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50% off Participating Burger Restaurants - Local Food Fest ($20 Max Discount) @ Uber Eats


They saved the best until last…

Day 13 of the Uber Eats 'Food Fest' is for participating Burger restaurants.

This offer is for up to 50% off your delivery or pickup order from participating restaurants via the Uber Eats app. Delivery fee applies. Offer is available to the first 50,000 users who apply the promotion. Available between 12am and 11:59pm on 30 June 2020. Offer only applies to the total order value (excluding delivery fee). Full terms

Original deal post courtesy of dv1den

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  • Thanks OP. Was there a free delivery deal during the last 13 days as it was one of the options in the T&Cs?

    Offer A: 50% off order value (no minimum spend)
    Offer B: 30% off order value ($20 or more)
    Offer C: 30% off order value (no minimum)
    Offer D: free delivery

    • No free delivery. But delivery costs was included in the 50% off ($20 max discount)

      • I was expecting to pay full price delivery on my Thai lunch but it was discounted too! $13.90 lunch delivered for $9.44

    • No free delivery deals. I think the T&Cs are like that to give Uber more flexibility. So for example if there wasn't much interest in the 30% off they can switch to 50% off without updating the T&Cs.

      • @OP unless it's written somewhere that this offer is 50%, Mods will delete cause it's a guess not a confirmed deal

        • well despite mods doing the exact thing with my Thai post yesterday(and deleting it for "assumed knowledge"), they decided to not delete OPs LOL so OP is lucky I guess

  • In 2 days for dinner i've had 2 <$15 Butter Chicken Dinners,

    Was tempted to do 3rd day in a row but something had to force me to change ;/

  • I'd be curious to know who is covering the cost of this discount - the individual businesses, or UberEats

    • Uber seems to be covering the discount, the store just pays their normal commission:

      It’s our shout! Uber Eats will cover the daily deal, so you'll be supporting your local restaurants with your order.

    • And if you place an order for pickup the restaurant doesn’t pay any commission at the moment, so you get a 50% discount off the usual uber eats price and the restaurant gets the full amount.

      • Reference please? I heard this is not the case and that uber is currently charging restaurants normal rates for pickup (around 30% of order).

      • Yeah, uber eats is a rip off. 50% off delivered just means that it's basically the normal price of pick up. If you've got way too much money to blow and you are OK with paying double for your food then go nuts. Otherwise this is hardly a deal, you're looking at like a 10% discount. You can pretty much get this everyday with menulog.

        I'm always astonished at how so few people understand the massive price jackup that Uber eats puts on there for the exact same item.

        • Not all the stores jack up their prices.

        • Untrue statement that is some not all.

          • @domo653q: I haven't seen a single restaurant that Ubereats hasn't jacked up. However, I trust you when you say it's not true for all restaurants. I still think it's important for people to know about the 98% of restaurants that Ubereats did jack up by 20-50%, especially since we're on a website to save money.

            I also just noticed that you can do pickup instead of delivery, as such this deal is pretty good. 50% off 150% is still 25% off the original price which is a good deal. Thanks OP.

  • here we goooooooooo

  • So can you add the code at 12:00am and then order for dinner at say 6pm?

  • I do hope the local burger place participates! Didn't have the chance to claim any of those 50% offers yet with our locals.

  • You beauty! Cant wait for tomorrow

  • This is the first one of these I'm claiming - how do you find participating restaurants? The ubereats page says to click on the in app banner - that just takes me to the promo code which just has some T&C's - not the list of participating restaurants…

    • The restaurant list will load a bit later on in the day and that list will increase/decrease depending on which restaurants pull the plug on participating, ran out of food, opening and closing times etc.,

  • Be intetested to see if Grill'd/Schnitz participste in this. Thus far only 4 restaurants to select from in my area.

  • Does anyone have no in-app banner? When I enter my work (south brisbane) or home (west end) address there is no banner. When I enter in an address in the CBD, the banner appears. Does this mean the deal cannot be redeemed in my suburb/we have no local restaurants participating? (odd, there are heaps and heaps of burger places nearby in South Brisbane/South Bank)

  • Varsity Burger…

  • Only one place participating and they charge $12 for a schnitzel burger with nothing more than mayo and lettuce, plus $7.99 delivery

    For some reason I can't get free shared delivery to come up, and i've tried 5 different addresses/suburbs

  • damn most are $7-$8 fees

    its funny to see some places, have forced them selves in, ie Korean BBQ

    crap the place I was ordering from became unavailable as I was ordering… got too popular I guess

  • My email about the offer also included a targeted $30 free meal promo usable at any restaurant (separate to the burger deal) because of my Uber Rewards level.

  • Places that were $2.99 delivery yesterday are now $3.99 and $4.99. Crazy price jacking.

    • That's Uber. They've been steadily boosting delivery fees across the board lately. A place literally across the road from me is quoted at $4.99 delivery now.

    • I paid $5.99 today for around a 4 minute drive.

      Never seen anything below $5.

  • Doesn't look like my two local burger places are included in the offer.

  • No local places to me offering the deal :(

  • So I had an order supposed to be "no-contact" delivery today. I have left the note "Leave at door" in my address. I assumed that the delivery person would leave the food there and I can come collect after they left. I left phone on my desk, went to bathroom for 5-6 minutes, came out and received the notification from UE
    "You missed your delivery. Your delivery partner couldn't reach you after waiting for 5 minutes. You've been charged for the order because delivery was attempted."

    Annoyed :(

    • +2 votes

      My app says I can only order no contact

      • Now that's just weird. All my previous no-contact orders from UE were left at my door as requested (since April). I haven't met or had to come out to greet them. Some sent a pic of the delivery bag at the frontdoor, some just sent message after they left.

        • This. I placed a couple of orders during this promotion and they took a photo of the food in front of my door.

          • @mapax: I order UE on Saturday with the leave at door option but I ended up opening the door just as he arrived. The guy whipped out his phone and took a pic of me. I was pretty annoyed at the time but realised after he was just taking it to prove the food was delivered. A short explanation would have been appreciated.

  • Lame! Most of the stores around Perth CBD "closed" their shops in uber ears just before opening hours :(

    Edit: now all stores are "closed"

  • My local place does burger, chips and drink for $12, through Uber eats with discount and delivery is like $20

  • I think this is officially a bust. 2 restaurants in my 'area' (20 mins away) and that is all. Another one went offline and the big franchises like Schnitz, Grill'd etc.. are not participating.

  • Thank you!! Got two @ work, ended up being $6.50 each. Pretty good!

  • Yo I think the deal is bugged McDonald's isn't showing up and it's the definition of a burger restaurant.

  • Gonna miss these deals!

  • I don't see banner… I guess it's all gone now?

  • I added the code earlier and tried to order now but under the promotions tab, its greyed out…?

  • Seems like most Burger shops are boycotting this one, got about 15 local's and not one are participating, also like others have said, seems like Grilld is out too.

    • I’m pretty sure franchises aren’t part of it given it’s meant to support local businesses

    • Uber selects which stores participate in this, not the vendors themselves.

  • Some tips from me.

    If you can't find a burger joint in your area, change your location and choose pickup - best value ($0 delivery fee) + you can pick up from anywhere!

    • I'm going to bug report to ubereats that I did not see any burger places have 50% off at lunch time until now it's late afternoon!!

  • My local was part of it and they do amazing burgers. Now I just have to watch my burgers do a tour of the surrounding suburbs before they come to me… Bloody Uber Eats

  • There are heaps of options around Windsor, vic. All independent shops.

  • 12 out of 15 in my area "currently unavailable". It's my understanding that UberEats is copping the 50% off. There has to be a reason restaurants are boycotting.

    • Pretty sure it's because they're getting inundated with orders.. so they're going 'offline' just so they can cope.

      • One restaurant was telling me it’s a problem when Uber make discounts available but don’t inform the stores early enough to get organised, then the store gets 2 or 3 times the amount of usual orders.

        • Yep sounds about right, I'd be pretty pissed if it happened to me! Especially when you could use the extra business but now you're getting smashed on a Tuesday night without any warning.

  • Literally, as I placed my order the restaurant pulled the plug on the deal and went offline.

  • Oh no…I'm getting "promotion is no longer available". 50k people, really??

  • Has the code been exhausted?

  • I just had a juicy beef burger. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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