[SA] Victa 18v Blower & Trimmer Combo Kit $99 (Was $199) @ Bunnings Mt Barker


Saw this for $159 on Wednesday but didn't have the room in the car. Came back today and it's down to $99. Mt barker had about 15 units left on display.

Normally $199 but looks like they are clearing the lot. I imagine this is nationwide but no link to the product on bunnings sites, only individual pieces.

Good price considering it comes with 18v battery and charger.

Previous post from last year at full price. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/481234

Here is Victa link to products. https://www.victa.com/au/en_au/products/battery-powered/comb...

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    I bought this for $199 a few months ago. Fairly good value comes with a battery and charger. Trimmer comes with a spare string attachment. Blower is a bit lacking if you try using it for leaves from grassy yard but works fairly well in non-grassy surfaces.


    Does anyone have a product number?


    Unable to locate any current link to this deal. Looks like only applicable to SA

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    In 0115829
    It’s a deleted item most vic stores have it at $159 but will match price in my experience


    sigh bought for $159 today at Gregory Hills. One more left.

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    Absolute junk. I do not recommend for even $100.

    Blower is dismal, line trimmer is very short. I’m 6”1’ and have to bend down to use it.

    Not a lot of point in having the battery either. You could easily get any other brand and it would power more variety of tools.

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      I'm 6" and have no issues with the trimmer's height. The handle is very adjustable… a 7" person wouldn't have an issue.

      The blower is average, dismal is a harsh review… it works well if you're blowing non grassed areas. But not good at blowing cut grass off the lawn.

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    Just becos the set runs on Li-Ion doesn’t mean the tools are good. If you are gonna fork out $99 for a blower and trimmer, spend that little extra in the long run for something that you won’t be swearing at every time you use it…I have bought enough cheap tools in my lifetime and if I could turn back time, I would just get something a bit better to start with.

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    Buy EGO, never go back.


    Thanks, does anyone know if we can price match this on different Bunnings store?

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