Bonus 2000 flybuys Points (Worth $10) on Ultimate Gift Card $50 and Above @ Coles


Ultimate Kids

  • Cotton on Kids
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Dymocks
  • Timezone
  • Toyworld
  • Rebel Sport
  • Australian Geographic
  • Zone Bowling
  • Kinpin Bowling

Ultimate Home

  • Freedom
  • The Good Guys
  • Dusk
  • House
  • JB Hi-Fi

Ultimate Teens

  • Boost Juice
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Zone Bowling
  • City Beach
  • Rebel Sport
  • Timezone
  • Kingpin Bowling

Ultimate Student

  • EB Games
  • Typo
  • City Beach
  • Boost Juice
  • Foot Locker
  • Zing Pop Culture

Ultimate for Her

  • Forever New
  • Lorna Jane
  • Bras N Things
  • Seed Heritage
  • Napoleon Perdis
  • T2
  • Swarovski
  • The Body Shop
  • Wittner
  • Peter Alexander

Ultimate for Him:

  • BCF
  • Drummond Golf
  • Barbeques Galore
  • Supercheap Auto
  • Rebel Sport

Ultimate Style

  • Bras N Things
  • Sportsgirl
  • Pandora
  • Strandbags
  • Forever New
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Nine West
  • Valid for $50 & $100 Ultimate Gift Cards
  • Bonus points can only be collected once per Flybuys account.
  • The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online.

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  • bonus points = once per giftcard….

    and need to purchase $50 or more in giftcard value

    • $50 for 2000 points is nothing to sneeze at; it's currently only 1000 points over at Woolies

    • bonus points = once per giftcard….

      It's possible to create more than one Flybuys account if you have extra email addresses & burner phone numbers. (The Aldi $5 sims are good for getting extra numbers.)

      I've got 5. :-)

      • It doesn't need to be real numbers. I got 15 flybuys account. Just use Excel to record all the flybuys account profiles. Then you create many accounts. I dare to say people can create 100 accounts that can live on points.

        • with the same mailing address? How do you receive the flybuys cards or if you redeem the point to giftcards?

          • @moonwalk: Do not take his words seriously. It is a hassle to manage that many in my own exp. Mobile phone numbers must be confirmed now. It is OK to use the same numbers for 2 (maybe more) accounts at the moment. I am in the process to reduce my cards to under 10 now.

            Redeem pts to flybuys dollars and use the member card as an EFTPOS card. Thus, physical cards must be presented to redeem flybuys dollars/pts in most cases.

  • Heads up, some of these ONLY available instore and need to be use in one lot, check t& c

    • Also 3 year expiry, which is worse than say JB gift cards, which have no expiry date.

    • They're EFTPOS cards; surely you can use $30 at JB Hi-Fi and $20 over at Dymocks if you got the Kids one.

    • @LoCure Can't seem to find that T&C clause about needing to be used in a one lot. Only found this:

      8) The Ultimate For Home Gift Card is multi-usable. You may check your balance and expiry date at

    • +1 vote

      These can be used in store only but it's wrong to say they have to be used in one lot. The link you shared says:

      The Ultimate For Home Gift Card is multi-usable. You may check your balance and expiry date at

  • "For Him" "For Her" hmmm not very inclusive of you, Flybuys!!

    • I know right??

      My fiancee bought me some pajamas from peter alexander which are quite comfy, and I don't mind a nice tea here and there.

      This is outrageous!

    • +2 votes

      There not flybuys gift cards, flybuys don't name them…
      I wouldn't worry what the gift card said him/her on it if was given to me. Some people do I guess..

    • Boys like cars and bbqs, girls like pyjamas and soap. It’s just the rules.

      Yep these are such terrible gifts - I could deal with the unnecessary gendering if the restriction of stores by gender wasn’t there. If “him” wants to go to the Body Shop, let him! Hardly “ultimate”.

  • They should include Coles/Woolworths in "Ultimate Home".

  • +10 votes

    Thanks OP, awesome deal. Your post had "Bonus points can only be collected once per Flybuys account" but should it be "per gift card type per Flybuys account" instead?

    • +1 vote

      Not sure how to interpret "gift card type". Are all Ultimate Gift Cards the same card type?

      • Coles/Flybuys run this Ultimate Gift Cards promo all the time. I got some last time and can confirm that "Gift Card Type" means each variety of Ultimate GC.

        So you can get 2000 points for each one of the Ultimate GC varieties on the same Flybuys account.

        That's 2000 points x 7 varieties (Types) = 14,000 points in total if you get 1 of each "Type".

        If you or your partner have another Flybuys account … repeat….

        • Right. For JB-HF giftcards, one can buy three $50 in Kids, Teens, Home and earn 6k FB pts.

  • Thanks, I love these offers but hate shopping instore. I wish you could buy through Coles Online!

  • DJs used to be on her. Is each card classified as different type?

    • Your understanding is right. The max FB pts from this deal is 14k plus base points per membership.

      DJ was removed since all the cards were updated. I bet you can still use old style ones in DJ.

      • But the T&C has David Jones on it. 'The gift card may be used to purchase goods or services at any David Jones, Bras N Things, Seed, Lorna Jane, T2, Swarovski and Napoleon Perdis store in Australia with “EFTPOS” facilities who accept the gift card, provided that the gift card has enough unused value to make the purchase.'

  • Has anyone tested with supercheap auto based on below comment? SCA giftcard with Ultimate for Him

    I am happy to be restricted just to SCA so can use online when they have sale on castrol edge

    • be careful with using giftcard at super retail group (SCA, BCF, rebel) as they're very restrictive with online usage, even with their own branded giftcard, you can only use 1 card per transaction (SCA website allow a bit more but still limit at 3 or so), and I'm not even sure if you can use Ultimate giftcard online.

  • Can I use the Ultimate gift card for home to purchase jb hifi or GG gift card that can be redeemable online? How many Ultimate gift cards can be used per transaction?

    • Can anyone reply to this please !!!

      • It’s an eftpos card that can only be used instore at the named retailers. Some people go into jb and buy $50 jb gift cards using them. It’s using “savings” on the eftpos terminal. Those Jb cards bought instore can be used online. Some also go in to jb and combine their separate gift cards into bigger gift cards to get over the online limit on number of cards. Plenty of comments on this site. Don’t know about good guys. It should be possible but it seems jb are always willing to assist.

  • Has anyone tried to buy seperate types and were the points credited?

    • Point are credited the following evening after your purchase, so it is too early to tell

      • Flybuys is being tight, not giving base pts for giftcards from now on. In addition, it seems no pts for a normal transaction if a team member card is applied.

        • I got zero points for my $9 of groceries that I bought with my $50 gift card either and I don't have team member discount; not sure if it was 'cause I had refunded an item that I had accidentally purchased twice - once at Woolies and then again at Coles when checking out with the item I bought from Woolies

          • @kerfuffle: Maybe just an update in the system and all base pts will appear later.

          • @kerfuffle: Same to me.
            It seems coles system recognized all items are excluded from FB points when purchase with giftcard.

            And my bad experience was coles frequently run $70 or something times 4weeks and get 10000points and did not counted for weekly shopping.
            I thought more than $70 of grocery and a giftcard counted but not.
            Better to pay separately.

            • @koakun: Giftcards, cigarettes, etc. are always excluded in the eligible spend. Nothing wrong to combine them with the $70 eligible spend. Even you spend $70 in the 1st shop and $50 in the 2nd shop(on the same day and at the same store), after one day in your record, flybuys combines them as one transaction.

              Flybuys has an update this week and all the base points are in "pending" status. They will appear next week.

  • Not a big issue, but does anyone know if one can use the kids card at normal cotton on also?

  • Can confirm I bought 3 cards (1 Kids, 1 Teen, 1 Him) and got 6000 points.

  • Yes - it works for me - 6000 pts in 1 transaction

    • No pts for other transactions this week, glitch in the system. I bet no base 150 pts from giftcards for you, either.

  • How does these "Ultimate <category>" giftcards work? Eg. If I buy an Ultimate Kids JB Hifi card, would it be limited to purchasing only kids-related products? Or is it just the normal JB card with a fancy name?