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Bauhn AFWGPS-0720 Fitness Watch with GPS $79.99 @ ALDI


Product description:

  • GPS and accelerometer tracking
  • Track your run, ride, walk or marathon
  • Heart rate monitor built-in
  • Message and call notification
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • 1.3" TFT full colour display
  • Nordic 52832 chipset
  • IP67 water resistant
  • 360mAh battery with up to 7 days standby time (8 hours with GPS and heart rate monitoring)
  • 3.5 hours (approx.) charging time
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Silicone band
  • Size (mm): 49.2(W) x 57(H) x 16.5(D)
  • Weight: 60g
  • 1 Year Warranty

Bauhn Website Product Page (Thanks DataScientist1)


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  • +1

    Any idea of the GPS accuracy for running? Non-accurate GPS watches make split times and speed almost useless..

    • +2

      Seems to be something they are selling for the first time. Can't find reviews.

      They have 60 day return so you coild test and return if not accurate.

      • +3

        And considering how many issues persist with even the big brands optical HRMs, will be interesting to see how the Aldi watch goes.

      • If I'm finding the right app, it was first released on Google Play store on 20-Jun-2020.

      • Might give it a go- the fact it reckons it can display altitude (seemingly via gps) gives me hope it's accurate enough..

        • +1

          if its anything like samsung altitude itll be terrible. you really need barometre and gps for remotely accurate altitude

  • +3

    Just get a bip and have a longer battery life as well.

    • or the classic Xiaomi mi bands.

      • Mi band is not gps

        • pairing with the app/phone i log my rides etc all fine

      • -5

        the battery on those things is terrible. I had a mi band 3, left it on charge overnight once, that destroyed the battery, after that a full charge wouldn't last a day. absolute waste of money.

        • Quite possibly an imitation. It's funny how China make fakes of their own products, but it's a thing.

          • @BadGiraffe: bought it through gearbest who i thought were reputable. This is the direct link from my receipt email for what I got, I think it's legit https://m.gearbest.com/goods/pp_009928044572.html?lang=en&wi...

            • @butthole: Any issues connecting it to Mi Fit? If it had issues syncing or connecting or updating, then it was a fake.

              If it worked fine, then maybe you got a bad one. Gearbest might have replaced it or refunded it. Don't forget, PayPal give you 6 free returns yearly… or something.

              • @BadGiraffe: Yeah no issues at all syncing to mi fit. Bought it in 2018 so unfortunately too late for warranty now.

    • +2

      Yep, got no faith in anything from Aldi - you occasionally get some decent gear, but on the whole they're designed to look good and fall apart just after warranty expires.

  • +10
  • App is Join Fit Watch

    Join Fit Watch is a newly designed and developed application which is only work for our new line of smart watches.
    Main features:
    Sync your steps,calories,mileage,heart rate,blood pressure,sleep and your exercise records recorded by your watch. The newly designed UI can display the data more intuitively.
    After you bind and authorize,we will push your phone’s incoming call and SMS to your watch to avoid you missing information.
    You can use the app to configure your watch’s sedentary alert,alarm clocks,schedules,backlight as well as sync weather and AGPS files(assisting the watch itself to locate) and other features, so you can use your watch better.
    Supported watches:
          F3 / R3 / Q3 / AFWG0720 series watches

    Updated 23/6/20

    • As long as the App connects to this no-name watch in future updates…
      Otherwise the watch is almost useless!

      Have a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor that is no longer supported in updated apps - so much less useful. Luckily it has a large screen & stores readings.

      A fitness watch is only useful if it connects with your phone & App to store & display data over time.

      Support is provided by Tempo - which may not support this device much into the future. They import & rebrand products for sale at Aldi.

    • +1

      Thanks. Here are the links to app Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Terrible looking generic fitness apps found on cheap watches.

  • +1

    Accuracy & reliability are important in a fitness recording device.

    Even major brands have their problems!
    Just returned a new Samsung Galaxy Fit Activity Tracker - was neither accurate nor reliable!
    It recorded REM sleep while reading, sitting, etc - 14hr of sleep a day! Failed to record any steps 1 day while recording 5km of vigorous walking as exercise Activity for that time!

    Consider if you would trust a rebadged no-name Aldi Special Buy to track your data!

    There is no specialised support - just Tempo that import, rebadge, & supply this product & a lot of other electronics to Aldi.

    So little better than buying from a Chinese site, except Aldi will give your money back within 60 days.

    Beyond that there is a 12 month warranty - but Aldi usually just gives a refund. Otherwise seems it needs to be sent to Tempo after calling them. In my experience, they say return product to Aldi for a refund as they don't have stock or do repairs!

  • If all I need is the HRM, I should be able to connect the watch through BT with my Edge 530 and display the HR on the main unit?

    • I wouldn't count on it. Unlikely it would send the data that Edge wants to receive.

    • +2

      May as well buy a chest HRM - cheaper and more accurate

  • -1

    Look for a low end Garmin - better support (yes more expensive) - the vivoactive 3 can be had for $250 and it's a solid unit with similar features and look.

  • Can I buy a 22mm strap so I can replace the strap?

  • Anyone got it? Went to 2 stores (Vermont South and Forest Hill) but sold out.

    Let me know if you saw it in nearby stores. Thank you.

    • +1

      I bought amazfit bip s instead. same price and better support for software, forums watch faces etc. specs are even better as it is 5atm. only downside is that I looks worse from pics, though aldi one seems quite thick and large but for some that works better I guess

  • Ya I would consider to get amazfit if still no luck with the ALDI one.

  • +4

    I managed to get one in Brisbane yesterday. Few things I like and dislike about it, have been using a Fitbit charge 3 for a year- slightly prefer this over it after using it for the weekend.

    The GPS function is great just have some issues picking up the signal, I've used it 6 times on walks and runs. 4 times it's picked up the signal within 10 seconds (no clouds), 2 of the other times it took 30 seconds (slightly cloudy). You have to be outside to get reception and I'd lose it as soon as I went indoors, when I walked under a pretty wide bridge 100m connected to a train station (guess you could say was almost entombed) it suprsingly kept GPS all 4 times.

    The annoying function is, I do hill runs repetively 50m sprint up and 50m jog down for roughly 7-9 mins till I'm stuffed. It said too short time, data not recorded. Where as long walks or jogs for 15 minutes or more it was recorded.

    It was cool syncs with phone in 30 seconds and shows on the map where I went, peak speeds etc.

    Messages is a good feature, flicks up messenger, SMS and notifications in general like weather, recommended shows on Netflix.

    It's a bit clunky in size but you get used to it and weighs 60 odd grams. Battery seems to be ok been wearing it since 6am this morning and used GPS for an hour and it's @ 90%.

    Anyone got an questions flick me a message.

    • Hi JoeJoog, I dont know where in Brisbane you're at but i'm in Holland Park West and have never once gotten the GPS to work.

      • Ah really? Northgate where it's pretty hilly- I do stand outside away from trees etc when putting it into GPS

        • Joejoog
          Please help I am notable to connect my watch to my iPhone via the join fit app

          • @Manny88: You've used the pairing on the joint fit app? Mine worked instantly on android

            • @JoeJoog: So u reckon it’s the iPhone
              Which is not letting me pair
              Because it says it is iOS capable

              • @Manny88: Not too sure sorry Manny. In the manual it does say to uninstall and reinstall if you are having connectivity issues.

  • +4

    Purchased earlier today. Previously had been an Apple Watch and Tic Watch Pro user. Had lost both, so decided to go for a cheaper watch that delivered most of what I wanted at a "losable with no regrets" cost. This ALDI product seemed to meet my needs, from a functional point of view e.g IP67, but not NFC.

    My preliminary thoughts are:

    1. Setup went fine for both the app. on my Android 9 phone and updating watch firmware - easily had the watch talking to Google Fit, my repository of data
    2. Checked the HRM and BP functionality against conventional medical measurement instruments that are guaranteed to give +/-2% accuracy - watch came up with the same answers over 10 observations over some hours e.g Both devices when measured in one 2m interval said my sitting BP was 120/70 and resting HR was 64bpm
    3. GPS worked fine when outdoors in Haymarket, 2000 and thereabouts - but did not try in urban canyons of highrise CBD
    4. Checked the GPS distance measurement over 2X 1km, or thereabout, complex inner-city courses, c.f Google maps. The answers were the same at the 0.1 km level, which is all I need - but can appreciate others may need test whether it can deliver a finer result
    5. UI/UX is quite good - up there at Google standard
    6. Because this watch does not try to do too much, its transactional latency is quite good - much better than the "mini-computer on the wrist" solutions I had previously owned
    7. A negative was the poor nature of the supplied documentation
    8. Another negative is that the plastic nature of the enclosure does not inspire one with confidence - nevertheless, a couple of folks commented upon it's stylish design
    9. So far battery life looks OK, but I have no objective data

    To this point, appears to do the job.

    • Hi TPH,
      How is your sleep monitoring app is working, mine seems not working.
      And also Find Phone app not working for me.

      Rest all fine, I can’t really comment on the quality for the amount we spent, its really great buy. Actually it looks beautiful.

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