernet Cable - MW3 - 3Pack - 3 Years Limited Warranty

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    MW6 2 pack also on sale for $124 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B078MZTRBS

  • Good price, paid $85 for the MW3-2pack last week, but wish I got the 3pack.
    Looking for a spare if anyone has.

    • Get an MW6 which will allow you to connect with gigabit Ethernet and use the MW3s as the slaves. Works the same as a network of all MW6s and take the Ozbargain savings!

      • MW6 with MW3 is not the same as using all MW6.

        MW3 = limited to 100 Mbps WAN & LAN.

        MW6 = 1000 Mbps WAN & LAN.

  • I got this last month do $105ish.

    Solid system. Easy setup. Rock solid wifi across the house. Recommend!

    • That's good to know. For that price it definitely looks like a great budget mesh for the average user

  • I got the MW6 3 pack a few weeks ago.
    Its a very good system, easy to set up and stable.
    I rate it.

  • I thought it's Tenga

  • the lowest for MW3-3 Packs on Amazon has been around $84.15

    and around $88-$90

    MW6-3 Packs $149

    still waiting for the price to go lower :)

  • +3 votes

    MW3 WAN and LAN are just 100Mbps, it's going to be bottleneck of the whole network.
    Would be good if they are Gigabit ports.. :/

    • yep mw6 for gigabit backhaul

      • well there's a reason you essentially get 3 x APs for $99… a $33 access point is insane.

        I also think GbE is overblown for a lot of people who just want to access social media and general crap… especially if you have 3 x 10/100 APs around your house.

        AC1200 is blah too but if you have three of them on blast…

        • Yeah this. For normal internet/streaming use for sure. If you have local content you want to stream from a NAS, multiple users, then i'd spend more.

  • These work fine for general browsing, watching videos, etc.

    Not going to be the best for gaming but it’ll do if you just need good coverage and okay speeds.

    • You just described two separate things - low-latency actions like browsing and high-bandwidth actions like watching videos.

      Help me understand why gaming requires something else that can be satisfied by another wireless router?

      • From my experience with these, the connection isn’t all that stable and pings spike a fair bit from time to time, particularly if you have a bunch of other people on the network. Fine if you’re browsing or watching videos, but for gaming where you want a rock solid connection, I just felt like you’d probably want something with a bit more grunt.

    • Idk what internet you have in Aus but I can't get 100mpbs

  • So this doesn't replace your router at home right?

  • This or tp link m5?

    • Literally just grabbed a tp link m5 packfrom my local shop 5 mins ago…not sure how good is it compared to this

    • Can't wait to smash my tp link router with a hammer once the mw6s arrive.

    • Your question is like Hyundai Getz (Tenda) or Audi A4 (TP-Link)

      The people who complain about TP-Link performance , either set it up incorrectly or other issues exist which they blame TP-Link..lol

      Best case for Mesh devices is to be back-wired via Ethernet for best performance , this is what most of people miss when thinking about switching got mesh.

      • To link is more like Alfa Romeo. Looks good, but is an unreliable pos.

        • What are the reasons why?

          I’ve been considering the m5 deco and the reviews seem positive.

          Happy to hear your thoughts.

          • @sillywalks: I've never used the deco, but I've had my current tp link (some flavour of archer) replaced under warranty due to one or both channels dropping out, it now does the same thing, can't connect to 2.4ghz most of the time. Also have a tplink wifi card, it also simply doesn't work. Had a lower end tp link router before this one that also failed, got a refund under warranty. Have never had so many issues with one brand of device.

            Maybe the deco is good, I will personally never find out as I simply won't buy tp link.

          • @sillywalks: M5 is great but as @aldroid highlighted as a general role ,best outcome with Mesh networks is when you backhaul them via Ethernet and not relying on Wifi inter communication.

            Majority of medium (Deco M5) or Low (Tenda MW3) mesh nodes don't have a dedicated channel for intercommunication , in these scenarios wired backhaul is sort of mandatory.

            Also , best scenario is to use mesh nodes as AP and put a feature rich router in front but people also miss it.

            If you ever go with a mesh solution , make sure to note how you wanna achieve intercommunication and also the way you want your mesh to operate, I don't blame your past experience with TP-Link while i have had bad experience with other products too but in fairness TP-Link is way ahead of Tenda from mesh performance.

            • @SamyKn: Ethernet backhaul is preferred but it's not mandatory.

              You have to remember most of the users who are buying these mesh don't need a feature rich router with all the bells and whistles in the first place.

              • @Twix: I didn't say mandatory mate, sort of mandatory :)
                Btw , most of the users who don't need the feature rich router would complain about a product without knowing where the actual issue lies.

      • If you have the cabling in place to do Ethernet backhaul, you'd be much better off going with Ubiquiti AP's.

    • MW3 = limited to 100 Mbps WAN & LAN.

      M5 = 1000 Mbps WAN & LAN.

  • Got 2x2 packs from ebay deal a little while back. $235 from memory.

    MW6, was nervous but they ended up doing the job, easy setup via mobile app.

    nbn HFC 50/20 with exetel.

    5 x people in house.

    If your not after all the bells n whistles, this is a bargain.

    • I have 100/20 and MW3 , direct connect to my main router is 94mbps and 73mbpscwhen connect through MW3, so you won't feel much different if you are on 50/20

  • Damn, I just bought these last week from the same seller on Amazon for $120. Could I do anything about it?

  • That went crazy fast, I realise I totally forgot to check stock when I posted.

    I Was wondering if you can only use the mesh/WiFi part on this and continue to use the old Asus rt68 as the router/switch?

  • 3 x Tenda MW3 or 2 x Tenda MW6?

    • MW3 = limited to 100 Mbps WAN & LAN.

      MW6 = 1000 Mbps WAN & LAN.

      • Are there even providers out there where you can get home internet speeds faster than 100mbps?

        • Yes a few are offering 1gbps now if you have FTTP or HFC.

        • 250/25, 1000/50 & symmetrical speed is available on all FTTP connections.

          250/25 & 1000/50 is available for select HFC connections.

          ISP providing these speeds are Launtel, Aussie Broadband & Superloop.

  • Can you hook up 4 x MW6?

  • Got the 2x MW3 pack earlier in the week for $99

    Just setup at my parents place
    Exetel HFC 50/20 - was only getting about 30/15 with the original ZTE router at the other end of the house

    Breeze to setup and was up and going before I realised. Got 42/19 at the same place with the Tenda afterwards

    Haven't played with or checked if has many other options but if just need to extend range for general browsing, highly recommend

  • These are great for extending wireless coverage. But are a nightmare if you have multiple chromecast devices.

    • What issues do you have? I use a mw6 setup, 2 chromecasts, google home and 2 google minis. Haven’t had any issues with mine. Also set up a mw3 for the folks and they also have 2 chromecasts and don’t have any issues there either.

    • Why? I have 3 x MW3's and 5 Chromecast devices around the house and have never had a problem.

    • I suspect your problem is related to upnp. If you have an existing router and you use the Tenda MW3's or MW6's you should switch them to bridged mode. If you're running them in routed mode (the default) and you have another router that connects to the internet then your have created a double-NAT situation which breaks UPNP. UPNP is responsible for dynamically creating port forwarding rules that the Chromecast relies on. And that would totally explain why only one Chromecast device would work at any given time.

      • Have another router (ac68u) and definitely run the mw3's in bridge mode. But I have upnp disabled for security. My 2x google nest minis and a google chromecast are fine but 4 of my 5 speakers (sony and Panasonic) all drop out next day after I restart the main mw3. Upnp is turned off on the asus. I suspect the igmp messages are being blocked for some reason. I have also blocked the mw3s from direct internet access - so that may also be one of the issues.

        • I'm running an ac68u as well. But I have upnp enabled.

          • @aldroid: I suspect that may be the main problem. Though I have read multiple reports of chromecasts failing in mesh environments, including Google's own mesh. Will research further about an upnp workaround.

  • Stupid question, but I'n on NBN with Optus. Can I go straight from wall to these? Or do I need to get existing modem involved?

  • If "straight from wall" means an RJ11 socket with phone cable then no. If it means RJ45 socket with Ethernet cable then maybe (assuming Optus doesn't require you to set a VLAN ID on the WAN interface). From what I can see Optus uses IPoE (basic Dynamic DHCP with no auth required) so it should be fine.

  • I got the MW6 from an ozbargain post a few weeks ago and really happy with it!

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