[Back Order] Intel 10th Gen Core i9-10900K CPU - $849 + Shipping @ SaveOnIt


Seems to be pretty good price.

When added into the cart and it says

Dear customer, please note that items Intel i9 10900K BX8070110900K 10 Core sk 1200 10th Gen CPU are currently listed as pre-order/on order. You can continue to place a backorder and it will ensure earliest allocation when these products are available. Our team will contact you to notify the expected ETA. Thank you.

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  • Save on it, buy AMD

    • We are currently in an awkward spot where a quad or (at most) hexa core CPU is adequate for every use case except "high refresh rate gaming", but a new console generation is looming that looks set to eventually cause CPU requirements to skyrocket.

      I would probably advise not buying anything in any high price class unless money is no object, in which case a 10900k might make sense for those that want "literally the best you can buy" for gaming. If you're talking about people who want to do production workloads on their PC and not just gaming, then you could make an argument for a 3900x or similar.

      • But as mentioned above if you want the best you won't save on it. Intel is in big trouble. And don't forget the price of the Intel's motherboards.

  • 10900k beats 3900x hands down in the integrated gpu test. intel yes!

  • For all you people who purchased it - This will be in stock next week (talked to them via LiveChat)


  • It depends on what you plan on doing with the CPU.
    Single core performance will still go to Intel (Turbo clock I believe 5.3 Ghz for Intel versus 4.6 on the 3900X). I have also heard that most Intel CPUs can sustain the Max Turbo clock on all cores where as for AMD it can be a hit and miss at this stage (better binned silicon).
    That said, although it does perform slightly better than the 3900X, it costs more and generates more heat (needs better cooling solution).

    Not a fanboy of either side but currently running and AMD 3700x myself and for what I need, it is great (gaming mainly).

    • For AMD you're kind in between with a 37/3800 or go all the way to a 3900 w/12 cores but at this point, most people dont have that kind of workload and if you do you're going to be in the know and you'll pay for that speed.

      I think most of us are still at 4-6 cores and thats all we need.

      One of my PCs is an 8c/16t Xeon and its way overkill for whatever I'm doing.

  • Tempting upgrade.. Does anyone think an 8700K would bottleneck a 3080/Ti at 165Hz 1440p?

    • If you have an 8700k, consider OCing it. Even at stock it's among the top performers in gaming benchmarks. It's hard to justify any upgrades from that just for gaming right now. In a year or so you'll have a better idea of whether or not you need to upgrade.

      • Thanks mate. I kind of figured as much, but one of the reasons I was considering the upgrade was that I've recently moved from a Louqe Ghost S1 (ITX) to a Meshify C (ATX), so I kind of need a new motherboard so I can fit my NH-D15 on. Not sure I want to buy a Z370/390 now that Z490 is out..

  • interesting choice making 10 cores the top of the line, i saw a benchmark somewhere that showed 10 cores performing worse than 8 cores in some games, and if you want productivity amd beats it hands down so lol…

  • 9900k still doing fine here