WD 10TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive $290.66 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU (3 Per Customer)


Not the best price ever but ~$1 cheaper per TB than others. Not SMR inside.

Price of hard drives appears to be dropping steadily over the past 1-2 months so if you don't immediately need it, might be best to hold off.

Limit: 3 per customer

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  • $29/Tb. Nice!

  • it's not the best price but good price.

  • Anyone know about the "shuckability" of this drive?

    • Just search on YouTube.

    • Yeah. Also want to know. I’ve had 3TB (7 yo WD RED so had a nice life) and 4TB (under warranty - not SMR WD RED) fail in my NAS this week. Lucky I had dual drive redundancy but not impressed… maybe the centre of my NAS gets hotter (they were next t each other) I need 2 larger drives to replace.

      • Any recommendation for a NAS.
        I don't need that many TBs, but want something reliable, and cheap (yeah, I'm a real OzBer)

        • I'm shopping around for something new myself actually. Looking at 4 drive bay Synology NAS so I can add later but haven't decided on which one. Perhaps some deals will come up and make the choice easier. Some good option 2 bay stuff available as well if on a budget depending on what you used it for. I think I will get something with more CPU grunt this time to be able to transcode PLEX.

          You can start with a single 2TB drive for example and add more later. I stated with 3 drive 0.5+1+1TB in my 5 drive enclosure and until recently had 5 drives and dual redundancy (2 drives can fail which is what happened)

          I've had a Drobo 5N for over 7 years and love the simplicity but they've had severe shortages of stock worldwide since December. If you need to replace the NAS you are in massive trouble. Drobo recently stated that they should resolve issues by August but 8 months+ not being able to buy one except second hand is beyond troubling. (Since they use their own RAID you need another Drobo to read your drives if the NAS dies). I found a Russian company who sells software that can recover Drobo RAID data but the software costs as much as a NAS (around $1K). I have a feeling covid19 has severely impacted Drobo's future growth prospects. They'll probably have to rebrand. Anyone who's come face to face with the shortages is likely to tell their friends. Every single product even in their global store is sold out and has been for months. https://www.drobostore.com/collections/frontpage

    • Quick Google search says due to hardware encryption shuck ability is a no go… Saying that I don't have one so happy to be wrong

      • They do shuck fine, done a couple myself. I think the encryption is in the circuit board, the drives themselves are the same as the Elements/EasyStore.

    • I was one of the lucky few to scoop the $100ish 10tb pricing error drives last year. Shucked 2 of them; WD white label drives inside. Research suggests that they are same as WD red 10tb drives. Working fine as internal drives in my home server but beware you will need to insulate one of the sata power pins (easily done with a little sliver of kapton tape - or any tape really - on the pin).

  • Price of hard drives appears to be dropping steadily over the past 1-2 months so if you don't immediately need it, might be best to hold off.

    A true OBZer

  • I just want Seagate 4tb from binglee to drop around $80

  • I miss the old days where you could get Officeworks to pricematch these down near $220…

    Soon, soon I tell myself.

  • Price is coming down. I'll bite when I can get a pair for a monkey delivered. Mike Brewer style….HOLD OUT YA HAND!

    • I've always found his over-zealous hand shake method a little confronting. If I just bought a car and the seller shook my hand like that I'd think I've just been fleeced, it screams used car dealer schtick.

  • bought 2 of these in april 2019 NZD $254 delivered

    Still a while to go for prices to drop..

  • These went for $129.84 mid 2019, amazon said it was a price error, but about 10% of orders were filled.

    • 10%?? did you just pull that figure out of thin air?

      Probably not even 1% got their orders fulfilled.

      • I read through the thread, and alot of people got the disk, and alot of people complained they didnt, had a look at the number of responded, and used that as comparative estimation, propably not accurate, but that was my impression at the time.

  • Now with 5% cashback

    • And a reduced price due to currency fluctuations I guess ($289.06 atm)

      so these are super easy to shuck? Comment above says you must "insulate one of the sata power pins (easily done with a little sliver of kapton tape - or any tape really - on the pin)"

      how do you know if you have to do this? will the drive not get detected by NAS? do you have to research the exact HDD model number to work it out?

      • by the way, I am holding out to see if it drops further during 4th July sales. It would be great if the 5% cashback is still on in a couple of days

  • waiting for 4th July further drops not going well - seems this product is currently out of stock :(

  • haha yeah the waiting strategy is not working so well. Had my eye on the WD 12TB Elements too and that is out of stock as well. Just have to move up the chain, now hoping for a killer sale on the WD 14TB Elements.